5 Home Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

Light is key

Small spaces are transformed through clever lighting. Overhead lighting is quick and practical, but highlight corners in shadow with table lamps and fairy lights to visually open out your space. Similarly, choose window coverings with care - semi-sheer fabrics like voile roller blinds can be great for daytime rooms, as they soften passing sunlight without fully obscuring it. Finally, consider placing large mirrors around the room to reflect lightfall and amplify brightness.

light is key

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Storage all areas

If clutter is the enemy of small rooms, then storage is its knight in shining armour. Choose furnishings and layout around maximum storage. Pouffes and tables often come with hidden storage that can be used to hide away bulky items. In bedrooms, beds are an enormous potential source of store space. Be sure to check there’s room for the opening mechanism to operate.

storage all areas

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Stick to the edges

Rooms without a clear central space have a ‘filled to the brim’ look about them. Keep furnishings to the sides of the room, and ideally choose narrower pieces, eg shelves over cupboards. Items fitted to the wall can also keep floor space free and boost room size, so choose wall-mounted TVs over boxy designs, wall-fixed shelving over floor-standing items, and coat pegs over coat racks. 

stick to the edges

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Big and bold

It might sound counterintuitive, but going big on one key item, or bold on a central pattern, can create a ‘focal point’ for the eye. By giving the room a centre, viewers won’t find their attention scattered by small items. A centrepiece can also help define the direction of your design to prevent the jumbled look that can be so easy to fall into. Similarly, a striking rug or a blind with a bold pattern such as one of our Orla kiely roman blinds can help anchor the space.

big and bold

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Go tall

A small space with a high ceiling is not really a small space at all! Take advantage of lofty living areas with high, long furniture that stretches the full length of your room to really draw the eye. Full-length curtains aren’t just for full-length windows - let them cascade over casement windows to create a willowy silhouette. Similarly, top-to-toe shelving, full-height mirrors and tall lamps all accentuate the height and sense of space in a room.

go tall

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