1. Your Guide to Pull-Down Blinds: From Roman Shades to Pleated Designs

    Pull down blinds

    At one time, pull-down blinds couldn’t be trusted. You’d tug on the tab and suddenly the blinds would snap back up to the top with a bang. This often resulted in breakage and the occasional squished finger. Other times the blinds wouldn’t stay up, making it impossible to see out the windows. However, today’s pull-down blinds are a huge improvement. They’re far more sophisticated and they work incredibly well thanks to technological advancements.


    Here, we’ll examine today’s pull-down blinds and highlight their benefits. Plus, we’ll go over the different types of pull-down blinds. We’ll show you where you can purchase high-quality window blinds and offer helpful tips for styling and choosing the right ones along the way.

    Benefits of Pull-Down Blinds

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  2. Velux Blinds: Different Types, Where to Buy and How to Style

    Velux blinds

    If you have a roof window, you know how important window coverings are. While skylights can brighten your home and make it feel larger, they’re also notorious for disrupting sleep and heating up your humble abode. 


    Fortunately, adding a skylight blind can help reduce these issues and maximise the benefits. If you’re buying a roof window blind, it’s important to find the right ones. In most cases, you’ll need to use a blind that fits the manufacturer. For example, if you have a Velux window, you’ll want to use a Velux window blind.


    You can find Velux blinds from the manufacturer as well as blind retailers like Make My Blinds. Here, we’ll explain the different types of Velux blinds and where to buy them. Plus, we’ll show you some of our favourite Velux blinds and offer style tips and buying guidance for each one.


    Types of Velux Blin

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  3. Fitting Velux Blinds: Handy Step-By-Step Guide for an Easy Installation

    Fitting velux blinds

    If you have roof windows or skylights, you know how important having blinds can be. These windows are great at bringing in natural light and brightening up attic spaces and loft rooms. But they can also make these rooms hot, particularly if they get afternoon sun. Plus, these lights can let in artificial light from streetlights and nearby buildings once the sun dips behind the horizon. By mounting Velux blinds to your skylights, you'll have better control over how light enters your home.


    Here, we offer a step-by-step guide to fitting Velux blinds. You’ll learn how to measure before ordering your blinds to ensure a perfect fit. We’ll also offer handy tips on how to get the blinds mounted and give you resources you can use if you get stuck and need some help.


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  4. How To Decorate With Yellow Roller Blinds: Tones and Inspo

    yellow roller blinds

    Whether you love a cheerful sunny hue, a pastel blonde, a metallic gold or a vibrant canary tone, yellow is one of the best colours for sprucing up your interior decor. In fact, yellow roller blinds make it easier than ever to infuse colour and personality into your space. Not sure how to use different tones and yellow hues to achieve your dream look? We’re here to help.


    With this handy guide to yellow roller blinds, you’ll have everything you need to turn your home into a bright, Instagrammable space. From lemon-inspired designs to amber and gold tones, this list has you covered. Read on to find useful tips for decorating with yellow and how you can incorporate yellow roller blinds into your home design.

    How to Style Your Home With Yellow Roller Blinds

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  5. 5 Best Country-Style Blinds: Ideas and Inspo for Interior Design

    Country-style kitchen with blinds in window

    When you think of country blinds, you may instantly envision wooden slats and shutters. But those aren’t the only options. Whether you’re creating a modern farmhouse look or a country cottage aesthetic, there are hundreds of country-style blinds to meet the occasion. From woven fabrics that mimic the look of burlap to cosy cotton, fabric blinds are well-suited for creating various country designs.


    Here, we’ll show you five of the best country-style blind ideas. You’ll learn how to use window treatments to create glamorous modern farmhouse and French country looks as well as rustic and country cottage designs.

    The 5 Best Country Style Blinds

    If you’re looking to create a country-style interior design at your home, blinds are an easy way to tie the look together or elevate it to new heights. Country blinds come in various finishes and materials

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  6. 7 Contemporary Blinds to Turn Your Home Into a Showplace

    Modern home with contemporary blinds

    Window blinds are often the finishing touch to an intricately planned interior design. They tie room elements together, create a frame for picturesque views and also enable you to control light and comfort in your cosy abode. With so many roles, it’s no surprise that window dressings are available in hundreds of styles and aesthetics. One such style is known as contemporary blinds. It’s a design that uses natural elements, crisp lines and neutral hues.


    Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by contemporary design because it’s hard to know what that actually means. Here, we’ll explain contemporary blinds and design and show you how to incorporate the aesthetic in your home. You’ll discover the most popular contemporary blinds and find tips on how to use each one in different areas of your home.

    What Are Contemporary Blinds?

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  7. Farmhouse Blinds: 9 Tips for a Sophisticated, Rustic Look

    Closeup of farmhouse blinds

    Farmhouse design has exploded in popularity over the past few years. It blends practicality and comfort with neutral hues and is a study in contrasts. It’s equal parts elegance and functionality and incorporates rustic elements to round out the look. Whether you’re an interior design expert or simply looking for an easy way to update your home, the farmhouse design is an excellent choice.


    But it’s not just about finding a beautiful reclaimed timber table, barn door or shiplap headboard. In fact, you can take this design to new heights with farmhouse blinds. Here, we’ll show you how you can choose the perfect window treatments to complete your farmhouse style.


    9 Ways to Use Farmhouse Blinds



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  8. Find Easy-to-Install Tension Fit Roller Blinds With This Guide

    Tension fit roller blinds in office

    It’s that time again where you feel the itch to remodel or redesign your space. While it can be fun to make big changes, like updating your furniture or investing in pricey artwork, there are easier and faster ways to make things feel fresh. Tension fit roller blinds are a great option when you want to breathe life into your home but save time and effort. 


    These blinds don’t require hardware to mount so you can easily make updates without worrying about damage, tools and spending a ton of time redecorating. Here, we’ll explain the benefits of tension fit roller blinds, offer tips on how to use them in your home and show you where you can find them.

    What Are Tension Fit Roller Blinds?

    roller blinds for home

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  9. Bedroom Colour Ideas: 13 Colourful Designs to Brighten Your World

    Grey, pink and white bedroom colour ideas

    Getting ready to design your bedroom, but feeling a bit intimidated by the colour options? We get it. There are thousands of colours out there and choosing the perfect one can feel overwhelming. Even if you have a colour in mind, there are dozens of tones and shades, making the selection process more intensive. Fortunately, you can design a stunning bedroom with a little help from this handy guide to bedroom colour ideas.


    Whether you want to wake up in a room bursting with colour or prefer a soothing, neutral boudoir, you’ll find something you love on this list of bedroom colour ideas. You’ll discover tips to help you play with colours and tones to create the bedroom of your dreams. Plus, we’ll show you how you can use window blinds to complement your DIY bedroom colour schemes.



    Bedroom Colour Ideas: Top Interior Design Styles


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  10. 6 Window Dressing Ideas for Every Room in Your House

    Modern home with window dressings

    Looking for ways to update your home decor and add increased functionality to your space? While most people think of furniture and artwork as interior design staples, there’s an even better way to infuse your space with style: Window dressings. 


    Window dressings are often overlooked as a mere practical element, but they can be gorgeous statement pieces that tie a design together.


    Here, we’ll show you some of our favourite window dressing ideas. Whether you're looking for something durable that can withstand tough conditions in your kitchen or something whimsical for a nursery, you’ll find an idea you love. Plus, we’ll offer tips for choosing the best blinds for different rooms and functions.

    How to Choose Blinds for Different RoomsWi

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