How to install Electric Wooden Blinds

Get your electric wooden blinds up and running without a fuss. You can install them yourself, no electrician needed. This simple step-by-step guide will take you through the process. Whether you're a seasoned DIY pro or a beginner in home improvement, this guide has all the info and tips to help you fit your new electric wooden blinds in no time.

How do Electric Wooden Blinds Work?

Electric wooden blinds work with the help of a motor discreetly placed inside the headrail. The motor is powered with a rechargeable battery and is easily managed through a variety of means, including remote control, smartphone, timers, and voice commands through compatible smart home systems. When the command is given, the slats tilt to the desired amount of light and privacy.

How to Install Electric Wooden Blinds – Step-by-step

What comes with my Electric Wooden Blinds?

The fitting brackets and battery are included. If you ordered a remote control, charger or smart hub you will also find these within the box. Screws do not come with your electric wooden blinds; this is because the type of screws required depends on the surface you are fitting the brackets to. You need 4mm screws, suitable for the surface.

End Brackets
End Brackets x2
Central Brackets
Central Brackets
Li On Battery and
Li On Battery and clips
Remote control and
Remote control and holder

Tools you’ll need:

Tape Measure
Tape Measure
Wall Plugs
Wall Plugs

Installation steps:

Step 1

Bracket Positioning

Inside Recess
If you are fitting the blind inside the recess (B) you can top fix, or side fix the blinds to the lintel.

Outside Recess
If you’re fitting the blind outside the window recess you will face fix the brackets.
Important Note: Make sure the width of the blind (A) covers the recess equally on both sides (C) to ensure even window coverage.

Step 2

Bracket Fixing

Measure and mark the distance between the wall and the back of the bracket, allowing for obstructions like handles that protrude into the recess area.

The brackets should be positioned 6mm wider than the blind at each end.

Hold each bracket in place and mark the hole positions on the wall with a pencil.

Affix each bracket in place using 4mm diameter screws.

Important Note: Ensure the fixings you choose are suitable for the surface to which you are mounting the brackets.

Step 3

Central Support Bracket Fixing

For wider blinds a central support bracket is required.

Align the top of the central bracket with the top of the mounting bracket before installation.

Install with the bigger flap ('gate') of the central bracket on the top, equally spaced along the width of the headrail.

Make sure the central bracket is fitted clear of central cords or tapes that run down the slats.

Step 4

Attaching the battery

There are 2 ways of attaching the battery:

  1. Attach the battery to the back of the headrail using the clips provided. (recommended)
  2. Attach the wall brackets to the desired area of the window recess, leaving enough room for the blind.

Important Note: The battery pack can be secured outside the headrail in either vertical or horizontal position.

Step 5

Connect the battery to the motor

Connect both cables from the battery and the motor.

Step 6

Mount the blind on the brackets

Check the end brackets and central support bracket are fixed securely in place.

Ensure the end brackets are open.

Mount the blind onto the brackets and close the brackets.