In modern times there have been incredible new window designs such as bifold doors and tilt and turn windows, which allow more light and air into our homes than ever before. 

With these advances came a need for more sophisticated blinds, to accommodate windows with an increased range of motion. Perfect Fit blinds were the answer. 

Clipping directly to the window frame and sitting on the window sill, they offer shade without restricting window movement. This makes them ideal for french doors and bifolds.

While Perfect Fit blinds are often associated with conservatories, their unusual fitting system means they're useful for all sorts of other 'unusual' windows and can cover windows other blinds can't.

The Key Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds take the guesswork out of installing blinds. They are among the easiest types of blinds to fit and mount yourself. They come in a variety of styles and colors to match any color scheme. Best of all, they are entirely self-contained so you don’t have to worry about creating a hazardous environment for your children or pets. Here are some of the best benefits of Perfect Fit blinds.

Clip-In Fitting

'Installation' sounds too involved a word for Perfect Fits, which clip on to the window frame without additional tools and labour. That makes them a great choice for unconfident DIYers who don't feel comfortable with drills and rawl plugs. 

Plus, this easy-fit system is quick — it should only take about 10 minutes to get each blind in place. Their traceless fitting also makes them a great choice for renters who require blinds but aren't allowed to put holes in their home's walls.

Integrate Into Your Window

Perfect Fit blinds are encased within their own frame, which is available in white and anthracite shades. These will match your UPVC frame, so when you install them your whole window or door will have a streamlined look to it. The casing also stops the blind from swaying or flapping, making the blind hardier (and quieter) than some other styles.

Matching Styles Available

For our top-selling wooden perfect fit blinds, we sell matching non-Perfect Fit venetians, so you don't solely need Perfect Fits for a coordinated room. This is ideal if you already have window blinds, or your windows are not compatible with Perfect Fits.

Let Windows Be Windows

Windows and doors are made to open! But sometimes blinds don't do a great job of accommodating this, particularly with 'special' window styles such as top swing and tilt and turns.

This is where Perfect Fits come into their own. Clipping onto the pane itself, they open with the window, allowing both shade and airflow. Plus, as they're in their own frame they won't flap or knock in the wind.

Pet and Child Safe

As they're self-contained, Perfect Fits can't be swung on by even the most determined child, and the blinds feature no stray cords to ensure they're child and pet safe. Even if you don't have children or pets yourself, it's a good idea to choose safe blinds in case of any young (or four-legged) visitors.

Types of Perfect Fit Blinds

At Make My Blinds we sell wooden, aluminium and pleated Perfect Fit blinds. Below is an overview of each style.

Perfect Fit Wooden Venetian Blinds

Venetian wooden blinds are some of the most popular blinds on the market. A perfect match of form and function, they have a classic style that fits most interiors, and they also have additional shading options. While most blinds have a single control handle, venetians have a second one. When twisted, this handle angles the slats on the blind, either allowing light to filter through, or entirely closing the blind.

Perfect Fit wooden venetian blinds offer the same tilt-slat function as regular venetians, for light control and privacy. This makes them ideal for any room in which you spend daylight hours. As Perfect Fits, they're also a great choice for doors, as they can clip on patio doors such as bifolds and french doors easily, and don't hinder movement when in place. Our Perfect Fit wooden blinds are colour matched with our best-selling standard venetian blinds, so you can easily coordinate your room.

The only space they're not suited to is the bathroom, as the wood is not moisture resistant and may warp over time. Fortunately, you can still use wooden venetian blinds in bathrooms, you’ll just need to get the aluminum ones instead of wood.

Perfect Fit Aluminium Venetian Blinds

The tough big brother of wooden venetians, aluminium Perfect Fit blinds offer all the same privacy-plus-light advantages of venetians but with a more contemporary finish and a hardwearing, moisture-resistant material. 

This makes them a good choice for bathrooms and other high-humidity spaces. If you have a lot of plants in your conservatory they could be a good choice here too.

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds have a honeycomb structure that traps pockets of air down the length of the material. This means they help retain heat when closed, and also gives the blind soundproofing qualities. Because of this, pleated Perfect Fit blinds are a great choice for rooms with large patio doors, helping retain heat and reducing energy bills. 

Pleated Perfect Fits are available with blackout fabric, so they block the most light of all the three styles. These blackout blinds with thermal qualities make them an ideal bedroom blind.

Perfect Fit Blinds for Conservatories

Window dressings and blinds that fit to the window like Perfect Fit blinds are a top choice for conservatories, as they allow windows and particularly doors to move without obstruction. This allows for maximum flexibility when choosing light and heat levels. 

The Perfect Fit blind type you choose — venetian or pleated — will also affect your control over the room (see below). Additionally, Perfect Fit patio door blinds sit within a white or anthracite casing designed to perfectly suit your patio door or window frame, giving a streamlined finish to the room that conventional blinds can't match.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a best-selling style in both homes and patio rooms. Stylish and functional, they boast an elegant look but also benefit from adjustable slats. These allow light to filter through while still allowing for privacy and heat shading. Perfect Fit venetian blinds take the look and practicality of these blinds and optimises them for french, patio and bifold doors with a clip-on system that fits directly to the window. This means the doors can still move freely.

The tilt-slat functionality of venetians makes them some of the most adaptable blinds out there. This is why they're an ideal choice for a high-light room such as the conservatory. 

Wooden venetians are a popular style choice, but bear in mind conservatories can be prone to humidity. This can swell or warp wood over time. A hardier style is the Perfect Fit aluminium venetian, which has the same light-filtering benefits alongside increased moisture resistance.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated perfect fit conservatory blinds are not as popular as venetians, but they should be! This blind style offers a different set of benefits to their venetian cousins, which some conservatory owners might feel are better suited to their lifestyle.

Pleated blinds have a honeycomb style that holds in heat in cooler months. This means with pleated blinds you could potentially use your conservatory longer into autumn. 

Even in winter it will retain heat better, helping keep any adjoining rooms warmer. Additionally, keeping your conservatory warm might also be good for any pot plants you have — particularly if they are tropical varieties.

Perfect Fit Blinds for Doors

Because they don't need to be installed into a window recess, Perfect Fit blinds are a top choice for doors, allowing unrestricted movement in use. They’re a great way to control light and privacy without obstructing the operation of the door.

French Doors

Perfect Fit blinds are a good choice for french doors, as unlike conventional blinds they are housed in their own casing. This means they don't flap when it's windy, and additionally the overlaid casing looks neatly integrated into the door.

Bifold Doors

As the Perfect Fit blind casing only protrudes slightly, they allow bifold doors to open and close unobstructed. Clip-to-window blinds like Perfect Fits are by far the best option for this door type due to their ample range of movement.

Sliding Patio Doors

Unfortunately sliding doors are not suitable for Perfect Fit blinds. When open, there is not enough room between the two window frames to accommodate the extra Perfect Fit frame. Blinds that fit to the wall recess are a better alternative.

How to Measure for Perfect Fit Blinds

Before you start measuring for your Perfect Fit blinds, first assess your UPVC window with our two-minute compatibility check. This is to make sure there's enough space on and around your window frame for the blind to clip on to.

You only need three measurements for each Perfect Fit window — the window pane width, the window pane drop (height), and the window depth. Measure blinds from the pane itself, between the black rubber beading. 

For the full guide, see How to Measure for Perfect Fit Blinds, or follow our video below.

How to Fit Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are among some of the easiest shades to install. Each blind should take about 10 minutes to fit, and you don't need any special equipment — just a pencil, a credit card and a drop of cooking oil.

Begin by slotting the frame of the blind together. Then you need to fit the brackets. Hold your credit card on the pane in the left-bottom corner, set portrait-style and entirely touching the glass. Set the bracket above this, touching the card. Slide the bracket in at this point. You may need to use a touch of oil. Repeat for the top of the window, and on the opposite side.

To fit, lift up the frame and set against the window. Give a firm push at each point of the four brackets. You should hear each bracket click into place.

For a more complete explanation, see How to Fit Perfect Fit Blinds or check out the video below.

How to Clean Perfect Fit Blinds

For day-to-day cleaning, wipe your Perfect Fit blind down with a damp cloth to pick up any dust. Pay a little more attention to the edges as these are most likely to get dirty. Pleated fabrics will need gentle handling. Ventilate the room to help the blind dry quickly.

For deep cleaning, unclip your blind, close the blind and then wipe down on both sides. Air dry as quickly as possible in a well-ventilated space.

If you feel your blind might require frequent deep cleaning, an aluminium Perfect Fit would be the best option for you. Aluminium blinds can be gently soaked in water with a cleaning agent before being wiped down. Soaking is not advised for wooden venetian blinds as it may cause the wood to warp.

For a complete guide to cleaning, see our How to Clean Perfect Fit Blinds guide.

Perfect Fit Blinds Reviews

Perfect Fit blinds are a really smart shading solution — quick and easy to install and highly versatile. That's why we've had so many glowing reviews for them over on TrustPilot

Here's what our customers are saying about Perfect Fit blinds and our user experience:

  • "Great service for made to measure perfect fit blinds. Very easy to fit, anyone could do it. Fantastic prices and a speedy service. Would highly recommend.” — Deborah Badham

  • "The [Perfect Fit] blinds look extremely expensive for a fraction of the cost and so easy to fit once you get to grips with the 1st one. I ordered 6 for the whole house. Perfect in every room. So happy with them that I will be ordering some Perfect Fit ones for the patio doors. Excellent customer service. 5 star blinds." — Tinamaria

  • "Perfect Fit Blinds from Make My Blinds were the perfect solution for our garden office blinds. Quality product which looks great. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Super-prompt delivery." — D Flood

  • "After visiting several sites we decided that Perfect Fit blinds were right for us. We were drawn to your company because we got the impression that you had a quality product to offer along with good customer care, plus, as we are Bristolian, you are a local company. After watching your videos for measuring and fitting, we placed our order for nine Perfect Fit blinds. From ordering, confirmation to delivery, everything was a smooth process. The packaging of the blinds was very good, eliminating any accidental damage during delivery. Unpacking the blinds we were very pleased with the quality of the blinds and labelling made it very easy to match each blind to our measurements. Assembly was a very easy process and following the video on fitting the securing brackets made the fitting to the windows a straightforward task." — Owen Morey

  • "Ordered 2 Perfect Fit blinds for the french doors in my new home that I was moving into. I am absolutely thrilled with them and they look brilliant and well worth the money. They were packaged really well too." — Louise Peters

Getting Help With Perfect Fit Blinds

If you're feeling brim-full of knowledge and ready to find the right style for you, shop our range of Perfect Fit blinds here. We also have a large selection of roller blinds, vertical blinds and skylight blinds.

But if you have more questions, that's fine too! We're available on Live Chat (find it on our website), email ([email protected]) and at our telephone number (0117 457 4242). Our friendly Customer Loyalty Team offers excellent service and is always happy to help.

And finally, a little time lapse of a recent Perfect Fit installation:

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