How to Install Perfect Fit Blind

With our step-by-step guide you'll have your new Perfect Fit blinds up in no time.

How to install Perfect Fit blinds

Fitting your new conservatory blinds should be simple, and enjoyable - with no drilling required these blinds are straightforward and easy to fit. Just follow the instructions below, check out the videos and grab your tools. If you need any assistance along the way please give us a call or start a live chat and our highly trained customer support team can help get things moving in the right direction.

For both types of blinds having some washing up liquid around can be a handy way to help ensure the brackets and clips insert into the space between your glass and rubber beading. If installing is a bit tight, a small dab of liquid will help the bracket slide into place. 

Perfect Fit tools

Good News! With our new push-fit system, the corner brackets and rails securely push together without the need for screws. 

All You will need a flat space in which you can fully lay out your blinds to be able to push the frame together. 

Perfect Fit install video 

Child Safety

Both our Perfect Fit and Clic blinds are child safe by design, with any cords being tight and flush against your window frame or contained within the Perfect Fit frame.