Looking for ways to update your home decor and add increased functionality to your space? While most people think of furniture and artwork as interior design staples, there’s an even better way to infuse your space with style: Window dressings. 


Window dressings are often overlooked as a mere practical element, but they can be gorgeous statement pieces that tie a design together.


Here, we’ll show you some of our favourite window dressing ideas. Whether you're looking for something durable that can withstand tough conditions in your kitchen or something whimsical for a nursery, you’ll find an idea you love. Plus, we’ll offer tips for choosing the best blinds for different rooms and functions.

How to Choose Blinds for Different RoomsWindow dressing ideas for your home

When choosing window blinds, it’s important to figure out what you want from a blind. Maybe you want a window treatment that blocks out light so you can get some shut-eye. Perhaps you’re looking for something ethereal that will enhance your views while adding a hint of privacy. Whatever your preferences are, there’s a blind style to meet your needs. Here are our tips for choosing the best blinds for every room in your home.

Select the Right Materials

When choosing a blind, decide on your material preferences. Window dressings come in a variety of fabrics, real and faux wood, and metals like aluminium. Here’s a quick rundown of each one and where they work best.


Fabric blinds, like roller blinds and roman blinds, are a classic way to add style. There are waterproof and water-resistant fabrics — ideal for bathroom and kitchen windows that may get wet often. There are also blinds made of durable, rip-stop fabrics that are great for busy homes. 


In general, fabric blinds can help soften a space filled with hard angles and edges. They come in a wide range of patterns, colours and prints. That means this style offers the most variety in terms of interior design. 


Metal and wooden blinds are rigid, offering structure to spaces that are more fluid. Real wood blinds can add a hint of nature to your decor and they’re perfectly suited for coastal or cabin decor. The downside to real venetian blinds is that the wood can warp and bend if it gets wet. Faux wood blinds offer the beauty of real wooden blinds, but they are more durable and versatile. That means you can use them in bathrooms and other humid areas.


Metal blinds are king in terms of durability. These blinds offer a sleek, contemporary look. That makes them ideal in high-use areas or alongside more modern home decor. Aluminium venetian blinds are particularly common in offices and apartment buildings since they are stunning but incredibly long-lasting. Wooden blinds and aluminium blinds are also ideal for kitchens because they’re easy to wipe clean.

Identify the Main Function

To pick the perfect blind, identify what you need the blind to do. You may be focused on boosting privacy, blocking out light or simply adding a pop of colour to your space.


If light control or maximum privacy is important to you, look for blackout blinds or blinds that are made of thicker fabrics. If you want more light to filter into the room instead, stick with voile blinds, which are made of translucent fabrics. 


For greater light control, Day & Night blinds may be the best fit. These blinds feature alternating strips of fabric — typically an opaque panel and a translucent panel — so you can adjust them throughout the day as needed. Another alternative is a double roller blind. This style consists of two blinds on one headrail. One blind is made of sheer fabric to let light in, and the other has a blackout fabric to block out natural light. You can choose which fabric to use based on your preferences during the day.


If your main focus is adding style, any blind will help meet your goals. However, fabric blinds tend to offer the largest range of colours and prints. A fabric blind is the easiest way to elevate your decor regardless of your interior design style. 


For window dressing ideas for patio and French doors, consider your patio space and how you use it. If you live in a cold environment, thermal blinds can help prevent heat loss through large glass doors. That can help you save money on your energy and heating bills. Vertical blinds are useful for large doors that you use often. Since the slats run up and down rather than horizontally, you can go in and out without having to adjust the blinds.

Get Inspired With These 6 Window Dressing Ideaswindow blind inspiration

Now that you know what you want from a blind, it’s time to get some design inspiration. Whether you want to create an exotic look that invokes visions of a tropical getaway or something edgy and modern, we’ve got you covered. Here are some window dressing ideas to try in your home.

1. Draw Attention With Prints

printed fabric blinds

Printed curtains and fabric blinds are a great way to make a statement or set your windows up as the focal point of the room. Use long, flowy curtains or blinds in bold nature prints to create continuation from a living room to an outdoor patio space. Mount them on patio doors and bifold doors for maximum impact. Look for airy fabrics that will move with the breeze and choose natural elements like leaves or ocean-inspired shells to fit your overall aesthetic. 


Get the look: Our Linden Mustard roller blind features an elegant leaf design in a canary yellow fabric that is sure to brighten up any space.

2. Pair Venetians With a Pelmetwindow dressing ideas with pelmets

This look is particularly popular for bedrooms and dining rooms. A pelmet is essentially a sturdier form of a valance. It’s made of a board and usually covered in fabric. Pelmets conceal headrails and other curtain and blind mechanisms. They also frame windows, adding a touch of elegance. 


Pelmets work well with venetian blinds, which allow you to control the amount of light entering the room. To create cohesion throughout the room, match the pelmet to fabrics and colours in your bedding or linens. Consider using white wooden blinds for a minimalist design. Dress them up by adding a sheer curtain on top, and finish the look with a white or cream pelmet.


Get the look: Mount our Snow White Gloss Perfect Fit blinds. Above the window opening, add a curtain rod to hang an airy, cream-coloured curtain. For something bolder, opt for a printed curtain with Moroccan elements or geometric shapes. Complete the design with a white pelmet for a sophisticated and modern look.

3. Double Up With Blinds and Curtainslayer blinds and curtains window ideas

Layered looks are popular because they offer greater light control and they increase style. By layering different types of blinds and curtains, you create depth, making a room more interesting. Roman blinds and pleated blinds work particularly well for this look. Roman shades feature layers that drape elegantly on top of each other when the blind is raised. The drapery and pleats add dimension, which is balanced out by the loose silhouette of curtains.  


Get the look: Start with a roman blind like our Opulent Faux Silk Peacock Riviera. For a beachy theme, pair the sea-green roman blinds with a turquoise blue curtain. For something more rustic, opt for a tan or brown curtain to create the look of a magical forest. Match pillows, dining room chairs and decor elements to the colour scheme for a put-together look. You can also add tiebacks to your curtains to maximize the style.

4. Go Big With Shuttersshutters and window dressing ideas

For a window treatment idea that makes a huge statement without a lot of thought, try shutters. Window shutters feature a sturdy frame that sits inside your window opening. The shutters have slats that move as one unit, rather than individual louvres. 


The best part about this effortless style is that shutter blinds come in hundreds of colours and various styles, including cafe shutters that cover only the bottom half of the window. You’ll also find full blackout styles, so there’s an option whether you want lots of light in your home or prefer a darker space.


Shutters are a great option for bedrooms as well as kitchens and bathrooms. For areas with moisture and humidity, opt for shutters made of vinyl rather than hardwood shutter blinds. These are hardier and won’t get damaged by water.


Get the look: Choose a shutter blind colour that matches the overlook of your home or room. It’s best to limit colour selections to just one or two colour families. This way you can create a cohesive look without overwhelming the design. Shutter blinds can be bulky and more expensive than traditional blinds. If you want to get this look on a budget, try Perfect Fit blinds in wood or aluminium materials. Our Snow White Honeycomb Blackout Perfect Fit and Satin Satin Perfect Fit blinds are great options. Perfect Fit blinds feature a frame, creating the same seamless look as shutter blinds, without the bulk or added cost. 

5. Add Whimsy With Cafe Curtainscafe curtains for windows

A cafe curtain or cafe shutter covers only the bottom half of the window. It’s a great option if you want to let in lots of light but still enjoy some privacy. Since the curtain or shutter covers the bottom of the window, you can move around without worrying about people peeking in. The cafe style also lets light stream through the top of the window, giving you the best of both worlds. This style is great for all windows, except those with window seats since the curtain obstructs the seat’s use.


Get the look: You can make your own cafe curtains by cutting a strip of fabric and sewing it onto a curtain rod. You can also find cafe shutters that offer a more professional look. Whatever you choose, look for colours, prints and designs that fit the overall aesthetic of your space.

6. Try Floor Length Curtains or Blinds

floor-length blind ideas

Need design ideas that offer extra privacy and make a small space seem larger? Try floor-length blinds and curtains. The long fabric draws the eye upwards, creating the look of added height and taller ceilings. They’re perfect for large windows like bay windows and sliding glass doors. Pair long living room curtains with an intricate curtain pole to add a touch of elegance. 


For a minimal look, floor-length roller blinds or vertical blinds are better than curtains. Heavy curtain fabrics can add weight and make small spaces actually feel smaller. Roller blinds are sleek and slim, creating that elongated effect without adding bulk.


Get the look: At Make My Blinds, all of our window coverings are bespoke. That means they’re custom cut to fit your measurements, making it easy to order floor-length blinds. Choose from a  huge selection of colours to find the vertical blinds or long roller blinds of your dreams.