Red is the colour of love, danger, drama and…tomato ketchup!? Okay, so you might not want to base an interior design scheme on the nation’s favourite condiment, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a statement with red walls throughout your home.

From candy apple and scarlet through to burgundy and crimson, each shade of red says something about your personality. Choosing the perfect colour blinds and curtains is essential so your interior decor feels beautifully coherent from floor to ceiling.

So, tell green Granny Smith to step aside because, in this guide, we’ll dive into the core of the red apple and show you the best curtains and blinds to pair with red walls.

Are you reddy for this jelly? I think so, let’s go!

What shades of red are there?

From crabs to cranberries, there’s a shade of red for every taste. 

If you have the oomph to dress your walls in St Valentine's go-to shade, then we’re already amazed by your sense of style.

Whether you want the classic terracotta brick or the delicate, seductive shade of merlot, there's a red out there for you...below are just a few!

Curtain and blind colours for rooms with red walls

Cream curtains and blinds

A set of cream blinds or a pair of white curtains will balance your red walls without overpowering the room. Watch and be amazed at how shades of cream can transform your red walls from dominant to stylish and sassy in the snap of a finger. Just like magic, your interiors will feel brand new.

If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely the colour combination for you. Pair rich reds with crisp whites to achieve a candy cane-inspired aesthetic that will bring out your inner child with a real touch of elegance.

Red curtains and blinds

Wait, red on red? Yes, red on red! 

Inject some passion into your interior and create a rhapsody in red. From spicy chilli pepper to postbox red, your walls won’t know what hit them!

By pairing your red walls with red curtains or red blinds of a different shade, each room will exude elegance. Our top tip for achieving a sensational theatrical ambience right inside your home is to incorporate luscious textures like velvet and detail-heavy fabrics, such as patterned curtains and blinds.

Grey curtains and blinds

Grey curtains may sound like a cop-out, but they can pack a punch against your red walls. 

With our selection of grey curtains and blinds, you can create an urban oasis with a modern yet cosy feel. Think big and bold, drop it low and drape your curtains to the floor. We recommend charcoal grey or slate curtains to complement the red.  

Want to really bring some style into the room? Try pairing grey curtains and white shutters for unbeatable elegance.

Green curtains and blinds

Red and green may sound like a recipe for festive frivolities, but what St Nick doesn’t know is that they are a perfect pairing in all seasons! Combining rich reds with earthy greens will whisk your living spaces straight out into an apple orchard, whilst lighter hues will bring in the feel-good fruitiness of watermelon.

Try lightly patterned green blinds against crimson walls to bring warmth and a forest feel to your home. 

Blue curtains and blinds

Blue and red are timeless friends...think Union Jacks and Star Spangled Banners! Pairing the two colours brings out the best qualities in both shades.

To make your red room or feature wall stand out among the crowds and assert itself with a real pop of patriotism, choose rich blue curtains or blinds.

Choosing blinds and curtains by room

Curtains and blinds for red living rooms

Who said living rooms had to be muted? Why not paint one living room wall red to contrast beautifully against stark white walls? 

Match this dramatic red accent wall with a clashing red rug and heavy plush red curtains to put on quite the performance at the windows of a monochromatic living room design.

Red walls can create a warm and toasty atmosphere in your living room, giving you total control over how you decorate it. Consider soft furnishings that pop, such as a navy blue sofa and silk blue curtains

And don’t forget to adorn the room with big, bold, leafy plants. Make your living room just that, a room where everyone wants to live. 

Curtains and blinds for red bedrooms

Red is passionate, bold, confident, and glamorous, so why not use it to bring heat into your bedroom’s decor scheme?

For a fashion-forward and bold red bedroom design, dress the bed and windows in burnt orange curtains and bed linen. The contrasting warm tones add to the vibrancy. Go for statement lighting and large plants to add to the ultra-luxurious feel of the bedroom.

If you struggle to sleep, you may want to consider blackout curtains or blackout blinds to help alleviate any unwanted natural light and noise reduction. Paired with thermal curtains, you can create a calming and comfortable atmosphere, perfect for catching that all-important beauty sleep.

Curtains and blinds for an red kitchen

Who doesn’t love cooking up a feast and entertaining the masses? Well, what better way to do it than by turning up the heat in the kitchen with fiery red walls? Bold and bright red walls inject personality into the heart of the home. 

We love the combination of decadent red walls and big, statement-making colour clashes. We’re talking about clean white cabinets, black worktops, wooden flooring, and materials such as wooden blinds or shutters. Alternatively, you can opt for a cooler touch with a set of aluminium Venetian blinds.

Bring the whole family together with these rich and indulgent tones, guaranteed to cook up a storm every time.  

Curtains and blinds for red dining rooms

Strong and impactful red walls can help create a genuinely standout dining and entertaining space in the home. Plus, the association of the colour red with fine foods and wines is proven to get our tastebuds tingling, too!

So, whatever vibe you’re going for, be sure to pair your red walls with a colour to evoke the senses. In homage to freshly baked bread and authentic Italian pasta, light beige curtains will certainly help get tummies rumbling. 

Another sense-tingling shade is blue; try deep navy blue or teal to bring about a thirst and a sense of relaxation among yourself, your family and your guests.  

For a subtle, sophisticated feel, add charcoal grey curtains, which will help ground the space and create a feeling of calm.

Curtains and blinds for red children's rooms

When it comes to decorating your little sprog's room, accent walls are recommended for the colour red. Red has the power to excite and stimulate the mind, giving your little ones the power to seize the day! 

This children's room is fun, creative and bold. A firetruck red wall is energetic and will suit a child with a similar, booming personality. 

You can pair this room with shades of light blue with a matching bedspread to add a sense of playfulness to the space. Consider pairing the bold walls with other fun curtain colours, such as pink and yellow, or patterned curtains, such as a star print.

You may want to consider installing blackout blinds or blackout curtains in children's rooms so their routine isn’t disrupted by the changing of the seasons (and you get a better night’s sleep)!

Tips on choosing the perfect curtain colour for red walls

Choosing the right colour curtains and blinds for your red walls is like adding a cherry on top of an already delicious cake, so be bold and don’t be afraid to go with your instincts. 

Also, remember these top tips!

Dare to contrast

Red walls bring the drama, so you, the rebel, can do what the hell you want! Why not impress your guests with contrasting colours? Remember, blue and red or green and red will really turn some heads!

Play with prints

Walls can’t have all the fun; showcase your energy in blinds and curtains instead! Whether you prefer geometric or floral...we’ve got patterned curtains to suit those who want polka, striped, checked, or jacquard print - whatever you envision, we’ll make it (seriously, the clue’s in the name)!

Go big and go home

They say size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to curtains, we definitely disagree! Don’t be afraid to go oversized with your window dressings, letting them adorn your floor as well as your windows

Let nature guide you

Mother Nature knows her colour palette, so let her do her thing. Earthy tones like forest green or beige pair perfectly with red punchy walls, creating an organic atmosphere that will be a haven of relaxation.

Remember that when it comes to interior design, there are no rules. You are the captain of your own ship, meaning you can do exactly what you want (provided your partner or children don’t get in the way)! So go wild. Mix and match, go with your gut and experiment with colour.

Shop the range of curtains and blinds at Make My Blinds to help you create the perfect home for you. 


What colours compliment red?

The opposite red on the colour wheel is green, meaning they complement each other well. But you can pair red with an array of colours such as blue, beige, white, grey and even shades of red. Red is an absolute crowd-pleaser, so you’ve got plenty to choose from when pairing your curtains and blinds with red walls. 

Should curtains match the wall colour?

When matching your home's interior with window dressings, consider contrasting colours for visual interest or choose shades within the same colour family for a harmonious blend. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, so if you dig it, then crack on! To help make the decision a little easier, you can order free samples of our curtains and blinds to compare colours against those already in your home.

What does red represent?

When faced with red interiors, people often think of passion, energy, and romance…but there’s so much more to red than meets the eye. Often, the colour is associated with courage, warmth and intensity. These qualities make it the perfect choice for rooms around the home. Red is also a key player in stimulating appetite, drawing associations with foods such as chillis, strawberries, tomatoes, or something a little fancier like lobster - perfect for the budding chef’s dream kitchen.

What colours don't go well with red?

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are certain colours that don’t pair quite so well with red. Firstly, the combination of bright yellow or orange and red can be far too overwhelming, especially in smaller spaces. Similarly, you may want to steer clear of using red and black in the same room, as both these colours can symbolise danger (which isn’t ideal for relaxing after a long day). If your walls are painted in a more muted, toned-down shade of red, such as burgundy or brick, you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to choosing soft furnishings and window dressings.