It’s a question that we get every now and then, do wooden venetian blinds look better with or without tapes? Tough one as there is no right or wrong answer, this comes down to personal preference. For those of you not in the know, tapes are vertical strips of cotton that are attached to the blind and are positioned where the internal strings are. They run vertically within the blind, making it operate (tilt/lower/raise) and the tapes are positioned to hide the internal strings, but also look really nice against the horizontal slats.

The tapes are made from cotton and are 38mm wide (we’re very specific) and are colour coded to compliment the colour of the slat, so for example, our white wooden blinds come with matching white tapes, the darker Hazel coloured blind comes with a jet black tape. You get the idea…

tapes on a wooden venetian blind above a kitchen counter

But what looks best? With or without tapes?

Our reply - “It’s all down to personal choice”

If you have landed on this blog then you’ve come to a page that won’t answer the question for you as it really is a personal question and answer. Each of us has a different taste in design and styles, so what works for one of us won’t necessarily be right for the other.

It’s a lot like Marmite- but in the blind world. You either love them or hate them. (We're a Marmite loving office here though) 

Every wooden or faux wood Venetian blind on our site comes with or without the tapes, giving you the flexibility to choose. However, the tapes are part of the blind and hold each slat in place, so you can’t simply cut the tapes off if you have a change of heart. The best thing to do is to take advantage of our free sample service and request the tapes and slats that you want to see.

By doing this you will get a better feeling and idea of what each slat and tape combination looks like and how they will work in your home. If you are looking to install these blinds in your bedroom then opting for tapes is one way to make the blinds feel a bit softer, especially if you have a larger window. The cotton tapes give you an easy way to pair your bedroom's furnishings with the blind, making sure that you have a room that is beautifully designed.

How many tapes will there be?

Due to the different weight and size of the blinds, we use the cotton tapes to support the main Venetian slats so they are spaced very specifically to ensure that the slats won’t bow or sag under their own weight. If you’re looking for the answer, simply enter your measurements into the website on any wooden blind page and click the 'Measurement Check' button. This will then generate a super-handy diagram showing the number of tapes and their spacing across the blind. No more guess work. No more confusion. 

We'll also show you the total size the blind will be made to - just to help make sure you don't order it the wrong way round!

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Wooden Blinds with tapes

To make things simple for you, we have a page dedicated to our wooden blinds with tapes, where you can see every combination of tape and slat that we have available. For example, we have the real wood Beech with Hessian Tapes, this is perfect for adding a lighter touch to your room and will pair in with any pine or lighter wood you have in your room. We will say though that wooden blinds for a bay window seem to be more popular with tapes rather than without. If that’s because they resemble shutters more so than without tapes we’re not sure, all we can say is bay windows = wooden blinds with tapes!

tape on black wooden blind which is raised

Wooden Blinds without Tapes

If the blind with tapes are not taking your fancy then all of our wooden and faux wood blinds come without tapes too – these can be found here. Tapes are down to personal preference, and sometimes in a larger window, the blinds suit a plain, natural look. We just give everyone the option to choose what works best for them. One thing to note is that you can’t buy a blind with tapes and then remove them. The tapes form part of the mechanism, helping to control the tilt of each slat and are also used to raise and lower the blind.

So if any of those have peaked your interest then please have a look across our range and if you would like any samples please just request them and we will send them out to you by 1st class post. If you have any questions then please either start a web chat with us or give us a ring on 0800 368 8441.

no tape white wooden venetian blind with slats closed