Black and white bedroom with blackout venetian blinds

Looking for ways to update your home and increase functionality? Choosing window dressings — especially blackout venetian blinds — is one of the most effective ways to reach your interior design goals. Blinds can help add a punch of colour or print in a room that’s understated or create a neutral, sophisticated backdrop. They can also frame in picturesque views and offer thermal properties that keep your home cosy all year long.

These blinds offer timeless style and can help you create a dreamy, dark and peaceful space in your home. Their blackout capabilities make them an ideal choice if you want to create spaces where light is kept at bay. They’re particularly useful in rooms like home theatre, offices and bedrooms.

Learn more about blackout venetian blinds including how they’re made and how they can be used in different areas of your home. You’ll discover how to measure for venetian blinds to ensure a perfect fit. Plus, you’ll find where to buy high-quality blackout venetian blinds and get access to expert advice for choosing the best ones.

All About Blackout Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a type of blind that feature several rigid, horizontal slats that are held together and attached to the headrail by cables or cords. There are also cordless venetian blinds and electric styles that operate using a remote control.

With the venetian blind category, there are two main types: wooden blinds and aluminium venetian blinds. Wooden blinds are made from both real wood and faux wood. Cedar, birch and oak are popular for real wooden blinds while PVC, vinyl and composite wood are common materials for faux wooden blinds. Faux wooden blinds offer the look of real wood grain, but they boast increased durability.

Blackout venetian blinds are a specific type of blind within the larger category of venetian blinds. They are designed to block out as much light as possible, increasing darkness and boosting privacy. Since these blinds are often made of thick materials, they also offer a modest degree of thermal properties. That means hanging these blinds in your home may help you save money on your energy bills.

Blackout venetians don’t offer total darkness, though they do block light extremely well. That’s because there are tiny holes drilled into each slat in order to tie them together using cables. Light can penetrate these holes and light may also filter in between the individual slats.

If you’re looking for a complete blackout, opt for a venetian privacy blind. These blinds feature cords that run around the slats so there aren’t any holes for light to come through. Alternatively, you can add decorative tapes to your venetian blinds. These are decorative strips that cover the pull cords and holes in the blind slats, boosting their blackout properties. Look for blinds with wide slats — like 50mm slats — or ones where the slats gently overlap each other. This can increase blackout properties and prevent light from filtering through. 

What sets wood venetian blinds apart from fabric blind styles — such as blackout roller blinds and roman blinds — is that they offer greater light control options. With blackout fabric blinds, you can only adjust the light by rolling the blinds up or down. With venetians, you can raise and lower the slats as well, but you can also tilt the slats 180 degrees. You can tilt the slats so they face outwards, increasing blackout capabilities and privacy. Alternatively, you can tilt the slats inwards so that light filters into the room.

Where To Use Blackout Venetian Blinds

Blackout venetian blinds can be used just about anywhere in your home. The one thing to keep in mind is that some materials are better suited for certain spaces compared to others. Real wooden venetian blinds are best suited to rooms like bedrooms, home offices and living rooms where they won’t be exposed to water.

That’s because water can cause wood to warp and bend, damaging the integrity of your blackout venetian blinds. You see, wood has tiny little pores that love to absorb water. As they fill up with water, the wood expands. When the wood dries out again, the pores shrink, causing the blind slat to bend. This not only ruins the look of the blind, but it also decreases the effectiveness of the blackout blind.

If you’d like to use venetian blinds in a room that gets wet or is humid — like a bathroom or kitchen — choose faux wood, aluminium or PVC venetian blinds. These materials are durable and can handle moisture without getting damaged.

Blackout venetian blinds come in a huge range of colours and styles. That means it’s easier than ever to update your existing style or add a stunning blind that complements your favorite home decor. Create a cohesive look by matching blinds to colours that you’re already using in the room, in wall art or home furnishings such as pillows and throws for example. Alternatively, you can use colours in a similar family or bold prints to create a boho-chic design.

When it comes to style and creating stunning interior designs, the sky's the limit. Go for a bold, vibrant colour to make your blinds the centerpiece of the room or opt for a soft, neutral shade for a sophisticated backdrop. You can also choose warm tones in wood grain such as mahogany to create a cosy and uplifting atmosphere. Alternatively, opt for cool tones such as white and grey wood finishes to create an airy and contemporary design.

You’ll find various shades of white, grey and black blackout venetian blinds to match your furniture or home aesthetic. The options truly are endless and you just need a little imagination to create the look of your dreams. Whatever colour and print you choose, you’re sure to love the look of your blinds. 

How To Measure for and Buy Blackout Venetian Blinds

If you’re looking for venetian blackout blinds, we’ve got you covered thanks to our huge selection of high-quality window blinds. You’ll find blind types from vertical blinds and perfect fit blinds to blackout venetian blinds and fabric blinds featuring blackout linings. Start by ordering free samples to see what the blinds will look like in person before making a selection. Once you’ve found the blind of your dreams, it’s time to measure to ensure a perfect fit.

All of our blinds are made to measure, which means you’ll get a custom, bespoke fit with every window dressing. This ensures not only a sleek and sophisticated look but also increases the blackout properties since light won’t filter through gaps in the sides of the blind slats.

Follow our handy guide to measuring your venetian blinds. Basically, you’ll measure the window opening in three places to get both the height and width of the window recess. You’ll enter the smallest measurements into our ordering form. You’ll select how you’re mounting the blinds (and voila!) your blinds will be on their way to you in just a few days.

Our blinds are backed by a five-year guarantee and feature built-in child safety mechanisms for  peace of mind. You’ll also enjoy free delivery within the UK on orders over £179. Need a hand choosing, measuring or mounting your blinds? Contact our friendly customer service team via email ([email protected]), phone (0117 463 0117) or live chat to get help with all your blinds needs.