Tension fit roller blinds in office

It’s that time again where you feel the itch to remodel or redesign your space. While it can be fun to make big changes, like updating your furniture or investing in pricey artwork, there are easier and faster ways to make things feel fresh. Tension fit roller blinds are a great option when you want to breathe life into your home but save time and effort. 


These blinds don’t require hardware to mount so you can easily make updates without worrying about damage, tools and spending a ton of time redecorating. Here, we’ll explain the benefits of tension fit roller blinds, offer tips on how to use them in your home and show you where you can find them.

What Are Tension Fit Roller Blinds?

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Tension fit roller blinds, also known as spring-loaded roller blinds, are designed for easy installation. They don’t require any screws or power tools for mounting. This blind style simply snaps into place in your window frame using clips or a spring tension rod. There are also twist-and-fit tension blinds. These blinds feature a rod that can be twisted to extend the length or make it shorter. The design uses pressure to keep the blinds snug and secure rather than the traditional screws and mounting hardware. 


Since these are roller blinds, they’re made of fabric. There are hundreds of different blind fabric options from soft silks to durable woven fabrics like cotton and waterproof polyester. Once installed, the blinds are easy to adjust thanks to a ball chain or cordless control mechanism. These blinds are available as manual or electronic operation styles.

4 Benefits of Tension Fit Roller Blinds

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Tension fit roller blinds have long been popular in both homes and offices. They’re easy to install, versatile and can be switched out without a lot of repair work. Here, we’ll take a closer look at why you may want to use tension-fit roller blinds in your home.

1. Easy to Install

Tension fit roller shades are incredibly easy to install. In fact, this benefit is what makes this style so popular. You can mount them in seconds, without having to pull out your toolbag. You just need to measure the width of the window and ensure the tension rod is a few centimetres wider to create a tight fit.


If you’ve selected a blind with a tension rod, you simply squeeze the rod to fit in the window opening and then release it so the rod touches the edge of the wall. The spring mechanism applies tension, keeping the rod and blinds in place. 


If you have selected a style that clips into place, like a perfect fit blind or no-drill blind, then you’ll snap the clips into the existing window frame. For twist-and-fit tension blinds, hold the rod in the window opening where you want it to be mounted. Gently twist the ends of the rod in opposite directions to extend the length. Keep extending the rod until both ends are tightly against the wall of the window opening.

2. Endless Design Options

Tension fit roller blinds come in hundreds of different fabrics. You can find velvet shades to complement a Victorian design or opt for an intricate pattern or vibrant colour to infuse character into a room. Choose a dark grey for a contemporary look or go wild with a zebra or animal print. There are also various textures like Perfect Fit pleated blinds to suit different aesthetics.


You also have choices when it comes to light control and privacy. Select a blackout fabric to keep light out and prevent people from looking into your humble abode. Blackout roller blinds are particularly useful in bedrooms, bathrooms and rooms that face the street.


Alternatively, you can choose sheer voile styles to bring natural light into your home. These are a great choice if you want to brighten up a dark room or make a small space seem larger. Translucent fabrics are also ideal if you want to enjoy picturesque views, but still have a modest degree of privacy. You’ll also find double roller blinds with tension fit designs so you can use two different fabric layers to control light and privacy throughout the day.

3. Easy to Change

Tension fit roller shades are wildly popular in DIY circles. Not only are they easy to mount, but they’re also incredibly easy to change. That means you can create new looks and refresh your space in minutes. Just remove the tension rod or unclip the snap mechanisms to remove the blinds and mount new ones. 


With this style, you can put up special blinds for holidays or different seasons. For example, you could have a pastel lavender roller blind for springtime, swap it to a sunny yellow style for summer and then switch to an earthy red blind as fall rolls around. The best part? You don’t have to drill new holes or spend time cleaning up!

4. Great for Apartments

Tension fit roller blinds are exceptional in apartments and shared spaces. Since these window blinds aren’t secured to the wall with hardware, they won’t cause damage to the wall. If you live in an apartment, you can change the look of your windows as many times as you want without having to patch holes or repaint.

Where to Buy Tension Fit Roller Blinds

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At Make My Blinds, we offer a huge selection of Perfect Fit roller blinds that clip into place. That means you don’t have to hassle with screwdrivers, drills and other power tools to get them installed. In fact, you simply snap the clips in between the glazing and the beading on your windows. Voila! You have beautiful new roller blinds in seconds, and you didn't even break a sweat.


All of our high-quality blinds — including vertical blinds, roman blinds and PVC and aluminium venetian blinds — are made to measure. They offer a custom, bespoke fit that looks professional without costing a fortune. Plus, all of our tension fit blinds come with built-in child safety mechanisms, giving you peace of mind if you have pets or young children running around.


Ready to buy your made-to-measure blinds and improve functionality and style in your home? Start by ordering free samples. You can select up to 20 different options to see what style you love most. We’ll also toss in a few extra samples that we think you’ll adore based on the ones you choose. Your samples will arrive the next day via Royal Mail First Class Delivery. Best of all, they fit in your letterbox so you won’t have to wait around at home for them to arrive.


Once you’ve made a decision, ordering is easy thanks to our handy measuring guides and you’ll enjoy free delivery on orders over £179. If you need help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team via email ([email protected]), phone (01174630117) or live chat. They are always happy to answer your questions and offer friendly advice on picking the best window dressings for your needs.