Sophisticated, stylish and oh-so-soothing, cream is one of the most popular colours for walls throughout our homes. From bedrooms and bathrooms to living rooms and offices, cream evokes a certain sense of comforting familiarity that we all crave.

But what colour curtains go with cream walls?

We're glad you asked! In this guide, we'll show you the best colour curtains and blinds for cream walls. Whether your home is a marvel of magnolia or a walnut wonder, get ready to find the perfect window coverings to take your décor from creamy to dreamy.

What shades of cream are there?

If cream makes you think of bland, uninspiring magnolia walls, then we're here to show you just how fabulous this colour can be!

Curtain and blind colours for rooms with cream walls

Blue curtains and blinds

Blue is a fabulous colour. Its aquatic tones give an aesthetic of relaxation and royalty. Blue curtains and blinds can provide a welcome contrast in rooms with cream walls, bringing a burst of energy that will remind you of rolling clouds on a sunny day.

Opting for a lighter colour will bring a bright pop to a room, providing an atmosphere of freshness and cleanliness. These tones work exceptionally when considering rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, where you want the space to look open and bright.

Red curtains and blinds

Red-dy to turn things up a notch? The addition of red curtains or blinds into a red room is classy, outlandish and downright seductive if you do it right.

Deep red curtains can bring an air of classic, aristocratic seduction to a room, befitting a relaxing space like a bedroom, living room or study.

To achieve a Meditterrenean-inspired atmosphere, opt for rusty red curtains or blinds. The terracotta tones will be the perfect partner to your ethereal cream walls, and you can tie everything together seamlessly with the addition of potted cacti, pampas grass, tiled flooring and cream or white furniture.

Grey curtains and blinds

Grey doesn't have to be dreary! If done right, these stormy tones can breathe some truly refreshing gusts of air into your home.

The colour combination of cream and light grey will help smaller rooms feel brighter and more spacious, while darker grey curtains will create a sense of atmosphere and sophistication. Our top tip is to ensure that the undertones of your cream walls and grey curtains match. Otherwise, they could look disconnected when sitting beside one another.

Want to flip things on their head? Check out our guide on the best colour curtains for rooms with grey walls!

Beige curtains and blinds

Pairing neutral beige blinds or curtains and cream walls will create an almost monochromatic colour scheme that will add an instant sense of elegance to your home's interior design.

Depending on the undertones of the beige, include mustard yellow or olive green accents to ensure the overall scheme feels wonderfully coherent. Or, to create a seaside-inspired aesthetic, combine sandy-beige curtains with plush blue furniture and driftwood ornaments.

Brown curtains and blinds

Staying with neutral colour combinations, brown curtains match cream walls beautifully to create an organic, nature-inspired aesthetic.

Wooden shutters or wooden blinds will provide rich brown accents to your cream-coloured walls, achieving a sophisticated yet contemporary atmosphere.

If your windows sit within a cream wall, be sure to match the hue of the curtains or blinds with that of your paint. For cooler cream walls, we recommend opting for a blue-toned brown, while warmer cream walls will look spectacular with richer, red-tinted browns.

Black curtains and blinds

Want interior decor that just drips style and sophistication? The colour combination of cream walls and black window dressings is a match made in heaven.

Colour blocking with dark, atmospheric black curtains set against lighter cream walls will add visual interest and guarantee a striking space from floor to ceiling.

If you only have one cream wall in a room, with the others being painted in a darker or brighter colour, you may want to avoid black window dressings, as the concentration of dark colours could leave the space feeling gloomy or oppressive.

Choosing curtains and blinds by room

Curtains and blinds for cream living rooms

If you have a cream living room or lounge, you're in luck! The subtleness of cream walls provides the ideal neutral base for transforming a space with your own signature style.

If you want to keep things cool and contemporary, go for grey, navy blue or cream curtains. This is a classic colour scheme that will ensure your space has a timeless elegance.

Or, to create a more striking contrast in your living room, go big and bold with patterned curtains or blinds in vibrant hues. This is especially effective if your cream room has bay windows, as fitting brightly coloured curtains will make sure they're the standout feature of your space.

Top tip: Try pairing your curtain colours with your furniture to tie everything together. If you have a black or brown leather sofa, choose a black or brown window dressing!

Curtains and blinds for cream bedrooms

Cream walls are the perfect choice for a bedroom, as the colour will bring a soothing and restful feel to your space.

If you have cream bedroom walls, follow a natural design scheme by choosing honey-beige curtains like those in the graphic below. The subtle amber tint to this curtain colour will add warmth and visual appeal to your room, helping you sink into a gentle slumber every night.

Or, if you want to create a sense of drama in your bedroom, go for a brighter curtain colour. Vibrant blue or yellow curtains will bring more of a pop and look sensational when paired with matching accents, such as cushions and wall art.

Thinking functionally, blackout blinds or curtains are ideal for bedrooms. These window dressings will ensure your sleepy sanctuary remains wonderfully dark and cosy morning, noon and night...perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings!

Curtains and blinds for cream kitchens

Now, this is the room in the house where all of the real magic happens. Food, glorious food! Creating a heavenly kitchen (not Hell's Kitchen) is finding the balance between fashion and function.

To achieve a Nordic-inspired aesthetic, pair white or cream kitchen walls with wood-tone blinds, white cabinets, natural wood flooring and some delicate accents.

We recommend choosing easy-wipe blinds that won't stain or hold onto smells. If your kitchen windows are close to your cooker, flame-retardant blinds or curtains are a must.

Blinds and curtains for cream bathrooms

In bathrooms, cream walls create a sense of spa-like serenity...perfect for those long, relaxing bubble baths after a hard day at work!

To enhance the clean, fresh feeling of your cream bathroom walls, incorporate natural elements into the design scheme by choosing brown, pale green or  beige blinds. To enjoy style and substance in equal measures, Venetian blinds provide the ideal solution. You can close the slats to keep your bathroom private or open them slightly to allow natural light in.

Complete the nature-inspired colour scheme with some potted plants, bamboo storage boxes and even a tiled feature wall adjacent to your bathtub or shower.

Top tip for bathrooms: Curtain colour aside, we recommend choosing a window treatment made using water-resistant materials that will withstand the humidity of your bathroom. Metal Venetian blinds or faux wood blinds made using PVC are ideal and will mean you can turn the shower temperature all the way up without worry!

Curtains and blinds for cream dining rooms

Cream walls are a popular choice for dining rooms, as the earthy undertones blend beautifully with a wide range of other colours.

If you have cream dining room walls and want to achieve an elegant atmosphere that's just perfect for hosting dinner parties, ensure your furniture and crockery match the interior décor. Pair a mahogany table with deep, sultry blue curtains and brassy accents. Or, for a sophisticated Nordic-themed kitchen-diner, include white cabinetry, pale wood furniture, wooden blinds and other natural elements.

Also, consider bringing culinary colours into the space. Orange curtains will remind you of spicy paprika and juicy citrus fruits, while muted green curtains or blinds will evoke ideas of fragrant herbs and fresh vegetables. We can hear your tummy rumbling already!

Curtains and blinds for a cream children's bedroom

Cream walls are perfect for a child's bedroom or nursery. The neutral shade provides a blank canvas that you can update as they grow and their preferences change, adding accents of colour or wall art to make the space unique to them.

When choosing curtains for cream walls in a child's bedroom, ask similar questions about how your little one's likes and dislikes might change in the coming years. To future-proof your design scheme, we recommend choosing curtains or blinds in a more muted colour so that you don't end up redecorating every other year!

For a nursery with cream colour walls, go for window dressings in traditional baby blues, pastel pinks, beige or even cream. These are all classic and stylish colour combinations that will stand the test of time.

Tips on choosing the perfect curtain colour for cream walls

Think about the future

A cream wall is like a blank canvas - you can dress it up, down, left and right to your heart's content!

If you know you have a habit of wanting to switch up your home's interior design, or you're looking for curtains for cream walls in a rented property, keep things flexible by opting for neutral colour combinations where possible.

Cream curtains, beige curtains or pearl grey curtains will all pair beautifully with other wall colours, should you choose to redecorate in the future.

Strive for form and function

Pssst...we're going to let you into a little could always combine curtains and blinds to enjoy the benefits of both window treatments!

Pair sleek roller blinds or perfect fit blinds with the indulgent, flowing form of pencil pleat curtains to get enhanced light control, improved insulation and a fantastic sense of depth in your space. If you plan on fitting blinds and curtains, we recommend using colour carefully to avoid things feeling too overwhelming.

Use contrast to your advantage

As cream is such a neutral shade, you have the luxury of being able to play with contrast. Even a slight difference in hue will help you achieve a fabulous sense of depth and visual interest.

Mustard yellow curtains go with cream walls to follow a semi-monochromatic décor scheme, and pretty pastels, such as pink or pale blue curtains, will keep things feeling light and spacious.

For a more noticeable contrast, experiment with vibrant curtain colour combinations. Rich, ruby reds will add an air of luxury and accentuate the brightness of your cream walls, while dark grey curtains or black blinds will create contemporary sophistication when paired with cream-colour walls.

Add texture and depth

Cream walls can end up being a little bland if you're not careful. To instantly elevate cream colour walls from basic to beautiful, create visual interest by incorporating soft furnishings with different textures and materials.

With brown leather sofas, plush velvet curtains and slate floors, you'll have a modern cottage aesthetic that has a wonderfully welcoming vibe. Or, go cool and contemporary by taking inspiration from industrial-chic design schemes, pairing cream walls with exposed brick, wooden shutters and minimalist accessories.


What colours don't go with cream walls?

Although it's hard to go wrong with cream walls, there are some colours that you should veer from. Firstly, try and veer away from neon colours, these provide a jarring contrast to cream walls, making the room look disjointed. Also, white curtains don't typically pair too well with cream walls. Even though they are of a similar hue, this colour combination in close proximity can make cream look dirty or yellowish in comparison to the crisp brilliance of white.

Should curtains be lighter or darker than the wall colour?

It's entirely up to you! Our only recommendation would be to choose curtains that are at least one shade lighter or darker than your walls to create a layered, tone-on-tone effect. If your wall colour is darker, you may want to opt for lighter curtain colours to avoid the space feeling too gloomy.

How do you coordinate curtains with wall colour?

Patterns tend to fall out of fashion faster than colour, so for a classic look that will stand the test of time, choose solid-coloured curtains in a noticeably lighter or darker shade, the same colour as your walls. For example, beige curtains with cream walls or vice versa!

Are cream walls the same as white walls?

Technically speaking, no; cream walls and white walls are not the same shade. They are of a similar hue, but cream has far more warmth than white, which tends to be cool, crisp and clean. Depending on the shade of your cream walls, you might be able to take inspiration from interior design schemes featuring white walls, as curtain colours will generally still work as long as they complement the warmer undertones of the cream. However, remember to consider how the light in your room affects the shade of both the cream and white fabrics to ensure a cohesive and harmonious look.