Riva Bare - From £87.90

"Alexa open the blinds"

A rising smart home favourite, Electric Roller Blinds are controlled with remote handset, or linked to a connectivity kit hub to control using a smartphone or voice command with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

By linking blinds to a smart speaker, customers can personalise the experience, creating specialist scenarios to control the blinds and other compatible smart home devices to align with their daily routine. For example, by saying “Alexa, my bedtime routine” blinds and curtains close, plugs switch off and garage door and gates lock.

Ease of installation

In the past consumers have found the idea of installing and programming electric blinds to be a scary thing, there’s no need to think this any longer. With Make My Blinds’ new range you won’t have to pay for an electrician, these blinds have a hidden built-in battery making them completely wireless and easy to install. Furthermore, electric blinds require minimal maintenance and only require charging once or twice a year. Our electric roller blinds come pre-programmed and settings are easily changed to suit personal preferences following the simple enclosed guide.

Riva Harmony - From £87.90

Increase home security and energy efficiency

Electric Roller Blinds can be controlled from anywhere in the world, when on holiday or away for work you can imply your home is occupied by opening and closing blinds using the smartphone app.

Useful for heat regulation and energy efficiency, use the smartphone app in winter to keep blinds open when the sun is shining and close as the sun sets to retain that acquired heat. In summer close the blinds during the hottest parts of the day to keep your home cool and prevent overheating.

Riva Blackout Harbour - From £92.82

Wake up naturally

Getting quality sleep is one of the best ways to contribute to a healthy lifestyle, with Electric Roller blinds made with a Blackout fabric, a good night’s sleep is guaranteed. The high-quality blackout fabric will darken the room, and you can invite natural light to wake you up gently by setting automatic timers for your blinds to open at the optimal time for you. What a great way to wake up rather than an abrupt alarm startling you from your slumber.

Riva Blackout Impact - From £92.82

Choose from a wide range of fabrics

Smart blinds aren’t a new concept, but with Make My Blinds low price point they are now more accessible than ever. Prices start from £87.90 and depend on the specific size and fabric of your made-to measure blinds.

As the demand for Electric Roller Blinds increases, Make My Blinds is providing the perfect solution with an array of attractive fabrics and features for the modern home.

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