White wooden blinds are having a fashion moment in the UK, brightening up reception rooms across the land. It's not just their sleek look buyers are drawn to. Venetian blinds have a unique tilt-slat system that allows light flow even when the shade is closed. This enables privacy and light - a huge advantage for homes with street-facing rooms.

Although venetians are available in a range of colours and materials, it's white wooden blinds that have caught the eye of the fashion pack. Below we've listed a few of our favourite examples from Instagram of how our blinds have been used in your homes.

Casa blanca

@sophie_shakespeare has chosen a crisp white blind to match her walls and furniture. This allows her ornaments - the monstera plant, candles and pots - to take the spotlight. She's even chosen a white wooden blind without tapes for maximum neutrality.

Mix 'n' match patts

We're huge fans of this home scene from @houseinthemiddle. Although the space has a casual, thrown together feel it's actually very cleverly matched. The black and white cushion patterns pair with the light and shadowed slats from the bay window white wooden blinds, to make a harmonious living space.

Space age shades

On the other end of the trend spectrum, @laurynshome has used white wood blinds with cloth tape to create a clean and streamlined kitchen space you'd feel confident eating off the floor of. Polished Corian worktops bring out the brilliant white of the kitchen sink, while high-beam overhead lights quite literally put our gleaming blinds in the spotlight.

Slick bricks

Here's another example of how our blinds have been used to echo the shapes around them. In this case, @baytree_house has used white wooden blinds to mirror the metro tiles that wall her bathroom. The white tapes on the blind divide the slats into rectangles to accentuate the similarity. A moulded pelmet above the blind breaks the space to keep things from feeling too 'pixellated'.

Two-tone trend

We're seeing more and more buyers choosing white wood blinds with black tape. This example by @renovating_trentview is particularly clever as the contrast tape has been used to unite the two different wall colours in the room. The contrast tape also adds a talking point to the blinds itself - it's a venetian that won't be ignored!


While the fashion for layering textures passed critical mass a couple of years back, the emerging 'maximalism' trend looks set to revive it. Contrast fabrics add a sense of luxe to a room, as in @home.ideology's lounge. The sunny slats of our real wood white blinds play in to this textured look, for a picture that almost comes off the page.

How much are white wooden blinds?

Our white wooden blinds are made to measure, so you only pay for the exact amount you need. To get an instant online quote, all you need is the width and drop (height) measurement of your blinds (see our how to measure wooden blinds guide). Enter these measurements at the top of our Wooden Blinds product page and as you shop we'll auto-generate a price for every blind you look at. Perfect!

Here to help

We want to make buying blinds as easy as falling off a log. That's why we have a range of expert guides designed to help you with everything from initial browse to final fit. We hope you'll find what you're looking for, but if not, why not get in touch? We have a dedicated Customer Loyalty Team on hand to help, available through Live Chat, on 0117 457 4242 or by emailing [email protected].