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White Wooden Blinds

White Wooden Venetian Blinds

Inspired by the interiors of influencers everywhere, white wooden blinds are one of our best-selling styles, and with good reason. These classic venetian blinds are the ultimate neutral backdrop in your home, pairing cleanly with white walls and ceilings to create a clean canvas in your home. Their understated style also plays sidekick to dramatic accessories on your windowsill, or even for statement windows such as those with stained glass.

Both real wood and faux wooden blinds are available, each featuring different benefits that recommend them to different rooms in your home. Either material offers the option to tilt the slats open while the blind is closed - simply angle the slats with the control wand and let the light gently filter into your room whilst giving you privacy. While wooden blinds are not blackout, many customers combine them with curtains, to give them the advantages of sunlit privacy alongside full darkness at night.

As with all of our blinds, we can make your white wooden venetians to your exact requirements. Enter your window measurements to get an instant quote, and customise your choice further by picking which sides you would like the control cord and control wand. We'll supply your blinds with brackets and screws too, ready to be fit on the wall. If you've never fit a set of blinds before, relax. We've got a comprehensive set of installation guides on site, to walk you through exactly what tools you need, and what needs doing, step by step.

If you want to make sure that you get the perfect blinds for your home, take advantage of our free sample service. This allows you to add up to 20 free samples to your basket and receive delivery of them as early as the next day. There's nothing quite as reassuring as feeling the quality of the slat yourself, or comparing the colour to your walls to check it suits. We want you to be as well informed as possible, so you can make a confident choice.