If you're having a teal dilemma trying to find a curtain colour that matches your walls, you're in the right place.

Let's face it: teal isn't your average wallflower. It's a showstopper, a trendsetter, and it deserves a supporting cast that can keep up. Should you play it safe with neutrals or go bold with daring contrasts? Read on to find your perfect pairing.

Are there multiple teal shades?

Absolutely! Teal is a versatile colour that comes in various shades, each with its unique charm and personality. The term 'teal' refers typically to a greenish-blue hue, but the spectrum can range from light and soft to deep and dark teal. Some popular shades of teal include:

Curtain and blind colours for rooms with teal walls

Mustard yellow curtains and blinds

Mustard yellow curtains or blinds can be a vibrant and complementary choice for teal walls, creating a striking and dynamic colour scheme.

Teal, with its greenish-blue undertones, finds an energetic partner in mustard yellow's warm and bold personality. The pairing brings a sense of balance to the space - the deep richness of teal grounds the vibrancy of mustard yellow, while the yellow adds warmth and a touch of retro charm to the coolness of teal tones.

It's a combination that resonates with depth and playfulness, making the room lively and inviting.

Complementary blue curtains and blinds

If you're considering another shade of blue to pair with a teal wall, aqua and navy blue are considered complementary colours that will give your room a cool, monochromatic look.

Navy is a suave companion to teal; it brings a touch of class and grounds the room with its timeless charm. On the flip side, aqua steps in with a more laid-back vibe, creating a subtle contrast that keeps things light and breezy.

Complementary blue curtains and blinds can bring a sense of balance to the colour equation - they complement teal while bringing another dimension to your space. They're a calming influence, toning down the vibrancy of teal while adding depth and sophistication.

White curtains and blinds

The pairing of white curtains or white blinds with teal walls is a classic choice that brings a sense of crispness and timeless elegance to your space. Teal, with its rich and bold personality, creates a backdrop visitors are unlikely to miss, and introducing white curtains and blinds into the mix can only balance and enhance the overall aesthetic.

White, being a neutral and versatile shade, acts as a clean canvas against the vibrant blue walls. This pairing allows the teal to take centre stage while the white elements provide a refreshing contrast. The combination offers a sense of openness and brightness, making the room feel larger and airier.

Grey curtains and blinds

Grey, being a neutral colour, effortlessly blends with teal, allowing the walls to shine and bringing balance. Lighter shades of grey can give an airy and modern feel, creating contrast with the deep and vibrant teal, while darker shades add depth and richness, creating a sense of cosiness.

The neutrality of grey allows for easy integration of different textures and patterns in furnishings and accessories. Whether you opt for a light dove grey curtain or a deep charcoal grey, these neutral colours will effortlessly create a play of colours that feels curated and effortlessly chic.

Pink curtains and blinds

The combination of pink curtains or pink blinds with teal walls creates a harmonious and visually captivating blend of colours. Teal, with its deep and bold character, provides a striking foundation, and the introduction of pink adds a touch of warmth, playfulness, and femininity to the space.

Blush pink, in particular, complements teal. The contrast between the rich teal and the soft blush pink creates a dynamic visual appeal that is both understated and inviting.

But whether you choose softer pastel or blush pinks or go for bolder shades for a more dramatic effect, the result is a tranquil and sophisticated look that makes your space uniquely inviting.

Choosing blinds and curtains by room

Curtains and blinds for a teal living room

In a teal living room, the key is to complement the rich tones of teal while enhancing the overall aesthetic. Thermal curtains, with their practical insulation properties, can add both functionality and style. Consider earthy tones like beige or tan for thermal curtains, creating a warm balance with teal's boldness, or white curtains for an airy, effortlessly clean look. 

Eyelet curtains, with their tailored and classic appearance, provide excellent light control. For a trendy look, consider an unusual shade like yellow eyelet curtains, adding a touch of vibrant sophistication to the teal backdrop.

For even more control over privacy and light, why not pair your curtains with vertical blinds or wooden blinds? Easily adjust the slats to let natural light filter through or flood into the room.

Curtains and blinds for a teal bedroom

In a teal bedroom, the choice of curtains plays a crucial role in creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Opting for muted pink curtains will balance the green undertones of teal, ensuring a soft aesthetic that will have you drifting off to sleep in no time.

To enhance versatility, consider adding lighter-toned roller blinds or roman blinds in neutral shades like cream or grey. This not only provides additional light control but also complements the boldness of teal.

Curtains and blinds for a teal kitchen

Roller blinds, with their clean lines and simplicity, can offer a contemporary touch to your kitchen. Opt for a neutral shade like white or a complementary blue shade to create a fresh and bright space to cook up a storm.

Alternatively, wooden blinds, like those shown in the graphic below, can bring a sleek vibe to the kitchen. The earth, organic tones of these window coverings will add a touch of sophistication to the space while complementing the bolder hues of your teal walls.  

With easy-wipe blinds, you’ll be able to remove any sauce splashes or oil splatters with a damp cloth to keep your kitchen looking pristine enough to keep even Gordon Ramsay himself happy.

Curtains and blinds for a teal bathroom

Since bathrooms tend to be the most humid environments in a home, choosing waterproof or water-resistant window coverings is essential. Luckily, we have a range of Venetian blinds and roller blinds made from faux wood, rigid PVC and aluminium, so you can choose your favourite style and relax knowing they're durable enough for any bathroom.

When it comes to colour, black blinds create a crisp and contemporary look, providing a delightful contrast to the boldness of teal. Paired with matte black bathroom hardware and white tiling adjacent to your bath or shower, you’ll achieve a striking finish that retains the rejuvenating qualities of the teal walls.

Curtains and blinds for a teal dining room

For a teal dining room, choosing the right curtains and blinds can be the missing piece that elevates your room's style. Eyelet curtains, with their modern and streamlined appearance, can complement teal walls elegantly.

Why not opt for neutral tones like cream or grey eyelet curtains? They'll provide a sophisticated contrast and allow the teal to shine.

Another option is pencil pleat curtains, with their classic pleated design, which bring a timeless touch to your dining space. Warm, earthy hues like beige or mustard pencil pleat curtains will make for an inviting atmosphere and a beautiful play of colours when they're hit by natural light.

Curtains and blinds for a teal nursery or child’s bedroom

Teal is a great choice for a nursery or children’s bedroom. It’s a playful yet soothing tone that’s a bit more unique than popular pastel pinks and blues.

The playful nature of teal means you can have some fun with your curtains and blinds choices. Why not go for patterned blinds with whimsical motifs like animals, stars or florals to spark their imagination? Or, to encourage your little ones to get all the high-quality sleep they need for their busy lives, blackout blinds are another great option.

For a more delicate and settling ambience, summer pastels are the perfect finishing touch. You could opt for curtains in various pastel hues, from baby blue to dusky rose pink.


What colour curtains go well with turquoise walls?

If you want to coordinate curtains with turquoise walls, it's all about enhancing the vibrancy while maintaining balance. Opt for complementary colours like white or light grey to create a fresh and airy atmosphere.

Alternatively, if you want to add warmth, consider earthy tones such as beige or mustard. These neutral choices not only provide a cosy contrast but also allow the boldness of turquoise to shine.

Experimenting with patterns or textures in similar colour palettes can also add depth and visual interest to your turquoise-themed space.

What colour goes with teal?

Teal is a versatile colour that pairs well with various other colours to create visually stunning combinations. For a fresh and modern look, consider pairing teal with crisp white or soft grey, adding a touch of sophistication and brightness to the space. Earthy tones like mustard yellow or terracotta can bring warmth and depth to a teal-themed room, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

For a vibrant and energetic combination, pairing teal with coral or blush pink creates a lively and stylish palette, while navy blue offers a bold and striking contrast. Experimenting with different colour combinations allows you to tailor your space to suit your personal style and preferences.