We all know the phrase, "Go big or go home". Well, with the colour orange, you can go big and go home!

Orange is a bright, bold colour that makes an instant statement wherever it's used throughout a home. But whether you go for the rich hues of burnt orange or the more delicate tones of peach and dusty rose, choosing the perfect colour curtains is essential for making sure your interior decor feels beautifully coherent from floor to ceiling.

In this guide, we'll get your creative orange juices flowing, showing you the best colour curtains and blinds to pair with orange walls.

So, are you ready to make your home visually ap-peel-ing from top to bottom? Let's dive in!

What shades of orange are there?

Magnolia? More like Mag-NO-lia!

If you live in a house with orange walls, we're already in love with your confidence and sense of style.

There is a broad spectrum of oranges to choose from. Whether you want the rustic charm of pumpkin orange or the sleek sophistication of burnt orange, there's a shade to suit every taste...below are just a few!

Curtain and blind colours for rooms with orange walls

Cream curtains and blinds

Cream and white curtains go with orange walls to create an effortlessly chic and inviting aesthetic.

Certain shades of cream will actually sit within the monochromatic colour swatch of orange, meaning your interiors will feel wonderfully coherent and like a bright, sunny morning...whatever the weather!

Add texture and a fabulous sense of depth to your space and enhance privacy by pairing roller blinds with sheer white curtains or white wooden shutters.

Blue curtains and blinds

Different shades of blue (such as light blue, navy blue, sky blue and turquoise) pair well with orange walls, as the contrasting tones enhance each other's intensity spectacularly.

If your walls are a more fruity shade of orange, go for navy or deep blue curtains or blue blinds. If you have a feature orange wall in a rusty shade, light blue or teal curtains will look stunning. The contrast between bright and more subdued colours will soften the overall aesthetic to create a sophisticated yet tastefully vibrant ambience.

Green curtains and blinds

Bring a pop of nature to your orange walls with green curtains or green blinds. Shades like sage green, olive green, and even deeper dark green all look stunning and create a bold contrast with the vibrancy of orange walls.

Be sure to tie the whole natural scheme together by including other green accents, such as potted plants, artwork, cushions, and even wood shutters.

Brown curtains and blinds

Orange walls and chocolate brown curtains can be a match made in heaven that even Terry himself would adore!

The combination of orange and brown is also synonymous with retro home interiors. Think rich brown leather sofas, dark wooden flooring, and rusty orange walls, all tied together with brown curtains or brown blinds.

If you want to evoke trendy mid-century modern vibes with your home interior decorating, using a colour palette filled with shades of orange and warm brown is the way to go.

Beige curtains and blinds

The neutral, natural hues of beige curtains can neutralise the boldness of orange walls to create a more calming living environment. Pair the muted tones of beige blinds or curtains and the warmth of orange walls with some green accents - maybe a rug, cushions, potted cacti or artwork - and you'll achieve a dreamy desert-inspired interior.

Choosing blinds and curtains by room

Curtains and blinds for an orange living room

Orange might not be a traditional colour for living room walls, but that doesn't mean it can't look sensational! Forego the standard palette of grey, white, cream and beige and consider inviting your oh-so-trendy friend orange to the party instead.

Orange walls can create a super-cool boutique hotel atmosphere in your living room that you can dress up or down, depending on the accessories and soft furnishings you include.

Add a pale pink sofa and textured pink curtains to balance the warm terracotta tones of orange walls, or choose navy blue curtains and plush velvet furniture for an Art Deco delight.

Curtains and blinds for orange bedrooms

In bedrooms, orange walls paired with blue curtains create a visually striking and energetic aesthetic. As these colours are opposite on the colour wheel, using too much of either can feel a little overwhelming, so our advice is to tone down the intensity of an orange wall with pale blue curtains or bedspreads.

If you tend to get chilly in bed, consider installing thermal curtains to help prevent heat from escaping outside. Thermal blue curtains or dark green curtains will provide a striking contrast to your bedroom's orange walls and ensure you stay cosy all year round.

Curtains and blinds for an orange kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, so be sure to fill it with warmth when selecting interior decor!

We love the combination of pale orange walls and organic materials, such as wooden blinds or shutters, tiled or brick accents, wooden cabinets and natural wood flooring. The rich, earthy tones of the wood go with orange walls to create a welcoming vibe for cooking and congregating with friends.

Curtains and blinds for orange dining rooms

Orange is the perfect colour for dining room walls, as it stimulates the appetite by evoking ideas of citrus fruits and pungent spices.

To create a Moroccan-inspired design scheme, pair orange walls with teal curtains and accents. The contrasting colours will play off one another to resemble the ornate, almost palatial aesthetic found in Moroccan Riads, making you feel like you're dining in the heart of Marrakesh (even on a rainy Tuesday)!

To soften a bright orange wall, use darker teal or even a more muted shade of olive green. These will help ground the vibrancy of the orange to achieve a bold yet relaxing atmosphere with the perfect mood for dining.

Curtains and blinds for an orange bathroom

Orange walls create a vibrant and energetic feel that will transform a bathroom from boring to brilliant.

Since bathrooms are typically the smaller rooms in a home, we recommend choosing window treatments in more muted or natural colours to avoid the space feeling too claustrophobic.

Black blinds, for example, look spectacular when paired with orange walls. You can include white accents like wicker storage boxes, tiles, towels, and basins to achieve a modern and contemporary style.

Curtains and blinds for an orange children's bedroom

The warming tones of light orange walls make for the perfect gender-neutral backdrop in a child's bedroom or nursery (especially if you're expecting and keeping the baby's sex a surprise).

We recommend keeping the baby's space feeling soft and calming by pairing orange walls with neutral window treatments, such as cream blinds or grey curtains. You may also want to explore getting blackout blinds or blackout curtains to ensure your baby (and you) can sleep as soundly as possible, even when it's bright outside.

Tips on choosing the perfect curtain colour for orange walls

Plan for the future

When properly cared for, blinds and curtains can last for many years. So, if you know you have a habit of wanting to give your home's interior decor a fresh lick of paint more often than most, it might be a good idea to choose a more neutral colour for your curtains or blinds.

By opting for neutral curtains (e.g. cream, white or grey), you'll be doing future you a favour, making sure that your windows don't stick out like sore thumbs when the time comes to update the colours of your walls.

Understand contrast

Before looking at individual colours, spend some time thinking about how much contrast you want to achieve in your space.

Curtains or blinds in colours that are the complete opposite of orange walls will provide the greatest contrast and transform your windows or doors into the focal point of a room. If you'd prefer a more understated interior, it might be better to choose window dressings in similar colours to your walls.

Have a peek at our illustration below for a more visual explanation of what contrast is and why it's so important for interior design.

Go big and go bold!

Clashing colours isn't always a bad thing, as some interior design schemes might include opposing colours as a way of making a real impact. Our top tip if you want to contrast colours in your home's interior design is to follow a "less is more" mantra. 

Choose your colours carefully and in moderation to avoid ending up with a room that feels overwhelming. For example, pair feature orange walls with accents of your chosen contrasting colour to create visual interest whilst achieving a cohesive look overall.

Don't be afraid to experiment

Even though bright orange walls might sound like a sight for sore eyes, such vibrant pops of colour can transform otherwise dreary decor into cheerful, vivacious living spaces. Have fun, exercise your creativity, and create a home that's unique to you!

If going all-in with bright orange feels too much, you could always choose to have just one orange wall in a living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom and treat it as the standout feature of the space.

Think about pattern

Since orange is already quite a bold colour, some people prefer to temper this by avoiding curtains with patterns. Instead, they opt for simpler fabrics to ensure the overall look doesn't get too busy.

The clean lines of Venetian blinds and the simplicity of roller blinds both lend themselves well to warm orange interiors, allowing you to make a statement whilst keeping your room looking and feeling fabulous.


What colours compliment orange?

The colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel to orange is blue, meaning all shades of blue will complement orange walls. If we flip things around and imagine you have blue walls in your home, orange curtains would make a great pairing!

Should curtains match the wall colour?

Matching the colour of your home's walls with your curtains or blinds is entirely down to personal preference. As the age-old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so go with whatever you think looks fabulous. To help make the process of choosing easier, you can order free samples of our curtains and blinds to compare colours against those already in your home.

What does orange represent?

In colour psychology, people associate the bright and bold hue of orange with feelings of optimism, confidence, enthusiasm, warmth and agreeableness. These qualities make the colour orange a favourite among anyone looking to make a bold statement with their interior decorating. Orange is also thought to stimulate the appetite, having links to foods such as paprika, cinnamon, pumpkin, sweet potato and citrus fruits. If you want to create the perfect dining room, orange walls might be just what the chef recommends!

What colours don't go well with orange?

Certain colours will clash with orange, which might result in a visually jarring interior. Red or yellow curtains might make a space with orange walls feel overwhelming, as the colours are all quite similar. Ultimately, though, your living area is yours to transform according to the styles and trends you prefer! Just because a certain wall and curtain colour combination might be popular doesn't mean you have to think so. Order free samples to experiment with different colours and work out what pairings look great to you.