In the wise words of Barbie, pink truly does go with everything! 

Pink is a highly versatile shade. From blush and coral to fuchsia and magenta, there’s a shade out there for everyone. As a cheerful colour that goes surprisingly well with many others, it's hard to know where to start when pairing pink. 

Gone are the days when pink was only for baby showers; there’s a whole new take on the shade, and it’s more in fashion now than ever! Think calm, love and stress reduction; pink is a top choice for modern interiors. 

However, choosing the right curtains and blinds to complement pink walls can be a delightful challenge. You could consider creating a harmonious blend or striking contrast; well, we’re here to help you make that decision. 

Are you ready? Let’s go.

What shades of pink are there?

There are a number of different pinks on the market to add some va-va-voom to your home, from peachy pastels to big, bold magentas and just about everything in between. Each shade carries its own personality and can be paired with different colours to achieve distinct looks...below are just a few!

Curtain and blind colours for rooms with pink walls

Cream curtains and blinds

Soft cream curtains and blinds offer an elegant and sought-after look whilst subtly contrasting the warmth of your pink walls. 

If you have pastel pink or light pink walls, then cream or beige curtains and blinds offer the perfect fellowship. With a subtle pairing like beige and pink, you can afford to be more daring with other elements in the room. Think bold pops of colour, such as an accent wall or velvet sofas in shades of green or blue. 


You’ll also want to pair this elegant colour scheme with natural elements, such as pine wooden furnishings and white shutters

Pink curtains and blinds

Unleash your inner Barbie and celebrate the shade in question when you go pink-on-pink! By embracing the beauty of this bold and fashionable colour, you can play with texture, patterns, and different shades. 

Opting for various shades of pink in curtains and blinds creates a monochromatic and sophisticated look against your already fabulous walls.

Think cohesive and charming, fun and exciting. Explore the range of pink curtains at Make My Blinds to bring a touch of sophistication to your home. 

Orange curtains and blinds

Orange curtains and pink walls can create a vibrant and energetic colour scheme, perfect for injecting warmth and personality into your space. 

We suggest opting for a shade of orange that complements the specific undertones of your pink walls; for example, a peachy or coral orange can harmonise well with softer pinks, while a deeper or burnt orange can provide a striking contrast with bolder pink tones.

To flip things around, take a look at our guide to what colour blinds and curtains go with orange walls

Yellow curtains and blinds

Add a burst of energy to your home with yellow window dressings against your pink walls. Pair yellow and pink in spaces where you want to infuse a sense of positivity and brightness, such as living rooms or kitchens.

Depending on the intensity of your pink walls, choose shades like gold, mustard or sunny yellows to add an element of flair and excitement to the room. 

We love an accent wall, and pink is such a strong player in this game. Imagine the scene: crisp white walls with a dusty-pink accent and golden yellow curtains draping to the floor. Effortlessly chic and playful from top to bottom! 

Green curtains and blinds

Whether in a pattern print or dark pine, you won’t regret pairing pink walls with green curtains or blinds. 

To create a visually appealing and well-coordinated design, consider adding neutral elements to the room's decor to balance the dynamic interplay between green blinds and pink walls, such as wooden furniture and bamboo plant pots

And the fun doesn’t stop there; you can add a touch of sophistication with white window shutters from Make My Blinds.

Choosing blinds and curtains by room

Curtains and blinds for pink living rooms

Blush pink is a cosy, sophisticated shade that has gained tremendous popularity for its warming but subtle effect in a living room. Pink shades with a warm apricot undertone can make a great alternative to magnolia or cream walls.

Green may not be the first colour you think of when accessorising a pink decor scheme, but dark and emerald greens are fantastic complimentary colours to create a striking effect in the living room.

Green curtains and a matching sofa, mixed with other small pops of colour such as blue or yellow, will create an inviting and exciting place to congregate with friends and family and have fun. 

Curtains and blinds for pink bedrooms

For your bedroom, you'll want to choose tones that create a relaxing space to fall asleep but help you wake up with energy the next morning.

Pink is a cheerful, mood-lifting colour for walls while also adding a sense of softness that works particularly well in bedrooms to create a snug, inviting space.

Teal curtains or roman blinds are a beautiful complementary colour to layer on pink walls. Teal looks fabulous against pink and has energising, stimulating properties, helping perk you up for the day ahead.

If you prefer your bedroom décor to be bold, you can always use a stronger pink tone as an accent colour and go wild with patterns and texture in your soft furnishings and curtains.

Curtains and blinds for a pink kitchen

Pink and grey have become a daring kitchen combo in recent seasons, with many interior enthusiasts turning to pink walls instead of neutrals to warm up a kitchen.

Think about matching pale pinks with two-tone charcoal grey and white cabinets and matching white blinds to keep the space open and airy. 

Pink is so versatile that you can even be bold and pair it with black blinds, accessories, and fixtures for that high-end professional feel.

Curtains and blinds for pink dining rooms

Pink walls work well in a modern dining room. Pair with shades of rich ochre yellow curtains and upholstered chairs to create an exciting and contemporary space that will be sure to impress even the fussiest of dinner party guests.

Adding metallic touches and a mix of textures, from velvet to wood, will help establish a sense of harmony and luxury. An easy way to bring texture into a room is by incorporating wooden blinds or shutters.

Or, go down the cool and contemporary route with shades of grey and navy blue, creating the perfect atmosphere for enjoying food, drink, and good conversation.

Curtains and blinds for a pink bathroom

Pairing pink bathroom walls with green accents is fast becoming one of the most popular colour combinations. Warm pink walls are soothing on the eye and provide comforting escapism, whilst green adds a burst of organic tranquillity that’s just perfect for spa-like serenity.

Offset the softness of pink with natural or artificial plants, deep, rich emerald tiles and wooden window blinds. The leafy greens and earthy tones will pop against the playful hues of your pink walls.  

Black fixtures and window blinds provide further interest and texture, adding depth to this truly soothing space.

Consider bathroom blinds carefully, as it's a high-humidity area. For longevity, choosing waterproof blinds is advisable. We recommend PVC or aluminium Venetian blinds, which are easier to clean and protect from mould.

Curtains and blinds for pink children's bedroom

Pretty walls in blush or pastel pink are often the go-to for children's bedroom walls. We love an ultra-chic, simplistic look with pink. Achieve this with white curtains, accents, and furniture to keep the space clean and soothing.

If you want to inject more personality, add fun patterned curtains and pops of colour throughout the room. Your little ones will love their new room so much that they’ll be genuinely excited to get to bed (giving you more time to relax!) Or to help your mini-me get a quality sleep every night, blackout blinds are another great option.

Tips on choosing the perfect curtain colour for pink walls

There is no one-size-fits-all with interior design, so take our advice with a pinch of salt, and ultimately, follow your heart on this quest to pink living! Just remember some of these top tips when choosing the perfect curtains for your pink walls..

Play with patterns and textures

By incorporating different patterns and textures into the room, you can uplift and enhance the colours. Consider including patterned furniture, soft furnishings such as throws or even sheer curtains that allow natural light to filter through.

Consider the purpose of the room

Each room throughout the home has a different purpose. Whether it’s a lively entertaining space or a focused, quiet area, you’ll want the decor to match! Bright, bold pink walls are great for bringing energy into the home, whereas pastel and muted pinks are relaxing. So, when shopping for window dressings to pair with your walls, ask yourself, “How do these colours make me feel?”

Remember, you can always order free samples from Make My Blinds to determine what colour works best for you.

Think about the room’s temperature

Pink is a warm colour, so be sure to find a striking balance. To keep the room energetic, we recommend choosing shades of orange, pink and yellow. Or, to create a monochromatic effect, go for cooler shades such as blue, grey and white. Again, think about the room's purpose and how you want to feel in it. 

Pay attention to the shade

When selecting curtains for pink walls, think about the varying shades on offer. If the walls are a soft blush, you might opt for slightly lighter or darker curtains to create a harmonious blend. On the other hand, you can choose complementary colours such as cream, white, or even a deeper tone of pink for a monochromatic look - the possibilities are endless!


What colours compliment pink?

Pink is a versatile colour that looks great with a variety of complementing tones. Neutral colours like whites, creams, and greys provide a perfect balance, allowing pink to be the centre of the stage. However, earthy tones like sage green or taupe can be relaxing, while bolder selections like navy blue or metallics lend a hint of luxury.

Should curtains match the wall colour?

You may want to match your curtains with your wall colour to create a cohesive and seamless design, although this is not a hard and fast rule. Matching curtains can add a sense of continuity to a room, making it appear larger. However, curtains in a complementary or contrasting colour can give visual interest and depth to the room. Remember, your home, your rules; don’t be afraid to go bold.

What does pink represent?

Pink commonly symbolises love, compassion, and tenderness and is thought to generate feelings of warmth, tranquillity, and fun in colour psychology. Pink's metaphorical meaning can vary depending on its shade, from the gentle and nurturing elements of lighter pinks to the bold and passionate qualities of darker colours. Pink is a versatile colour in design, capable of conveying sophistication, romanticism, and vitality.

What colours don't go well with pink?

While everyone's tastes differ, some people may think that earthy tones, such as browns or dark greens, clash with pink. These combinations, however, can be successfully merged with careful consideration of hues and tones. When decorating with bold colours, the key is typically in the balance; too bright or flashy colours may dominate pink. It's critical to experiment with complementary or opposing hues that suit your overall design vision, taking into account the precise shade of pink and the desired mood of the room.