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The Make My Blinds Story

Why do we sell blinds?

Why Make My Blinds?

Some companies are born from a brilliant idea, others from frustration and the belief that we can do a better job than the rest. Make My Blinds comes from a source of frustration, specifically a frustrating summer Sunday afternoon of trying to buy blinds.

After waiting in all afternoon for someone to come round with a book of samples, measure and price up a couple of windows, we decided to look online and see what we could find instead. All we were faced with were hard to use and less than user-friendly websites. This sucked. Buying stuff shouldn’t be this hard or time-consuming - so we set out to change this. 

With this frustration and wasted time as our key focus, Make My Blinds was born- initially as just a concept page and from there a test website where we learned the ropes (or should that be blinds?), all the way through to what you currently see before you - Make My Blinds! 

We have 3 core values, and they’re not just written on the wall of the office or tucked away in a handbook somewhere– but values we all live by.

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Customers before anything else.
  3. We’re people too (Just look at us!)


...Ok, so the 3rd point isn’t really a value, but ties in with the first two points. 'Keep it Simple' reflects the frustration we found when trying to buy blinds ourselves and one thing we never want our customers to experience.

Customers before anything else is our passion for customer service, knowledge of the product and being able to help you on the phone, by email or on our live chat. All of our customer service team have gone through the same things you are, from measuring, ordering and through to installing each blind. We know that life exists outside of the 9-5, so our phones and live chat are open from 8am – 8pm, weekdays, and 9-5 on weekends. We’re people too ties this together, we treat our customers how we would want to be treated and want to make buying your new blinds as simple and straightforward as possible.

To keep things simple too, we have links here to our:

Privacy Policy (What we do and why) 

Terms and Conditions (You know, the stuff no one likes to get bogged down in)

Warranty (4 years by the way)

Delivery Policy (Who we post with)

Other important stuff:


Make My Blinds
Subway Building
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Contact number - 0800 368 8441 

Company Number - 09680083

VAT Number - 251969867



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