Take a leaf out of Prince's book and make it rain purple in your home!

Purple is a fabulous colour for interior design schemes, bringing an unmistakable playful tone and inviting atmosphere to spaces large and small. But whether your living room has a bright purple accent wall or your bedroom is awash with the calming hues of pastel purple, you'll want to find the perfect curtain colours to ensure everything pops from floor to ceiling!

In this guide, we'll show you what colour curtains go with purple walls to inspire your next interior decor project.

What shades of purple are there?

From light purple that'll bring a sophisticated feel to your space to dark purple with its sensationally sultry tones, there's a huge range of shades of purple to choose from...below are just a few!

Curtain and blind colours for rooms with purple walls

Blue curtains and blinds

Even though they're next-door neighbours on the colour wheel, blue pairs with purple perfectly to create a harmonious ambience that's outrageously easy on the eyes.

Whether you go for the bright and breezy tones of baby blue curtains or the deeper, richer hues of navy blue, the combination of purple walls and blue accents creates contemporary yet visually striking interiors.

To achieve a bohemian-Victorian aesthetic, match purple walls with dark blue curtains or blinds, ornate furniture, brightly coloured classic artwork, and rugs with detailed patterns.

Grey curtains and blinds

Purple and grey are a contemporary colour combination with universal appeal.

Make darker shades of purple feel brighter with light grey curtains, or boost the atmosphere of lighter shades with rich, charcoal grey blinds. In a living room or dining room, keep everything looking coherent by adding more grey elements, such as grey fabric sofas, poured concrete flooring, industrial-inspired artwork and metal fixtures.

If you want to add a little something extra to your interior decor, go for silver curtains or blinds. The subtle sparkle in these window dressings will give your space another level of energy that'll be sure to turn heads inside and out!

White curtains and blinds

Breathe some fresh air into your purple-walled rooms with white curtains or blinds.

Combining white curtains or blinds with a purple feature wall will give your interior a lavender-inspired aesthetic, as the colours reflect those of the flower's springtime blossoms.

Sticking with the floral theme, incorporate some potted plants for a burst of greenery and decorate with wooden or bamboo furniture to add some more neutral tones to the space. You'll feel as though you've stepped into a meadow every time you come home! 

Purple curtains and blinds

Purple on purple?!

Yes! With purple walls and purple curtains or blinds, you'll have a marvellous monochrome aesthetic.

If you use subtle contrast tactically, you can achieve a fantastic sense of layering and visual depth, pairing purple furniture and accessories with walls painted in a slightly different shade.

Our top tip for monochromatic colour schemes is to use the 60:30:10 rule. 

  1. Your walls, making up 60% of a room, should be painted in a colour of your choosing (in this case, purple).
  2. The furniture and soft furnishings, accounting for 30% of the space, should be in a colour that is a similar shade to that of your walls.
  3. Finally, the remaining 10% accentuates, which should bring a burst of energy into the room with a complementary colour (in the case of purple, yellow is opposite on the colour wheel).

Gold curtains and blinds

Purple is a colour of luxury and royalty, so maximise those ideas of ultra-indulgence by bringing in a bit of gold!

Gold-coloured curtains go fabulously with purple walls to complement the warm tones and give the overall decor an unmistakably rich feel.

Tie everything together by including yellow accents, either some freshly-cut flowers or wall art, and you'll have a bold interior design concept that will leave any guests speechless!

Choosing blinds and curtains by room

With so many shades of purple to go for, you can create a myriad of moods in your home. You could create a vibrant atmosphere, perfect for entertaining friends, in the living room with bold purple walls or use a pastel purple shade, such as lilac or violet, for a calm and soothing space.

Whatever vibe you're feeling, we've selected our favourite blind and curtain colours to accompany your purple walls.

Curtains and blinds for purple living rooms

Want to create the perfect space for kicking back and relaxing after a long day? Of course you do!

With dark purple walls, you'll be able to achieve a living space that is comfortable, cosy and effortlessly elegant...all at the same time!

Although it might not be the first colour you think of, emerald or sage green curtains can create an inviting space perfect for entertaining friends or having a quiet night with the family. The jewel tones of these curtains will provide a vibrant contrast to the purple paint on your walls, enhancing the luxurious atmosphere.

Take the tranquillity even further with dark greens, which can help alleviate nervousness and anxiety, boosting the calming effects of your purple walls.

Curtains and blinds for purple bedrooms

Continuing the serene theme, when you're decorating your bedroom, you should look to incorporate colours that help you unwind and get a good night's sleep but help you feel energised when you wake up.

Whether you go for light shades or deeper hues, purple walls can help you make a bold statement with your bedroom's interior design without things feeling too overwhelming.

Navy pencil pleat curtains pair beautifully with purple bedroom walls, creating a relaxing yet dramatic effect. Complete the concept by bringing in some potted plants, light wooden flooring and minimalist furniture.

Or, if you'd prefer a louder theme, patterned curtains go with purple walls wonderfully. We're talking about a bold feature purple wall with patterned curtains and textured soft furnishings for a stunning maximalist aesthetic.

Curtains and blinds for purple kitchens

Purple walls and grey curtains have long been a favourite of interior design enthusiasts, thanks to the combination's ability to create a sophisticated and calming effect.

So, when decorating your kitchen, try steering into this trend by painting your walls purple and choosing light grey curtains or Venetian blinds. Complete the elegant aesthetic with white cabinets and white or cream tiles behind the cooker to add some sensational contrast to the room.

For kitchens and open-plan kitchen diners, we recommend choosing window treatments from our easy wipe and flame-retardant collections. These will stand up to any splashes during your Masterchef moments and won't hold onto lingering odours.

Curtains and blinds for purple dining rooms

If you want to create a modern dining room that's ideal for entertaining and proving you're a bonafide hostess with the mostest, you can't go wrong with a combination of purple walls and bright curtains.

Think light blue, mint green, orange or even yellow curtains to really add some vibrancy to your room and create a marvellous atmosphere for enjoying food, drink and conversation with loved ones.

Alternatively, you could go down the traditional route and incorporate more texture into your dining space with wooden blinds and shutters. Light woods, like ash and maple, will help to give the room energy, while darker woods, such as walnut, create a more subdued atmosphere and provide the perfect backdrop for conversation to flourish.

Curtains and blinds for a purple bathroom

Depending on your personality, your bathroom can be a place for a quick shower or somewhere to escape for some self-care. How you view your bathroom can also affect the shades of purple that will be most appropriate for your walls.

If you love your bath, you can use warmer shades of deep purple to provide comfort and a soothing feel, contrasting this with vibrant greens and plants to introduce a natural vibe to your bathroom. Use wood-effect bathroom blinds and earthy tones, like beige or cream tiles adjacent to your bathtub, to further your connection with nature.

One thing's for sure: when decorating your bathroom, you must choose waterproof blinds to ensure their longevity and avoid having to replace them. For this reason, we recommend PVC or aluminium blinds that are easy to clean and less likely to get mouldy.

Curtains and blinds for purple children's rooms

Purple walls can be perfect in a child's bedroom or nursery. It's a classic colour that will bring a timeless charm to the space without making it feel too grown-up.

Muted purples are an excellent choice for children's bedrooms, as they help to create a relaxing and soothing ambience. Light purple walls also provide the perfect base for colourful accents, such as pink curtains or patterned blinds, which will help to keep the room feeling fun and lively during the daytime.

Or, for a softer approach that'll help them (and you) get off to sleep at night, pair light purple walls with white window coverings, sheepskin rugs, off-white furniture and fluffy blankets. You could even transform the space into a multi-sensory marvel by adding little pots of lavender to fill the room with heavenly aromas.

Tips on choosing the perfect curtain colour for purple walls

Decorating your home can be tricky, especially when selecting the perfect curtain colour for purple walls, but don't worry. Here are our top tips for mastering your room's theme and vibe.

Find your style

Your home should reflect you and your tastes, so when you're decorating, each room should be an extension of your style. A room can have a different mood or theme depending on the vibe you want to achieve, but it must fit your preferences. Otherwise, you might resent your choices and feel like you need to start all over again.

At Make My Blinds, we know that finding the perfect window treatment for your purple-walled pad can be tricky, which is why we offer all our customers ten free product samples with every order. Simply choose your favourite curtains or blinds online and compare colours in the comfort of your own home.

Don't do everything at once

As the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait. It can be easy to think you need to match everything, but if you take your time and find styles that fit your desired aesthetic, you'll build a room and a home you love. This goes for selecting furniture, curtains, artwork, and decorating, too.

Use textures to your advantage

Adding different textures, whether that's wooden blinds, soft furnishings or textured curtains, can help bring your space to life. Additional materials and contrasting fabrics can help colours pop and infuse a room with personality and make it unique to you.

For a luxurious look and feel, use plush fabrics like velvet and silk. The thick materials used in blackout blinds and blackout curtains can add excellent depth to your space while keeping it delightfully dark and cosy.

Think about light

If your home's interior isn't that bright (maybe it doesn't have many light fixtures or gets minimal natural light) and you have dark purple walls, we'd recommend opting for lighter window coverings. 

The dark undertones of black curtains or blinds absorb light rather than reflecting it back into the space, leaving things feeling a little gloomy rather than roomy! If you have light purple walls or you want just one of your walls painted purple, you can afford to be a little more flexible when it comes to curtains and blinds.


What colours don't go with purple walls?

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we encourage you to use your creative freedom and experiment with colours to find combinations that look sensational to you. Interior designers may avoid pairing purple walls with green curtains or green furniture, but this is mainly for more vibrant shades. Olive green or pale pastel hues can blend wonderfully with purple, especially when there are some house plants in the mix to tie everything together.

What colours are opposite purple on the colour wheel?

When matching your home's interior with window dressings, consider contrasting colours for visual interest or choose shades within the same colour family for a harmonious blend. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, so if you dig it, then crack on! To help make the decision a little easier, you can order free samples of our curtains and blinds to compare colours against those already in your home.