How to measure and install Day and Night blinds

If you've been convinced by the Day and Night blinds' enhanced privacy and illumination control and unique light fall effect, the next thing you'll need to know is how to measure for them. Measuring is easy, and quick. Measuring for Day and Night blinds is exactly like measuring for roller blinds (inside the recess), so if you've done this before you're already streets ahead.

Once you've noted down your window size, entering the measurements into the product page on Make My Blinds instantly calculates how much your specified blind length will cost, so you can see the price at a glance.

How do you measure for Day and Night blinds?

Take a tape measure and a pen and paper, and go to your chosen window. Blinds are fitted inside the recess.

Inside the recess measurement

Measure across the top, middle and bottom of the recess. Do not measure the window or the pane, but the recess itself that runs from wall to wall. Note down your three measurements.

Next do the same for the drop (or height) of the recess, measuring three times from ceiling to sill.

Circle the smallest width and smallest drop measurement. These are the measurements you should use when ordering. Then draw a smiley face. You're done!

Important note When buying blinds for several windows, measure each recess separately even if your windows appear to be the same size.

Made to measure Day and Night blinds

Once you've popped your measurements in and ordered your blinds, it's our time to shine. We trim your chosen style to the perfect length and post them out (in a very long box), all ready for you to install them. This super-simple system keeps prices low and ordering quick and simple. But if you have any questions about measuring or installing blinds you're welcome to contact our helpful Customer Loyalty Team, through Live Chat, by calling 0117 457 4242, or via email: [email protected]

Fitting Day and Night roller blinds

Day and Night blinds fit inside the recess, in a 'top fixing' style. This means the brackets screw onto the underside of the recess, not the sides. Follow the steps below for a step-by-step guide for how to hang Day and Night blinds. In addition to your blind, you will need a measuring tape, screws, rawl plugs, screwdriver and pencil.

Installing inside the recess

1.Set your blind in front of the window, so the control chain lies on the side you specified during purchase.

2.Mounting brackets should start at about 20cm in from the sides of the recess. If you have 3 or 4 brackets, space these evenly along the window. To choose how far forward to set them from the window pane, look for any obstructions on the window such as handles. These could stop the blind shutting smoothly if it is set too far back. Measure how far the obstruction juts out. Leave at least 1cm clear between the obstruction and the back of your mounting bracket. Mark this position with a pencil. Mark in the same inset distance for all your brackets, to ensure the blind is straight when installed.

3.Using your bracket as a template, circle inside where the screws should sit for each bracket, then drill into each hole. Pop a rawl plug into each hole, then line up each bracket and affix with screws using your screwdriver.

4.Lift up your blind and clip it into place, pushing firmly around each bracket, up at the back of the head rail, until you hear a distinct 'click'.

5.Lastly, install the child safety device. This device should already be attached to the control chain on the blind. Pull the chain just taut and mark off the screw spaces through the safety device. Drill the holes and insert rawl plugs as before. Using a screwdriver, screw the safety device to the wall.