Summer has arrived in full force! The scorching temperatures have already soared above 30C in the UK, leaving no doubt that a blazing season lies ahead. According to a report from The Guardian, there are compelling indications that we may witness a rerun of last year's unprecedented heat wave.

Lot's of us will resort to running air conditioning and floor fans around the clock, causing energy bills to skyrocket. But by using your blinds correctly you can cool down your home and save on energy bills.

It's time to tackle the burning question: How should I use my blinds to keep my home cool during the summer? Read on for a quick exploration of how blinds can block heat, keep your room cool, and which blinds are best to transform your home from a sweaty sauna to a summer sanctuary.

Should I keep my blinds and windows closed during a heatwave?

A heatwave rages outside, and you're contemplating whether to close the blinds and seal your windows shut. Surprisingly, it might just be the coolest move you make!

By closing your windows and blinds, you can block or reflect the sun’s rays, preventing the external heat from infiltrating your home. It’s wise to shut out the scorching air during the hottest parts of the day. Once the outside temperature is cooler, mainly during the evening, that's the perfect time to fling those windows open and open the blinds to welcome much-needed air circulation and cool the room down.

Which type of blinds are best to keep your home cool in summer?

All blinds have different thermal and opacity properties, making some types superior at blocking the sun and cooling your home than others. Here we give our expert opinion on the best blinds to cool your home in Summer.

Blackout Blinds

We often get asked do blackout blinds keep heat out? The short answer is yes.

The thick blackout speciality fabric combats the heat through the power of darkness. Keeping the room dark during the day will help prevent it from turning into a sun-baked oven, ensuring your room remains a chilled oasis. An excellent tip for bedrooms is to layer your blinds with blackout curtains.

Blackout blinds are available in a host of styles, from blackout roller blinds, blackout roman blinds, blackout vertical blinds and blackout pleated blinds.

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Electric Blinds

Electric roller blinds can improve the energy efficiency of your home even further. By automating blinds to close during the hottest parts of the day and open when the sun disappears, you can maximise the ability to keep your home cooler.

These smart blinds can be controlled from anywhere in the world using a smartphone app, so even when away from home, you can still open and close them to create the perfect conditions for your return. You can also set automatic timers and connect your blinds to other smart home devices to create personal scenarios to suit your lifestyle.

Electric roller blinds teamed with a light-coloured blackout fabric are the ideal choice to prevent overheating and improve energy efficiency.

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Honeycomb Blinds

When it comes to the best blinds for defeating heat, honeycomb blinds, also known as cellular blinds, claim the crown.

With their unique cellular structure, these blinds trap air, creating an impenetrable barrier against heat transfer. Plus, they come in a stunning array of colours and styles, ensuring you beat the heat with the utmost style and sophistication.

Not only can they be used on windows, but honeycomb perfect-fit blinds can be installed on uPVC and aluminium doors, including patio and bifold doors.

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Thermal Roman Blinds

As well as lending a full look to your roman blinds our high-quality thermal lining protects against overheating. The specially designed thermal lining provides a further layer of protection and a barrier to the sun. Regulating the temperature of the room to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Thermal blinds will make your home more energy efficient and help you save money on energy bills.

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Which colour of blinds are best to keep your home cool in summer?

Light-coloured blinds, particularly white are the best choice for keeping your home cool in summer. Dark coloured blinds, especially black blinds, can have the opposite effect. They'll do their job in terms of privacy and light control, but the dark colour will attract the sun and could potentially add to overheating.

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We hope you use our tips on how to cool your home so you can feel comfortable, sleep well, not to mention avoid running air conditioning and floor fans around the clock. If you found this article helpful, please consider sharing it and spreading the love.