If you’re looking to bring a bit of cool, calm and collected into your home, the colour blue is your new best friend. Blue walls give interior design schemes a certain serenity and sense of reliability that’s hard to replicate with other colours, which is likely why some of the world’s most noteworthy paint companies have selected varying shades of blue as their colours of the year for 2024!

From the rich, inky hues of navy blue and indigo to the effortless elegance of paler shades like duck egg blue and cornflower blue, this is a colour that evokes instant clarity, purity and peace.

But how do you ensure your blue walls don’t leave you feeling…well…blue?! Alongside selecting the right furniture, accessories, and lighting fixtures, you’ll need a pair of the perfect blinds or curtains to complete your home’s aesthetic.

Before we start, take a look at our guide on choosing colour schemes.

What shades of blue are there?

If you’ve chosen to paint your home’s walls blue, we already know you’re as cool as can be. Blue is one of the most versatile colours that can bring an understated elegance to wherever it’s used. 

You can go dark and atmospheric with midnight blue or keep things bright and whimsical with a paler shade of baby blue. Whatever your style, there’s a blue to suit - I guess that’s why they call it the blues!

Curtain and blind colours for blue rooms

White curtains and blinds

Blue and white is by far one of the most timeless colour combinations there is. Think sensational summers in Santorini or being aboard a ship sailing the high seas. 


Bring this undeniable elegance and sense of serenity into your home by pairing dark or mid-blue walls with crisp, white curtains or blinds. The flowing materials will make your space feel like it's in the clouds on a sunny day - talk about dreamy!

Orange curtains and blinds

Create contrast by pairing blue walls with orange blinds or curtains. These colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, meaning you’ll achieve a striking aesthetic with minimal effort - talk about a win-win! 


Orange and blue are a brilliant colour combination if you want your home’s interior decor to resonate with mid-century modern trends. Complete the look by including accents of orange elsewhere in the room and choosing quality furniture with clean, simple lines.

Beige curtains and blinds

Beige curtains (which sometimes go by the slightly sexier, more refined name of taupe curtains) create a warm and inviting ambience that pairs beautifully with nearly every shade of blue. 

The earthy undertones of beige will breathe fresh air into your rooms, helping cooler blue walls feel bright and full of life. If the neutral palette of beige, mole, cream and taupe is your idea of heaven, consider fitting Venetian blinds, wooden blinds or shutters to your windows. These will add an incredible sense of luxury to your space whilst providing excellent light control. 

Pink curtains and blinds

If you want to make the boys (or girls) wink, you need some pink blinds or curtains in your life! Infuse your space with a gentle kiss of colour and transform a blue-walled room into a fun-filled fantasy that’ll put a smile on your face whenever you enter. 


The combination of pink and blue can create a quiet sense of luxury, though, especially when you use more muted shades. Pair pale blue walls with dusty pink accents - soft pink curtains, pink cushions and some rose-tinted artwork - to achieve pastel perfection.

Choosing blinds and curtains by room

Curtains and blinds for blue bedrooms

Blue remains one of the most popular colours for bedroom walls thanks to its associations with calmness, tranquillity and relaxation.

To achieve a rich and luxurious look, pair your blue bedroom walls with thick navy curtains and coordinating bed sheets. This synergy of blues is both striking and elegant - perfect for retiring to your own little slice of paradise each night.

Avoid an overly cold palette by adding warm, neutral upholstery and wood accents, which will also bring depth and create a cosy yet sophisticated bedroom. If you're opting for dark navy walls, blackout blinds and curtains can be a great way to maximise the sleep-enhancing benefits of a dark room.

Green or teal curtains are also fantastic accent colours with blue bedroom walls. These sea-inspired hues all possess powerful, comforting vibes, perfect for helping you to fall into a deep slumber and get that all-important beauty sleep.

Curtains and blinds for blue living rooms

Your living room should offer respite from the outside world, a comfortable place to relax and recharge with friends and family.

For a breath of fresh air in the living room, add an uplifting mid-tone shade of blue to your walls, such as this optimistic sky blue.

Pairing blue walls with a tanned leather sofa and cream curtains will provide a welcome sense of warmth and fantastic visual depth.

This striking yet understated colour combination creates a sophisticated aesthetic but works with any shade of blue. From duck egg to inky blue, neutral and tan accents are a classic choice for bringing real energy into a space. 

Curtains and blinds for blue dining rooms

Enrich a blue dining room with luxurious textures and materials in contrasting accent colours.

Luxury textured curtains in burnt orange punctuate the cocooning blue beautifully, creating a contemporary, decadent vibe.

Orange sits opposite blue on the colour wheel, so setting this vibrant orange against blue makes for a bold statement.

If you'd rather play it safe, ochre yellow or emerald green curtains also look fantastic and rich in a blue dining room.

Curtains and blinds for blue kitchens

Thanks to the cool and calming energy of blue, it’s a hugely popular colour for kitchens. Whether you have blue kitchen walls or blue doors on your kitchen cupboards, it can bring a fantastic sense of comfort and stability to the heart of your home.

The best blinds and curtains for blue kitchens will depend partly on the overall interior design scheme your space follows. If you want to achieve a modern masterpiece, pair muted blue walls with charcoal or grey curtains and marble countertops - this combination will ooze contemporary, minimalist luxury.

For something bolder and brighter, pair primary blue walls with popping orange curtains or blinds. The contrast of these colours will create a dynamic interior aesthetic that just sings summertime, whatever the weather.

As well as the colour, consider the practicality of your kitchen blinds, especially above the sink. PVC roller blinds or aluminium Venetian blinds are durable and waterproof and come in various colours and patterns.

Curtains and blinds for blue bathroom walls

From nautical to regal, there are several beautiful blue schemes that you can incorporate into your bathroom's design. Play up the feeling of relaxation in the already soothing space by painting the walls a muted shade of sky blue. 


Pairing blue bathroom walls with white blinds, tiles, and metal feature fixtures creates a simple monochromatic colour scheme, a hallmark of modern interior design.

 Bathroom blinds need to be considered carefully, as it's a high-humidity area. Avoid soft fabrics, such as cotton and silk, which are susceptible to mould or discolouration.

For longevity, choosing waterproof blinds is advisable. We recommend PVC or aluminium blinds, which are resistant to moisture and can be wiped clean using a damp cloth.


Curtains and blinds for blue children's bedrooms

Classic baby blue makes for a beautiful nursery. A traditional colour palette of white and different shades of blue creates a wonderfully soft and relaxing space.

Keep the space cosy and warm with minimal furniture and textured white curtains. Add a fluffy rug for an additional layer of depth and warmth.

If you'd prefer to mix it up rather than go down the traditional route, pale lemon yellow curtains and accents also create a lovely, delicate look for a blue nursery.

Tips on choosing the perfect curtain colour for blue walls

Using contrast

Before looking at individual colours, you should consider how much contrast you want to achieve. The closer the shade of the blinds or curtains is to the wall, the more discreet it appears.

If you want your window treatment to blend into the background, you should choose a colour with a similar hue and shade. However, some of you might enjoy bold window treatments, in which case you want to create a high contrast between your wall and window treatment.

Think about furniture

In order to create an interior scheme that feels beautifully coherent from corner to corner, you’ll need to make sure that the blue you choose for your walls complements the colour of your furniture. 

To achieve a chic, boho-inspired look, pair mid-blue walls with wooden or rattan furniture and flowing white curtains. Or, if you want something more edgy and contemporary, combine deep blue walls with statement rusty-orange curtains. These colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, so they’ll be sure to turn some heads!

Go contemporary and go home!

Bring the hotel home with blue walls and contemporary blinds and curtains to match. The contemporary edge lies in the details - consider bold contrasts, subtle textures, or even daring colour-blocking to elevate your blue walls into a modern masterpiece.

Gone are the days of stealing the complimentary bonnet de douche because you’ll never want to leave your home again.

Don’t be afraid to add texture

What we mean by this is: layer up! 

It’s cold in the UK, so why not add a little something to your curtains or blinds to create a warmth like no other? Blinds can be paired with shutters to make your blue rooms stand out among the crowds. Curtains also work in tangent with blinds, such as roman blinds, creating a doubled-up effect and keeping you warm, cosy and thankful all year round.  

Shop the range of curtains, shutters and blinds for blue walls at Make My Blinds and jazz up your home with the click of a button. Get started by ordering free samples. 


What curtains go well with navy blue walls?

Ahoy, there me matey! Try crisp white curtains for a nautical contrast, or dive into deeper blues like sapphire for a dramatic depth that'll sail smoothly with navy walls. You can also create a stunning sense of contrast by pairing dark blue walls with accents of bright orange - a colour combination that’s the definition of mid-century modern interior design. 

Should curtains be lighter or darker than walls?

It's a balancing act! For cosy vibes, darker curtains on lighter walls add depth. Flip the script with light curtains against dark walls to create airy elegance. It also depends on the room in question. Kitchens, for example, tend to be one of the brighter spaces in a home, so you can see properly whilst cooking…you don’t want to end up spooning salt into your cup of coffee or mistaking Marmite for Nutella now, do you?! If you have dark-on-dark here, you risk the room becoming too gloomy, so we’d recommend opting for balancing darker walls with paler curtains and vice versa.

What colour curtains make a room look bigger?

Light colours create the illusion of spaces being larger than they actually are by reflecting natural light around the room. If you have a smaller living room, bedroom or dining room, we recommend choosing pale-coloured curtains or blinds to help stop the space from feeling too oppressive. Window dressings in white, cream, pale grey and beige are all perfectly suited to the job of making rooms look bigger.