Venetian blinds

Humans have been using window coverings for hundreds of years to add style, privacy and light control to their homes. From reeds that adorned ancient Egyptian abodes to bamboo that shielded the bright sun in Chinese flats, window dressings have always been a key component of home decor. One of the original and most beloved styles is the venetian blind. 

Originating in Persia, the venetian blind is wildly popular in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Also known as horizontal blinds or slat blinds, these window blinds enable homeowners to control the amount of light that filters into a room and increase privacy. They’re suitable for different rooms and are easy to incorporate into any style aesthetic.

Want to learn more about the venetian blind? We’ve got you covered. Here, you’ll learn more about what makes venetian blinds unique, plus the best spaces to use them. You’ll also discover the history of the blind and learn what makes them so popular in modern homes.

What Are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds are different from other blinds in that they have horizontal slats rather than vertical slats. They can be made of real wood, faux wood, plastic, aluminium and other metals. The blinds come in different slat sizes though 35mm and 50mm slat widths are among the most popular. The slats are held together with decorative tapes or cords that roll up or down when raising or lowering the blind. There are also cordless varieties that utilise a motor to raise and lower the blinds with the touch of a button.

Instead of only being able to control light by raising and closing the blind — as is the case with fabric blinds — you can adjust the horizontal slats to offer better light control. Venetian blind slats can be tilted using a wand to allow light to filter into a room or to keep it out. The slats typically rotate 180 degrees, offering a large degree of variability when it comes to privacy and light control.

History of the Venetian Blind

Based on the name, you’d think this blind style comes from artisans in famed Venice. However, venetian blinds can actually be traced back to Persia. The unique blind style was imported to Europe in the late 18th century by Venetian traders, lending to its present-day name in European markets. 

While popular in Europe, the blinds have also long been used in the Americas. In fact, American artist Jean Leon Gerome Ferris included venetian blinds in his piece titled “Paul Jones at the Constitutional Convention” (1787), which depicted the images and events of the Constitutional Convention.

Today, venetian blinds are beloved largely due to their ease of use, their varied materials that can complement any style and their ability to offer light control. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a venetian blind.

Benefits of a Venetian Blind

There are many benefits and few drawbacks to venetian blinds. Since they come in a variety of materials, they can be used in all sorts of rooms including those where moisture is a consideration. In addition, they come in a wide range of colours that make it easy to match existing style schemes or decor themes. Here are the main reasons why people love a venetian blind.


Ventian blinds are incredibly functional. Faux wood venetian blinds and aluminium venetian blinds are great in damp spaces because they won’t warp or get damaged if they get wet. Real wood styles add a natural touch while plastic options come in various hues to add wow factor to your home. Whatever style you’re going for, there is a venetian blind suited to match.

Easy to Clean

Venetian blinds are among the easiest to clean. You can simply vacuum the aluminium slats or wooden slats every few weeks to remove dust or use a damp cloth to wipe down areas that have accumulated dirt and grime. With Perfect Fit venetian blinds — a style that requires no drilling and simply snaps into a frame — you can even remove the blinds entirely for a quick clean and then pop them back into place without much hassle.

Light and Privacy Control

The main benefit of venetian blinds is their ability to offer extensive light and privacy control. You can tilt the slats outwards to block out bright sunlight that causes a glare in your office or to prevent your home from heating up too much. Alternatively, you can tilt the slats inward to draw in light to small, dark spaces or to brighten up your conservatory. In addition to the slat tilt control, you can also roll the blind up or down to offer even more options for privacy and light.

Where to Use a Venetian Blind

Venetian blinds can be used in just about every space in your home. These blinds are an excellent choice for small windows and windows with narrow frames. Here are some of the many spaces you can use a venetian blind to add style and functionality.

Bedrooms and Nurseries

Venetian blinds are an exceptional choice for spaces where you may want the light to filter in through the day, but require a darker environment for nighttime. Venetian blinds can be paired with blackout liners to create a dark environment that makes it easy for you and your children to get some shut-eye.

Best of all, these blinds come in dozens of colours to match your decor. You can choose to match colours to your bedding or mix it up by contrasting colours with vases on bedside tables. The sky’s the limit when it comes to interior design so choose colours you adore and let your windows be your canvas. 

For a soothing look, go for our Zen aluminium blind, which has gentle white notes that are perfect for inducing relaxation. In a nursery, you can choose candy-coloured blinds for your little prince or princess or add contemporary vibes with a grey-hued blind like our Lead aluminium venetian.


Venetian blinds offer a timeless style that’s right at home in your humble abode or in your office. In your office, venetians are a great choice for blocking out glare that can make it hard to see your screen. This also makes them a good choice for classrooms, boardrooms and conference spaces. Since moisture isn’t a consideration here, you can choose from real wooden blinds or aluminium alternatives to suit your preferences. 

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are all notorious for getting wet. That can spell trouble for real wood blinds. Instead of using real wood venetians, opt for aluminium or faux wood venetian blinds to achieve the same look with better durability.

Use a faux wooden venetian blind to create a wood effect without having to worry about real wood slats getting damaged above the kitchen sink or above heaters. Go for an elegant look with our Editions Dark Walnut blinds, which features a rich wood grain that looks just like the real thing. For something a little light, opt for our Editions Satin White venetian blinds which impart an airy atmosphere or our Editions Light Honey blinds that incorporate a natural aesthetic in a softer hue.

Alternatively, you can use aluminium venetian blinds or PVC venetian blinds in spaces that consistently get wet, but where you want to add a more modern look. Colours like our vibrant orange Ignite aluminium venetian blind and Rich Red aluminium venetian are ideal for adding a pop of colour in the kitchen while soothing blue and green hues like our Lagoon venetian blind and Fresh Flush venetian add a soft palette to bathrooms.


Window blinds are essential in most conservatories. With so many windows, these spaces can heat up quickly in the summertime and be downright frigid in the winter. With a venetian blind, you can choose the amount of light you want to let in depending on the time of year and the time of day.

Design cohesive spaces by choosing window blinds in the same colour for each window in your conservatory. For something a little different, you can also choose colours in the same family and alternate them across windows to create depth and dimension. Since conservatories tend to be larger and more vibrant spaces, you can also go bolder with colours without overwhelming the room. 

Have fun with bold colours like our Bananarama blinds that are reflective of sun-kissed afternoons or our Gem blinds that invoke visions of the tropical waters of Tenerife. You can choose blinds that match your home furnishings or pair them with colours on your garden furniture to create a space that effortlessly transitions from inside to outside.

Infuse Timeless Style With Window Blinds

At Make My Blinds, we firmly believe your window dressings should bring you both functionality and joy all year long. Our selection of high-quality blinds makes it easy for you to find the perfect window coverings for every space in your home. From classic roller blinds that dress up your living room and vertical blinds that are perfect for bifold doors to blackout blinds with aluminium slats and roman blinds for your dining room, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

All of our made-to-measure blinds come with a five-year guarantee that offers peace of mind. Plus, you’ll get free delivery on orders over £179 and you can order free samples before making a final decision. In addition, our customer service team is always a phone call (0117 457 4242), email (hel[email protected]) or live chat away to answer all of your questions when it comes to measuring, buying and installing blinds.