Nothing can stop guests in their tracks quite like stunning window treatments. Window blinds can help to frame in your space, bringing the attention to gorgeous views or adding style and colour that pairs perfectly with a room’s palette. They also offer light control and privacy so you can maximize the ways you enjoy your home. Some of the most eye-catching blinds include shutter blinds and similar alternatives. They invoke visions of grandeur and elegance and can be customized to fit modern or classic styles.

Here, we’ll show you the basics of shutter blinds including the different styles and how they’re made. You’ll also discover high-quality alternatives to shutter blinds and get tips on where to use these stunning window treatments.

What Are Shutter Blinds?

Shutter blinds, also known as plantation shutters or interior shutters, are rigid window treatments that feature a structural frame and horizontal louvres. The louvres can be tilted to allow light into the room or to block it out. The frame can be mounted inside the recess to create a seamless look or outside the recess in the case of narrow ledges or to avoid blocking window handles. In contrast with standard blinds that open by moving up or down, shutter blinds open by moving in or out of the window frame. Shutter blinds usually have a hinge on the left or right side of the window so they can be opened completely to allow greater airflow and light to enter a room.

Window shutters can be affixed to cover the whole window or cover certain portions of the window to allow moving parts to open and close. For example, one type of shutter blind, known as cafe shutter blinds, is mounted only to the bottom half of the window. Shutters blinds that cover entire glass door windows are called full height shutters.

Interior shutter blinds can be made from real wood, faux wood, PVC and vinyl. Real wooden shutters tend to be the most elegant and add a touch of grandeur to large windows. They come in a variety of wood including cherry and oak and you can also find real wood blinds with paint finishes in colours such as white, grey and black. Faux wood, PVC and vinyl shutters are the most durable since they’re waterproof and can be used in wet areas including bathrooms and kitchens.

Shutter Blind Styles

There is a wide range of shutter blinds styles. From bifold shutter styles that are perfect for doors to wide slats that can dramatically boost light control, there’s a good quality option for every window in your home. Here are some of the different styles of shutter blinds.

Cafe Shutter Blinds

Cafe shutters are designed to cover only the bottom portion of the window. Typically they are measured to cover the bottom half of a window, but you can also make custom orders to cover only one-third of the window or to add coverage up to a certain point. These shutter blinds are ideal for windows where you still want to enjoy the view but want to boost privacy and prevent people from peering in. The shutter height can be customized to create a design aesthetic as well.

Cafe-style shutter blinds work well on windows above desks to boost privacy. You still have unobstructed light from the top portion of the window, but people walking by won’t be able to see you or your expensive electronics. They also work well on bathroom and bedroom windows.

French Door Shutters

French door shutters are designed to fit bifold doors and windows. They are custom-made to fit your windows and don’t need to be opened or closed to operate the door. These shutters can also be used to add design to normal windows. These versions feature two distinct shutters that are connected on a top and bottom rail. When you open the shutters, they move together on a hinge, creating a folded look that adds depth and dimension.

Wide Slat Shutters

Shutter louvres are available in various sizes. They’re measured to fit your window frame and sill depending on if they’re mounted inside or outside the recess. Wide slat shutters, usually around 50-100 millimetres, offer a modern look. Since the slats are wider, there are fewer of them, giving the room a minimal, contemporary appearance.

Benefits of Shutter Blinds

Shutter blinds offer impeccable style and functionality to your home. They block out light and some shutter blinds feature hollow louvres, adding an extra layer of insulation. Like thermal blinds, they can help you save money on energy bills by keeping your home cool during the summer months and warm in the wintertime.

The louvres can be tilted to let light in or out and they’re easy to adjust throughout the day so you can maintain great lighting from morning to night. Shutter blinds are also ideal for boosting privacy, especially in street-level rooms and apartment windows. You can shut them completely to increase privacy or open them up to let a cool breeze in. Their versatility is one of the many reasons these blinds and their alternatives are so popular.

Vinyl shutter blinds and faux wood varieties are hard-wearing, even in the toughest conditions. They can be mounted on windows over the kitchen sink, in bathrooms and in laundry rooms. They won’t warp or get damaged — like real hardwood shutters — if they get wet and they can stand up to humidity.

Shutter blinds are incredibly easy to clean. Like wooden blinds, they only require a quick dusting every week or two. If they get dirty or soiled, you can just take a damp cloth and wipe down the louvres.

Alternatives to Shutter Blinds

White wooden blinds and Perfect Fit blinds are great alternatives to shutter blinds. They’re made to measure so they fit your window frame exactly, creating the same seamless look you’d get with new shutters. Perfect Fit blinds, also known as no drill blinds, snap into the window frame and feature slats that can be tilted for light control, just like shutters. Even better, these blinds don’t require any screws or drills to mount them. Just snap them into the frame and enjoy your new window treatments.

White wooden blinds are another great choice for people who want the look of pure white shutters at a more affordable price point. They look just like shutters and can be made from real wood or faux wood depending on your space. They also offer a more minimal look compared to shutters, making them a good choice for smaller spaces or windows that would be overwhelmed by the heft of shutters.

Where to Use Shutter Blinds and Alternatives

Shutter blinds and alternatives like wooden blinds are ideal on bay windows, arched windows and bifold doors in rooms throughout your home. Since shutters and Perfect Fit blinds are mounted directly to the window frame, they’re perfect for unusually shaped windows and doors. You can still open and close the door without adjusting the blinds or shutters.

Bespoke shutter blinds and alternatives are also ideal in places where you want privacy. They block out light in bedrooms, creating a blackout environment so you can get a peaceful sleep. They also prevent people from looking into your windows when you’re in the bathroom or other areas where you prefer higher degrees of privacy.

Shutter blinds are the perfect solution for conservatories and living rooms as well. Wide slat shutters add an elegant element to formal living rooms, dining rooms and parlours while cafe-style shutters can add privacy without blocking your view. These shutters are perfect for conservatories as they can help to block out light to keep the room cool. When the temperatures are lower, you can open the shutters and let full light in to bask in the sunshine on an early spring morning. You can also simply tilt the louvres to adjust light throughout the day to suit your needs.

Make Your Windows the Center of Attention

Install blinds to add a beautiful element of decor in your home. With blinds and shutters, you can call attention to bay windows, arched windows and countryside or city views. From classic and simple neutrals to vibrant hues, you’re sure to find a colour that suits your fancy.

At Make My Blinds, we work hard to make finding and purchasing high-quality window blinds a fun and enjoyable experience. Whether you want shutter blinds, alternatives like wooden Venetian blinds or something completely different, we’re here to help. Our five-year guarantee offers peace of mind and you can order free samples to ensure the pattern and colour match your home.

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