Farmhouse design has exploded in popularity over the past few years. It blends practicality and comfort with neutral hues and is a study in contrasts. It’s equal parts elegance and functionality and incorporates rustic elements to round out the look. Whether you’re an interior design expert or simply looking for an easy way to update your home, the farmhouse design is an excellent choice.

But it’s not just about finding a beautiful reclaimed timber table, barn door or shiplap headboard. In fact, you can take this design to new heights with farmhouse blinds. Here, we’ll show you how you can choose the perfect window treatments to complete your farmhouse style.

9 Ways to Use Farmhouse Blinds

window blinds

To pick out the perfect window blinds, you first need to understand the elements of farmhouse style. This interior design look incorporates farm elements — think reclaimed wood, burlap and wrought iron. It also leverages classic farmhouse textiles like plaid, gingham and linens. The modern farmhouse aesthetic adds in white and silver hues for a touch of contemporary glam. Essentially, the look is relaxed yet sophisticated.

When it comes to farmhouse blinds, a great place to start is with textiles. Since this look is all about comfort and practicality, look for blind fabrics like cotton and linen. The design also benefits from simple patterns, neutral hues and the occasional cheery colour. 

Need some help pulling together your farmhouse look using window treatments? Check out this handy list of farmhouse blinds and ideas to get started!

1. Simple Sheer Shades

white sheer shades

White is a key component in farmhouse design. If you have a large leather sofa or are using reclaimed timber and a wrought iron table as the focus, stick to simple blinds for a backdrop. Opt for translucent curtains that sway in the breeze if you want to soften the room. This can help create a laid-back and relaxed environment.

Alternatively, if you want to add some structure, go for a sheer blind instead. A roller blind offers a sleek, crisp silhouette that can help frame picturesque views. Another great option is a sheer white roman blind. This style features soft pleats when the blind is raised. It’s a great way to infuse elegance and depth that pairs perfectly with farmhouse elements like rustic antler lamps and chunky pine furniture.

2. Burlap Fabrics

burlap window shades

As mentioned, burlap is a key element of boho and farmhouse design. Its rustic look and practical construction means it’s a perfect fit for this elegant and relaxed style. Look for burlap window shades or opt for a cotton fabric in a brown hue to pull off this look. Our Speckle Stone Grey roman shade is a perfect example. It features a rustic weave and sandy brown hue that mimics the look of burlap.

3. White Venetians or Window Shutters

white venetians farmhouse design

Modern farmhouse design is all about wood so naturally, shutters and wooden blinds are a perfect choice for farmhouse blinds. Venetian blinds feature rigid aluminium or wooden slats that can be tilted or raised to control light. The timber appearance plays well with other farmhouse furniture and the functionality is right at home with this practical style. White wooden blinds – like our Bliss White real wood blind — are perfect for contemporary and modern farmhouse decor.

Choose aluminium Venetian blinds or faux wood blinds for rooms where moisture is a concern including bathroom and kitchen windows. Real wood blinds can warp if exposed to water regularly. Aluminium venetian blinds are waterproof and won’t get damaged by moisture and humidity. Real wooden blinds are a great option for dry spaces where you want to incorporate timber elements.

4. Sophisticated Patterns

patterned farmhouse blinds

In terms of patterns, most farmhouse designs stick to simple and sophisticated prints. These patterns can tie elements in the room together, without causing too much of a distraction. Look for muted patterns like geometric prints or patterns with soft lines. 

Our Hex Grecian Copper roller blind is one great example. The shimmery brown hue adds a touch of elegance while the crisp lines add structure to the room. The neutral palette plays well with reclaimed timber and modern white shiplap.

5. Play With Colour Palettes

farmhouse design accent colors

You can also select a pattern in a brighter colour to create a bolder take on the classic design. Hues like terracotta, yellow and blue make great accent colours while neutrals like beige, brown and white are better for creating a farmhouse backdrop. Try our Slices Terracotta roller blind or the Hex Amalfi Blue roller shades when you want to add a touch of colour to your farmhouse design. Choose neutral paint colours for the walls to complement your farmhouse windows.

6. Bamboo Shades

Bamboo blinds, or woven wood shades, are another great way to add timber to your farmhouse design. These farmhouse blinds are durable so they’re ideal for busy spaces and homes. Plus, bamboo is a sustainable wood, making it a great choice if you’re eco-conscious when selecting home decor items.

7. Lace and Wood

lace window dressing

Farmhouse design excels when it comes to contrast. It’s both rustic and sophisticated, practical and comfortable. So it’s no surprise that contrasting elements like lace and wood work well in this aesthetic. 

Choose a delicate or woven lace window dressing and pair it with a wood valance. Alternatively, you can incorporate both lace and real wood blinds into the room. For example, you can mount a dark-stained wooden blind and pair it with an airy lace curtain or our Woven Lace vertical blind to increase depth.

8. Sleek Stripes

striped farmhouse blinds

Stripes make for great farmhouse blinds. They build on the look of long wood panels and planks while adding an air of sophistication. You can select a striped pattern in a bold colour to make a style statement or keep things understated with a neutral hue. Roman blinds such as our Streak Granite roman blind is perfect for crafting a contemporary farmhouse design while our Streak Soft Teal roman blind is a great way to incorporate a hint of colour.

9. Rod Pocket and Tie-Up Curtains

Rod pocket curtains feature a sewn-in strip at the top of the curtain panel. This strip slips over the curtain rod for easy hanging. Tie-up curtains have little loops that tie over the curtain rod when mounting. Both of these styles are a great way to build a farmhouse kitchen or add this aesthetic in your living room or dining room. Rod pocket curtains are great for creating a sleeker silhouette in rooms with lots of leather and burlap while tie-back curtains add a touch of whimsy. Tie the loops in sweet, sophisticated bows to soften other elements like wrought iron.