Decorating with colour is fun, but it can also be intimidating. Especially when you’re using a hue like teal. You want to use colour to infuse life into the space, but you don’t want to go overboard. Plus, there are so many teal shades it can be hard to decide if you should go light or dark. 


Fortunately, there are many ways you can use this colour in various interior design styles. That’s why we created this list of teal bedroom ideas. Here, you’ll discover home decor ideas and tips to help you use teal in your bedroom design. From teal bedroom decor to teal blinds, you’ll find gorgeous ideas to create the boudoir of your dreams.

7 Dreamy Teal Bedroom Ideas

Looking for bedroom design ideas using teal colours? We’ve got you covered. Here, we’ve put together a list of our favourite teal bedroom ideas. Use them to create a complete makeover or just spruce up an existing design. From retro designs like art deco style to airy beachy themes, here are some teal bedroom ideas you’ll love.

1. Coastal Bedroom

teal coastal bedroom ideas

Nothing is as beachy as a teal and white bedroom. The blue-green and white colour combo inspires visions of exotic vacation destinations with turquoise waters lapping white sandy shores. Choose white bedroom furniture like a sleek white seashell chandelier or a white bedside table. Pair it with a teal duvet cover and teal window blinds like our Stitchwork Teal roman blind.


Take the look to the next level by adding additional beach decor to the space. This can include lighthouse table lights, rope decor and anchor statues. You can also add wall art featuring beach scenes or set a collection of seashells on a display shelf.

2. Moroccan Bedroom

earthy bedroom inspiration

Moroccan design draws from Moorish architecture. The design style leans heavily on arches and geometric shapes in addition to rich, earthy hues including emerald, teal and ruby. To create this look, start with some Moroccan room decor. Look for Berber or tribal rugs, which feature geometric patterns and a blend of vibrant colours. Pair it with a deep teal paint colour or our Rich Teal Perfect Fit blind.


To elevate the look of your dark teal bedroom, look for Moroccan accents like glass and metalwork lanterns and decorative poufs. You can also add incense with fragrant notes like cinnamon and clove to complete the ambiance.

3. Teal and Grey Bedroom

grey and teal bedroom ideas

Grey and teal create a stunning colour combination. The blend of cool and warm tones offers a crisp, sophisticated look. It’s also versatile so you can use this teal bedroom idea in a kids’ room or a master bedroom. Our Laurus Broadleaf roman blind features a delicate leaf pattern that adds depth. Pair it with a light grey bedroom wall or wall art with grey and teal accents.


The beauty of this teal bedroom idea is that you can keep it as simple or elaborate as you want. You can blend a few grey and teal elements together or add in things like rugs, tapestries and wall art to create more dimension. Just remember to stick to these two hues — or add just one more — to keep it from getting overwhelming.

4. Art Deco Bedroom

Art deco design for bedroom

Art deco design was born during the Roaring ‘20s. It’s the style you see in “The Great Gatsby” and is characterised by metallics, geometric shapes and rich colours. To create an art deco bedroom, use teal accents like throw pillows with metallic lines. 


You can go big by adding some aqua bedroom furniture, like a wingback chair with gold legs. Wall decor also goes a long way in creating an art deco vibe. Look for pieces that have geometric shapes and sleek materials like thin gold frames. To complete the look, use our Crown Teal Gold vertical blind. It features a rich teal hue and metallic accents that are right at home in art deco style.

5. Teal and Pink Bedroom

teal and pink bedroom ideas

If you love blue, you may be wondering why pink pops up on this list of the best teal bedroom ideas. Well, teal actually complements some pink hues, including blush and rose. 


To create a pink and teal bedroom, you’ll want to use these colours in the same areas. For example, you can create a pink feature wall and then offset it with a teal headboard. Alternatively, you could mount our Palate Rich Teal roller blind and create a softer backdrop by pairing it with sheer curtains in a pale pink hue.

6. Boho Bedroom

boho style bedroom ideas

Boho style is laid-back and looks effortless. It focuses largely on natural elements like wood (think wooden blinds), feathers and plants. But it also incorporates patterns and prints that are intricate and eye-catching. 


The best part of a boho bedroom is that you can play with the colour scheme. After all, this design style is about being eclectic and mixing and matching various prints and hues. Use different shades of teal throughout the room. Maybe you’ll go for a dark teal bed frame and then lighten things up with our Stitchwork Teal roman blind. You can add a teal wall decal or paint a teal wall behind the bed to create a cohesive look.


With boho design, it’s all about blending different pieces. Look for teal bedroom decor like throws, pillows and rugs that incorporate the teal colour throughout. 

7. Minimalist Blue Bedroom

teal blue bedroom inspo

If you like modern bedroom design, think about going for a minimalist look. Minimalism is all about using only one or two statement pieces and keeping everything else neutral or understated. 


To pull off this look, you can use a teal blue accent wall and pair it with crisp Venetian blinds like our Simply Brilliant White wooden blinds. Alternatively, you could paint white walls and mount our Amor Muted Teal roller blinds. Match it to a teal headboard or pastel blue bedspread to keep the focus on the windows.