It's as easy to maintain perfect fit blinds as it is to measure and fit them. Perfect Fit blinds only need light cleaning to keep them in good condition. For deeper cleaning, the blinds can be unclipped from the window.

How do you clean Perfect Fit blinds?

To remove dust from Perfect Fits, gently vacuum them using the brush nozzle. This should be fine for day to day. For spot-removing stains or removing dirt, wipe them with warm water, starting from the top and moving down. You can add one or two drops of cleaner if you like. Pay close attention to the sides of the blinds as this is where dirt is more likely to build up.

Clean the frame in the same way you clean your UPVC window frame. Otherwise, vinegar is a great cleaning product for Perfect Fit frames. Mix one part vinegar with four parts water, wipe onto the surface and leave for 10 minutes. Smooth off with a clean cloth. Do not use bleach when cleaning your frame.

How to remove Perfect Fit blinds for cleaning

Perfect Fit blinds unclip from the window with a firm pull on each corner, so they're easy to remove for deep cleaning, or cleaning the window itself. Unclipping the blinds allows you to access both sides, for a complete clean.

If you have perfect fit Venetian blinds, you can also soak them for a complete clean while removed, if you like. This isn't advisable for other styles, which are made from more delicate materials. Soak the aluminium blinds (in their frame) for 10 minutes or so in warm water with a little cleaning agent. Wipe down with a dry cloth then leave to dry in a well-ventilated area.