Measuring for Clic Fit Blinds
Ready to ditch the drill and click your way to window bliss? With our lightning-fast guide, you can check your window compatibility and snag perfect measurements in a flash! Say goodbye to drafty, boring windows and hello to stunning clic fit blinds that transform your space in minutes!

How do Clic fit blinds work?

Clic fit blinds work by raising and lowering them with the pull-down handle. Venetian styles let you fine-tune light and privacy with a quick twist of the included wand. 

Tools you need:

You will need a tape measure, pencil, notebook and a butter knife.

Important Notes

Check your windows are compatible for the Clic fit blinds

When checking if your windows are compatible please use a blunt butter style knife to perform the test. The thickness of the knife will replace the thickness of the bracket used to install this blinid type. Please take care while using the knife.

To ensure that your window is suitable, slide the knife into your rubber gasket and carefully insert it as far as it will go behind the frame. If required you can use washing up liquid or silicone polish to help the knife slide in.


Mark the distance

Mark the distance the blade travels under the gasket and if it is at least 17mm, your windows are suitable.



To ensure the best possible fit we require accurate measurements for both width and drop of the window. Measure the full size of the visible glass between the gaskets. Order ass glass size.

NB: The blind projects 32mm out from the glass to the front of the folded operating handle, important for bifold door operation.

Step 1

Measure the Width

Take two measurements of the width, at the top and the bottom of the window. If there is any variation always use the shortest width to order your blinds. If the windows are particularly large you can take intermediate measurements to check.

Step 2

Measure the Drop

Take three measurements of the window drop. If there are any variations, then always use the longest measurements. You must measure accurately and to the nearest millimetre to ensure a good fit.

Step 3

Enter your Measurements

Go to your chosen product, enter your width and drop measurements.


We will make a small deduction to the width of your blind when you select Inside Recess to accommodate the brackets. But note that the fabric will be 35mm narrower than the size given due to the chain control and brackets.