In building terms, 'window recess' refers to the hole within the room where the window sits. One of the first decisions to make before buying a wooden blind (a style of Venetian blind) is whether you will mount it inside or outside the window recess. Inside mount is the most common installation style, but there are several exceptions where outside-mount offers a more fitting solution.

Advantages of wood blinds inside mount

Fitting wooden blinds in the recess is the most popular placement, as having the blind housed within the recess is often thought to give a 'cleaner' look to the interior. Installing blinds closed to the window pane also helps keep them out of harm's way, reducing the risk of them getting caught or damaged during daily life.

Keeping blinds near to the window has a room-enlarging effect that makes the most of your space. Coloured wooden slats have unstained, natural wood edges from where they have been trimmed, and these will be hidden by mounting inside the recess.

Inside-mount blinds allows you to layer up your window coverings with outside-mount curtains, an increasingly popular design choice.

Inside mount wooden blinds need to be very accurately trimmed, such as through our made-to-measure ordering service. Inside mount blinds are also naturally narrower than outside mount, which may make them cheaper to buy.

Advantages of wooden blinds outside mount

As they install on your central wall, outside-mount blinds can be made to any size. This means you can use this style to create the effect of a broader window. Installing a wooden blind further from the window reduces flapping or banging noises on windy days.

Outside mount wooden blinds need less accurate measuring as they have plenty of room for error, ideal for unconfident DIYers. Outside mount blinds don't disturb your windowsill, ideal if you have a sill full of ornaments. Installing outside the recess allows for greater flexibility, making it a suitable option for most doors and windows.

Do I install wooden blinds inside or outside the recess?

Our advice would be to try and inside mount wooden blinds first, and use outside mount as a second choice. Don't forget that with inside mount blinds you have the full depth of the recess to choose from. You might want to fit your blind far away from the pane if you have bulky handles. Outside mount might be more appropriate if you have a very shallow window recess, your window sill is very full, or you are covering a 'tricky window'.

Tricky windows include inward-opening and tilt and turn windows, where the handle or opening panel might knock the blind, conservatory windows which may have very little recess, and patio doors, which may not have enough space above them to allow recess mounting. If you have a high-motion UPVC door or window, it may also be worth looking at our range of wooden perfect fit blinds, which install directly onto the windowpane itself, allowing for free movement.

Lastly, some interior designers may choose outside mount to broaden the look of a small window. This is a styling trick more commonly used with sumptuous statement-piece styles like romans, but there's no reason it couldn't be applied to wooden blinds.

Measuring wooden blinds for inside window

Inside-recess measurement needs to be accurate. Too wide and the blind won't fit into the space, and too narrow and it will let in shafts of light. To ensure accurate sizing, take measurements three times along the width and drop. Some window frames are not completely square so it's important to take multiple measurements. See our step-by-step guide and video on how to measure for wooden blinds for a full walkthrough - follow the recess measuring instructions. Lastly, when inputting the size on our product page, be sure to select 'recess' on the sizing section.

Measuring wooden blinds for outside mount

When measuring wooden blinds for outside-recess installation, you choose the size! As long as your measurements are larger than your window recess, the blind sizing should be fine. See our step-by-step guide and video on how to measure for wooden blinds for a complete walkthrough - follow the exact blind size measuring instructions. Lastly, when inputting the size on our product page, be sure to select 'exact' on the sizing section.

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