Now, you’re probably on this page because you’re struggling to find a wooden blind wide enough for your window. So in this guide we break down what sizes you can, and can’t find in the UK market. But to quickly summarise, real wooden slats can go upto 240cm wide and faux wooden blinds up to 260cm wide. 

Wide Slat Wooden Blinds

Let’s be clear here, when we say ‘wide slat wooden blinds’, we are referring to the depth of the slat. We have 2 options available here, 35mm or 50mm. All of the slats are the same thickness at 3mm, but the slats themselves can be two different depths. Typically we find the 50mm slats are more popular than the 35mm slats, this could be because they give more of a ‘shutter look’ in your window. 

Can I get 300cm wide wooden Venetian blinds?

So there are a few reasons why you can’t find 300cm wide blinds on the market. 1, with real wood it’s difficult to get consistent slats that wide without any blemishes to them, so things like knots or bends in the wood. With faux wooden blinds, the maximum we can go to is 260cm wide. We can’t make them any wider due to the weight and stress on the mechanisms and brackets. A 260cm wide blind does weigh a fair bit (we don’t have the exact calculation to hand) but it’s more than a regular person can comfortably lift. Let alone the added stress on the screws and brackets. So all in all, split a larger window into smaller sections to achieve better coverage.

If you’re really after a blind that's more than 260cm wide and don’t want to split your window into two or three sections, there are other blinds available. Roller Blinds or Vertical Blinds would be your best bet, with rollers going up to 340cm wide and verticals spanning up to 500cm (that’s 5 meters!).

How about narrow wooden Venetian blinds?

The smallest width we have available is 30.5cm, available on our real wood Venetian blinds. This is the smallest they can be made due to the mechanisms required within the headrail. They also have fixed controls with the tilt on the left side and the raise cord on the right-hand side.

Our Faux wood blinds can be made to a minimum width of 35cm, so if you’re looking for a tiny wooden blind - look at our real wood options.