In the world of window treatments, roller blinds stand out as a versatile and affordable option. But how much do these stylish blinds actually cost?

Well, they start as low as £32 for an average window, with the final cost dependent on a few things. We want the prices to be as transparent as a voile roller blind, so in this article, we're covering all the factors that go into the cost of roller blinds.

What affects the cost of roller blinds?

Dimensions: The size of the blind is the biggest factor in its price. The larger the blind, the more material and labour is required, which drives up the cost.

Material: Different materials have different costs. For example, PVC blinds are generally less expensive than woven blinds.

Opacity: Blackout blinds are more expensive than dimout blinds because they require a thicker fabric and additional processing to block out light.

Product type: Electric roller blinds and blinds with custom features, such as perfect fit or motorized operation, are more expensive than basic roller blinds.

Colour: The color of the blind does not affect its price. Manufacturers absorb the cost of different dyes.

Read on below to find out specific costs and learn more.

Roller blinds cost: By dimension

The biggest determiner of price is the dimensions of the blind. All of our products have pricing tables that scale with sizes. For example, here is the same blind at three different dimensions:

Fabric Dimensions Price *
Riva Blackout Bare 50 x 200 cm £54.71
200 x 50 cm £76.87
100 x 100 cm £37.68

As you can see, the price doesn't scale by how much fabric we use. Each option comes to 1 square metre. The other factors, such as roller tubes, delivery costs, and labour requirements, all contribute to price differences.

You'll notice that the cost remains the same between price points. For example, if you take identical blinds from before and add 1cm to the width and the drop, the price is the same:

Fabric Dimensions Price *
Riva Blackout Bare 51 x 201 cm £54.71
201 x 51 cm £76.87
101 x 101 cm £37.68

Roller blinds cost: By material

After dimensions, the second biggest expenditure is always the material. We offer a wide selection of materials, each priced differently. For example, let's compare these two roller blinds:

Fabric Dimensions Price *
Gibson Powder Grey 120 x 120 cm £50.13
Miso Graphite 120 x 120 cm £79.35

The former is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a synthetic material. It is less expensive to produce, long-lasting and has tons of great attributes such as being waterproof or flame retardant.

However, the latter is made with multiple high-quality polyester strands woven to form its pattern. Aside from being patterned, the fabric has a softer touch for a more luxurious finish.

Ultimately, both blinds are great, but one is more expensive to produce.

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Roller blinds cost: By opacity

When it comes to blinds, there are three distinct opacity groups that you need to know. We cover all three of these in our guide to opacity:

  • Voiles & Sheers
  • Dimout
  • Blackout

For the sake of this article, we're going to only look at dimout and blackout because voile is technically a different fabric. To make fabric blackout, we add a thin foam layer to the back of the material. This foam helps to fill gaps between the strands of fabric, which leads to less visible light transmission.

This process also increases the cost, which we have demonstrated below by showing an identical material in a dimout and blackout option:

Fabric Dimensions Price *
Riva Bare 120 x 120 cm £32.69
Riva Blackout Bare 120 x 120 cm £47.10

As you can see from the difference in the price, the gap between dimout and blackout isn't as big as when you change dimensions or fabrics. A blackout material is a better choice in most cases, but dimout can add beautiful colours to your room as light shines through the fabric.

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Roller blinds cost: By product type

Several other factors can determine the cost of the blind, but in theory, there are different types of roller blinds on different systems.

We have included them in this discussion because they can contribute to the cost. For example, below, we have the same blackout material with identical dimensions, all at different prices.

Fabric Dimensions Price *
White Lotus Roller 120 x 120 cm £32.69
White Lotus Electric Roller 120 x 120 cm £94.72
White Lotus Perfect Fit 120 x 120 cm £116.23

The cost increases in both cases due to the frame or motor. We cover electric roller blinds in our cost of electric blinds article.

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Roller blinds cost: By colour

Lastly, we wanted to touch upon colour because it doesn't impact the cost, but people might think it does. Certain dyes are more expensive, but manufacturers take on this cost.

Here are three blinds from the same range:

Fabric Dimensions Price *
Crown Light Silver 120 x 120 cm £76.99
Crown Dark Silver
Crown Teal Gold

As you can see from the above, it doesn't matter which colour you choose. This choice remains entirely stylistic. You don't need to worry about choosing a 'cheaper colour'.

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How does the cost of roller blinds compare to other types of blinds?

Roller blinds are one of the most affordable window treatments available, often ranking among the cheapest options alongside aluminum blinds. Their low price point is attributed to several factors, including their simple design, versatility, and wide range of ready-made options.

Cost examples of different blind styles for the same window size:
Blind Style Dimensions Price *
Roller Blind 120 x 120 cm £31.46
Vertical Blind 120 x 120 cm £50.01
Faux Wood Blind 120 x 120 cm £62.12
Aluminium Venetian Blind 120 x 120 cm £69.32
Day and Night Blind 120 x 120 cm £82.10
Real Wood Blind 120 x 120 cm £103.71
Roman Blind 120 x 120 cm £141.07
Shutters 120 x 120 cm £720


Are roller blinds more expensive than curtains

Roller blinds generally are cheaper than curtains. Ready-made curtains can be a budget-friendly choice, but are usually still more expensive than roller blinds and they may not fit your windows perfectly. Made-to-measure curtains guarantee a flawless fit, but they come with a higher price tag. Made-to-measure roller blinds, on the other hand, offer a wide range of sizes and fabrics, ensuring a perfect fit without breaking the bank.

Are roller blinds worth it?

Roller blinds are a fantastic investment that offers a multitude of benefits without breaking the bank. From their affordability to their versatile design, easy maintenance, and energy efficiency, roller blinds are a wise choice for any homeowner seeking stylish, practical, and long-lasting window treatments.

If you're interested in buying a new pair of roller blinds, we recommend ordering up to 10 free samples from our selection.

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* All price tables are for illustration purposes only; last updated August 2022.