From lemon to mustard and canary, yellow is the most cheerful colour of the rainbow. Effortlessly, yellow can transform your mood, lift your spirits and bring energy into the home, making it perfect for busy rooms in your humble abode. 

Whether it's always been your go-to colour or you're looking for interior colour inspiration, this guide will walk you through your choices when designing a room with yellow walls.

We'll look at a combination of curtains and blinds to settle the all-important question: Which colour matches yellow walls?

Are you ready? It's time to say Yellow to your new decor. 

What shades of yellow are there?

From the golden hues of your morning cornflakes to the first daffodil of spring, yellow is a colour that brings instant joy wherever it’s found! It has long been popular for interiors, too, with shades of yellow being perfect as statement accent walls or to brighten an entire room. Big or small, yellow will compliment them all, and there’s no shortage of yellows to choose from...below are just a few!

Curtain and blind colours for rooms with yellow walls

Cream curtains and blinds

Adorning your sunny yellow walls in creamy elegance can transform your space into a cosy haven. Picture luxurious neutral curtains cascading down, their soft folds creating a gentle contrast that dances with the room's warmth.

Opt for beige blinds and watch as your sun-kissed space comes alive with elegant bamboo shades that infuse a natural, earthy vibe. 

From cream to coffee brown, the pairings for yellow walls are endless. The rich dark tones of brown blinds against a mustard or ochre wall will blend seamlessly into your home, creating a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere. Your new window dressings will effortlessly blend with the sunlit ambience of your yellow walls.

You’ll also want to pair this charming scheme with natural elements, such as pine wooden furnishings and white shutters

Green curtains and blinds

Transform your space with lively, bold green curtains against sunny yellow walls. Embrace the vibrancy of nature with these colour wheel besties... opt for elegant deep green shades that pair wonderfully against rich saffron and school bus yellow. 

Go bold with teal for a striking contrast, or plunge into the depths of forest greens for a hint of finesse. Try subtle moss or sage window dressings that offer a calming retreat, balancing the warmth of your yellow walls.

Whatever shade of green blinds and curtains you choose, you won’t regret introducing them into your home. Together, they sing energy, tranquillity and lushness.

This combination is fun, bold and jungle-friendly. Explore the range of green curtains at Make My Blinds to create an atmosphere of vitality in your home. 

Blue curtains and blinds

Take a trip to the seaside with blue skies and golden sands. Watch your space effortlessly transform into a coastal resort with blue window dressings, perfect for children's bedrooms and kitchens

Dive deep into a sea of style with navy blue curtains and blinds, adding a sophisticated touch to any room. Don’t be afraid to go big and or bold with this adaptable colour. Electric blue curtains bring a sense of energy to the room, whereas midnight blue comes with all the drama attached to it! 

Whether you choose calming cerulean or bold cobalt, these blue accents will turn your yellow-clad room into a captivating colour symphony!

And the fun doesn’t stop there; you can add a touch of sophistication with white window shutters from Make My Blinds.

Yellow curtains and blinds

The possibilities are endless with yellow on yellow...Ladies and Gentlemen, did someone say kaleidoscope?  

Opt for bright bursts of lemon to bring some zing, vitamin C and energy into your home.  When decorating with yellow blinds, you’ll want to go for shades that stand out against your wall, so turn it up or tune it down; contrast is key. 

Create warmth in your yellow rooms with shades of curtains and blinds to match. Try daring deep shades such as ochre, mustard, or amber that guarantee to make you feel toasty all year round. 

Another colour that sings warmth is mellow butter, which is perfect for kitchens

If you can’t get enough vitamin C in your home and have plenty of bright walls to match, then take a look at our guide to the best blinds and curtain colours for orange walls.   

Black curtains and blinds

Impress your guests and marvel at your own confidence as you take sultry black curtains and blinds and give them a well-needed and stylish home. Yes, your home. 

The mysterious allure of deep black against the sunny backdrop brings a touch of drama and sophistication. Picture the sun casting its golden rays, dancing with the shadows created by your sleek black window dressings.

Perfect for smaller rooms like bathrooms, black blinds create an effortlessly chic but bold and warming environment for you to relax in. 

Don’t get perturbed by black curtains get acquainted! Opting for this daring colour allows you to be bold with furniture in your home. Try lush velvet green or bright orange sofas to bring some va-va-voom. 

Choosing blinds and curtains by room

Curtains and blinds for yellow living rooms

Dark mustard yellow is many things: warming, rich, bold, muted, and energising, but above all, cosy. This muddy, earthy hue has a grounded undertone, giving it its cocooning and protecting quality, making it an excellent choice for living room walls.

Why not pair a mustard yellow living room with neutral grey curtains to ground the yellow walls and create a comfortable, muted space? Perfect for relaxing and recharging with friends and family.

If you'd prefer to add colour, choose natural colours, including olive green, teal, aubergine, and terracotta. These are all stunning choices for layering with curtains and accent features against mustard yellow.

Curtains and blinds for yellow bedrooms

No one wants to wake up feeling blue, so opt for yellow! This glorious colour gives us optimism, motivation and cheer - the recipe for a perfect wake-up.

Drift into the day and off to sleep with neutral colours. Try pairing yellow walls with grey curtains to create an elegant yet relaxed vibe to lay your head and wake up feeling well rested.

This subdued golden yellow bedroom pairs well with a palette of warm cream curtains, bedding, and light grey furniture to create that positive and mellow vibe. Yellow bedroom walls and a cup of coffee in the morning? This is a colour combination that equals the start of an incredible day. 

Curtains and blinds for a yellow kitchen

Yellow is a bold colour full of creativity. It also evokes the feeling of hunger, so why not have a cheery kitchen that gets you in the mood for creating top recipes and eating them, too? It’s a win-win. 

The kitchen, often seen as the heart of the home, is the perfect space to use bolder colours on the walls. This will bring joy, create an energetic scheme, and leave your guests hungry for more!

The sunny yellow walls work beautifully against the natural wood elements to invigorate this space and bring natural energy and warmth.

An easy way to incorporate the look and feel of natural wood into your kitchen is with wooden blinds and white shutters

Curtains and blinds for yellow bathrooms

Colours found in nature are commonly said to make us feel good, and with the obvious link to sunlight, yellow is no exception. Yellow walls will transform a run-of-the-mill bathroom into an eye-catching haven.

The yellow walls provide a sophisticated, strong scheme. Avoid additional bright colours to prevent the space from becoming overpowering. Complement yellow bathroom walls with simple monochrome accessories such as white tiles, black blinds, and fixtures.

Bathroom blinds must be carefully considered, as it's a high-humidity area. Avoid soft cloth materials, which are susceptible to mould and harder to clean. For longevity, choosing waterproof blinds, such as Venetian blinds, is advisable.

Curtains and blinds for yellow dining rooms

The dining room is a place for entertainment, socialisation and relaxation. Opting for bright, mood-affecting colours - such as yellow - creates an uplifting, unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests.

Pairing yellow dining room walls with dark textured curtains will create a sophisticated, rich feeling. Navy, charcoal and black are great options, softened by a light, natural wood dining table.

If you're after a more theatrical, maximalist scheme, bright colours that complement yellow include pink, blue, green and orange curtains

Remember, you can always order free samples from Make My Blinds to determine what colour works best for you. So, go nuts and create a feast for the eyes! 

Curtains and blinds for yellow children’s bedrooms

If you want to make a fun impact in a child's bedroom or nursery, yellow walls are your answer. And, what better way to make an impact than by pairing them with fun primary colours such as green and blue? 

Alternatively, you can opt for light pink curtains and soft furnishings that delicately contrast a high-energy yellow children’s bedroom. A cute combination that is not only playful but creates a feeling of happiness and delight.

Create a room your children want to spend time in for playing and, most importantly, getting a good night’s rest (for your benefit, too).

Tips on choosing the perfect curtain colour for yellow walls

Explore all the patterns and textures

If you’re exploring shades of yellow around your home, then you’re definitely not afraid to go big and bold. We recommend pairing your yellow walls with patterned, textured and out-there curtain and blind designs! Try pairing pattern curtains with velvet sofas of bright green and pink, and don’t forget to adorn the room with plants, big and small, to really complement the yellow. 

Consider how much light the space gets

Rooms with large sash windows, bay windows, or French doors are fab pairings for yellow walls. This is because yellow will burn bright throughout the room, even in low light and when the sun fills the room. For bright rooms, opaque window dressings of cream or white can be ever-so-complementary. 

The room’s purpose is key

Consider what you use the space for to help you determine the right window dressings. If it’s a busy area that sees a lot of traffic, i.e. little ones running around or furry friends, you may want to install roller blinds or electric blinds for ease of use. Alternatively, you might want to adorn your window with long draping made-to-measure curtains in a calm, well-lit space built for relaxing.   

Let nature guide you

Smaller rooms mean smart, space-saving window treatments. If you go guns-blazing and dress your windows with long, luxurious curtains that hug the wall more than the glass, then there is less room for activities. So think about how blinds, shutters and curtains can work for the preference of the room - after all, variety is the spice of life, so let’s celebrate the differences!

Shop the range of made-to-measure blinds and curtains at Make My Blinds to get the right ones for your windows. 

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What colours complement yellow?

Dive into the colour wheel fun! Opposites attract, so shades like navy blue, teal, or even a touch of purple are yellow's best pals. Neutrals like crisp white and earthy tones play nicely, too, creating a harmonious vibe. Even cooler neutrals like greys and whites make yellow pop. Trust your instincts; it's like a colour party, and yellow is the ultimate socialite!

Should curtains match the wall colour?

Sure, it's a matchy-matchy world, but breaking the mould is cooler! So let your curtains bring their own flair, and pick curtains that dance with your wall colour. Think white curtains for a yellow room, or spice it up with contrasting shades for a lively twist.

What does yellow represent?

Yellow - the sun's BFF - radiates joy and positivity. It's the colour of happiness, energy, and optimism. Think of it as a mood-lifter, bringing that warm glow into your space. It's the cheerleader, symbolising sunshine and positive vibes. Picture a field of sunflowers or a smiley face; yellow is equivalent to a warm hug. So, if your room needs a dose of joy, yellow is your go-to hue.

What colours don't go well with yellow?

This depends on the shade of yellow you choose. While paler pastel yellows are more forgiving, more vibrant yellows can clash when paired with similarly bright or neon tones. They might steal the spotlight from our sunny friend. Also, tread lightly with muted tones, as they might not bring out the best in yellow. It's all about balance, so keep the peace in your palette!