Let’s start with the main question you're asking; How do Perfect Fit Blinds work? And what these blinds are good for: Perfect Fit blinds are ideal for conservatives, bi-fold doors, patio doors, French doors and almost all UPVC windows.

The only requirements are that you have no more than 6mm of visible beading around your frame (so between the glass and the edge of the frame itself), you’ll also need a frame depth between 18 and 30mm (the distance between the glass and the top of your window frame) and finally, you’ll need a minimum of 25mm space between the edge of the window frame and any locks, handles or vents.

Without this 25mm clearance the frame won’t fit – if this is the case with your window then, unfortunately, these blinds won’t fit, but we have other options available for you – like our Ecofit conservatory blinds.

Perfect Fit blinds are nice and easy to install and won’t require any drilling. Each blind is made up for 4 channels (top, left, right and bottom) and these are simply screwed into place. Then you need to take the supplied brackets and slide these between the rubber beading on your window and the glass.

The frame you’ve just built then clips onto the brackets, giving you full coverage on your window. The blinds are tensioned with an internal cord and are opened and closed by hand, and if choosing the aluminium slats, these are then twisted with the control wand on the left of the window. This flexibility means that you can have the blinds at any height and angle that you need to either have the privacy you require, or to prevent the sun from glaring into your home. 

These blinds in a conservatory are ideal as they can be placed on larger windows, the top windows, and also onto the doors to give a consistent look. With a white or Anthracite coloured frame available, you can pair them in with your UPVC window frames, or onto your anthracite coloured window frames. 

PerfectFit blinds are perfect for almost all UPVC windows, and PVC doors and are a great way to cover French doors and patio doors as there is often not enough room in the recess to install any other type of blind in there. As these blinds clip onto the existing window frame you’re able to save space within the window reveal and cover your window at the same time. PerfectFit blinds will sit over some of the visible glass, but only by 14mm, which in the scheme of it is a small price to pay for such smart and stylish window coverings.

They are also a great blind for covering a tilt and turn window. These are notoriously tricky to cover, so being able to cover them with such a great looking blind is ideal. 

See how easy it is to push the brackets into place

PerfectFit blinds whilst great, aren’t any good for sliding doors as they do sit proud of your current window frame, and so will prevent the doors from sliding past each other. Annoying, but think of all the windows they can still cover! If you’ve got a sliding door and are struggling to cover it, our tip is to use a vertical blind and have the fabric stack to the side that is used least often, so the same way that you’ll go to open the doors.

These blinds are also excellent for conservatory windows, the same rules apply to what they’ll fit into, but these can be used as blinds for the doors, main windows and even the smaller windows – if you’ve got them.

Still not sure about them? Order as many free samples as you need, watch the video about our PerfectFit blinds and if you’re still stuck give us a ring or jump on the live chat and fire away with the questions – we love these blinds and you’ll be amazed at how much they can improve your windows too! 

How to measure for Perfect Fit blinds: 

And How to install Perfect Fit blinds:

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