Perfect Fit blackout blinds - what are they?

We stock Perfect Fit blinds in a few different shade styles, each of which offer distinct benefits. Wooden venetian blinds offer tailored light filtering that enables light alongside privacy, aluminium venetian add a hardiness and water resistance that makes them ideal for high-humidity rooms, and pleated blinds help retain heat and offer soundproofing benefits. Pleated Perfect Fit blinds are also available in blackout fabric, meaning they are one of the best styles for ensuring a dark room.

Are Perfect Fit blinds blackout?

Our Perfect Fit pleated blinds are available with blackout fabric. However, it's important to note that 'blackout' is a descriptor for the fabric, not the blind itself. No blind can be truly blackout due to light seepage around the edges, but styles with blackout blind fabric are the closest you can get. Additionally, the Perfect Fit blinds' casing and flush-to-pane fitting helps minimise light levels.

Perfect Fit pleated blackout blinds

Perfect Fit pleated blinds feature either dimout or blackout fabric options. Blackout fabrics are light impenetrable so are the best option for maximum darkness. Perfect Fit pleated blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms, guest bedrooms, and cinema or television rooms.

Dimout blinds offer gentler shading and a fabric style that diffuses light in the room. The way the light falls on the honeycomb pleats makes this an attractive style for your home, particularly if you have a well-adorned windowsill. Dimout blinds are well suited to hallways, conservatories and reception rooms.

Perfect Fit blackout blinds for doors

For doors with a window panel that needs shading, Perfect Fit blackout blinds offer a simple solution. As the blind clips flush to the window within the door it doesn't obstruct the door's movement, and removes without a trace. Additionally the encased blind is unlikely to catch as with curtains and bulkier styles. Perfect Fit blinds are designed to work with UPVC windows and doors, so are suitable for the majority of conservatory, french, patio and bifold doors. Check out our two-minute compatibility checklist here if you're not sure whether your door will work with the system.

Perfect Fit blackout blinds are well worth looking into if you have a bedroom with a balcony, and can also help keep conservatories from getting too warm.

What is the best blackout blind?

All blackout blinds feature blackout fabric, so their light-spilling Achilles' heel comes from the light streaming in around the edge. Because of this, a closely fitted blind will let less light through. Perfect Fit blinds come within their own casing, which helps keep light seepage to a minimum. However, it should be noted that this frame is not blackout and therefore will allow a quantity of light to glow through.

The best blackout blind for your home depends on a number of factors, including window or door style and room type. However, providing your windows meet the installation criteria, Perfect Fit pleated blackout blinds are undoubtedly a strong option for offering a well-shaded room alongside tool-free fitting and a streamlined look.