Waterproof bathroom blinds

When it comes to home decor, choosing the perfect window dressings is about balancing style with functionality. You want blinds that are gorgeous but durable in the spaces you choose to use them in. Blinds are hands down the most popular shade of choice for bathrooms, but many shoppers don’t realise non-waterproof or ‘bunch-shut’ bathroom blinds can stain, mould or fade.

Do you know which blinds are safe from your shower’s humidity? If not, we’ve made it easy to pick the best blinds for bathrooms. In this guide, find our picks for best waterproof bathroom blinds in a variety of styles.

What Are Waterproof Blinds?

Waterproof blinds come in a range of styles and are designed to withstand water and humidity. These blinds can be made with blackout fabric or sheer materials, offering a high degree of light control. These blinds are made from sturdy materials that won’t warp when they come into contact with moisture. Such durable materials include vinyl, faux wood, aluminum and PVC.

Waterproof blinds are also available in a wide range of styles. You can find roller blinds made with waterproof fabrics or slat styles like vertical blinds made with durable vanes. These blinds are versatile, functional and stylish. Best of all, they can be used in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens that tend to get wet and stay humid.

The Best Waterproof Bathroom Blinds

When it comes to bathrooms — and other spaces with high moisture and humidity like kitchens — it’s important to find blinds that can stand up to the elements. The best blinds for bathrooms are durable, moisture resistant and designed to withstand wet conditions as well as humidity. Here are some of the best waterproof bathroom blinds that will also add style to your home.

Bathroom Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the classic bathroom blind. Neat and streamlined, their compact form leaves windowsills clear for the many lotions and potions that washrooms seem to attract. For fully waterproof roller blinds, look for ‘wipe clean’ PVC fabric that’s non-absorbent. 

Waterproof roller blinds tend to offer a range of colours and patterns, so they can be an ideal ‘statement piece’ style for a bland en suite bathroom. Alternatively, pick a neutral shade to sit alongside candles and smellies as part of your bathtime oasis.

PVC roller blinds are also available in blackout and voile options. Voile blinds allow light to gently filter into a room while blackout roller blinds help keep light out to manage temperature and privacy in your bathroom.

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Just like your shower curtain, after a humid bath or shower, roller blinds need to air dry before they are rolled open. This will prevent gradual water damage from occurring.

Faux Wood Bathroom Blinds

Buyers sometimes feel unjustly resistant to the idea of faux wooden blinds, considering them inferior to the real wood venetians they're modeled after. However, that’s not true. Faux wood blinds have a set of entirely different qualities and could be considered a different blind style.

Made from PVC, faux woodens are fully waterproof and also more durable than real wood, making them ideal as bathroom blinds and kitchen blinds. As they’re 100% non-porous, they wipe down easily and also don’t attract dust, making them a low-maintenance style. Finally, they cost less than real wood, which many buyers prefer for ancillary rooms like bathrooms.

Best of all, the faux wood construction means the water-resistant blinds won’t warp if they get wet or are subject to high humidity. They’re also incredibly easy to clean — just wipe them down with a damp towel or vacuum them to remove dust.

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Vertical Bathroom Blinds

Waterproof vertical blinds aren’t top of mind for most bathroom shade shoppers, but in some rooms — including living rooms and bathrooms — they can be a real showstopper. Verticals lend a certain sophistication to a room, particularly when covering full-length windows where their upright lines give a feeling of height. Choose rigid verticals for fully waterproof bathroom blinds in PVC.

If you have good bathroom ventilation, polyester window blinds are also a good bet. While not strictly waterproof, the fabric slats of verticals hang and have space to dry even when fully open and compressed. This helps prevent the moulding that can otherwise occur in fabric blinds.

Vertical bathroom blinds are also a great choice if you’re focused on privacy and light control. Vertical blinds tend to have wider slats compared to standard horizontal blinds. The larger slat sizes offer greater privacy and better light blockage to block peeping eyes and bright sunlight. For optimal light control, look for vertical blackout blinds that can keep your room dark and cool.

Skylight Bathroom Blinds

Many bathrooms have skylights in order to draw in more light without decreasing privacy. Blinds made of PVC and other water-resistant materials can help offer increased light control without sacrificing durability. You can find skylight blinds made with waterproof materials for Velux and Fakro windows in a variety of patterns and colours. Remote control options are particularly useful, as you can easily operate them without standing on a chair or countertop.

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How to Style Waterproof Bathroom Blinds

The best things about blinds is they’re easy to style and incorporate into existing designs. If you love a natural look, consider using waterproof wooden venetian blinds made of faux wood. These types of blinds withstand water while looking natural and stylish.

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If you’re looking to add style to entryways and doors, vertical blinds offer waterproof capabilities and allow doors to open and close easily. You can add vertical blinds that will face the rain while instilling unparalleled style. Our sunkissed Gibson Blonde Vertical Blinds are just what you need to add brightness to a dark room. Or, opt for our Gibson Pewter style to add a simple backdrop to statement sofas.