Bathroom with roller blinds on window

Roller blinds are among the most popular window blinds. They offer a sleek and sophisticated silhouette and they come in a huge range of colours and patterns to suit all tastes. Best of all, they feature different fabric styles so you can find a blackout fabric for complete privacy or a voile design that lets light filter in through your bathroom window.

Here, we’ve put together a guide to the best bathroom roller blinds and other styles that are hardy enough to stand up to moisture in your home. You’ll find options from vibrant hues and neutral tones to pleated blinds and textured styles that complement any home design aesthetic. 

The 5 Best Bathroom Roller Blinds

Bathroom roller blinds are easy to roll up and down, making it easy to adjust privacy and light control as you need it. When you’re in the shower or your kids are playing in the bath, you can roll the blinds down to boost privacy. When you’re done and want to let light in to get ready for a big day or want to open a window to let humidity out, simply roll the blinds up.

The beauty of bathroom roller blinds is that they come in a wide selection of fabrics including waterproof and water resistant options. That means you don’t have to worry about mould growth and damage to your blinds, especially in rooms like bathrooms that are famous for humidity, dampness and temperature fluctuations. 

Bathroom roller blinds are not just durable, they’re also really low maintenance — perfect for homes where chaos and busy schedules reign supreme! All they need is a quick vacuum using an upholstery brush every month or so. You can also quickly wipe down waterproof roller blinds by using a microfibre cloth if they get splashed with soaps or other bath products. 

Looking for style and design advice for your bathroom roller blinds? We’re here to help. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite blackout roller blinds from vibrant colours to understated designs. Each blind is made to measure so you can cover even the largest windows in your bathroom. If you need more assistance, our friendly customer service team is happy to help via phone (0117 457 4242), email ([email protected]) or live chat.

1. Amor Soft Grey Roller Blind

Our Amor Soft Grey Roller Blind uses hints of stone and cream hues to create a sophisticated and simple aesthetic. It’s perfect for rooms that are more modern or in spaces where colourful shower tiles, lamp shades or bathroom vanities take center stage.

2. Gibson Crimson Roller Blind

Looking for something more bold and eye-catching? Our Gibson Crimson Roller Blind is a perfect fit. It features a rich red hue that is sure to wow visitors in your guest bathroom and inspire earthy vibes throughout your home. The gem-coloured hue pairs well with more subtle bathroom decor such as grey towels and sparkling white tubs. Alternatively, you can use it to create a colour-block design by pairing it with other vibrant shades in similar colour families such as orange and yellow.

3. Specialty Mr. Long Dog Roller Blind

Our Specialty Mr. Long Dog Roller Blind is an ideal choice for children’s bathrooms or for adults who want to honour their inner child and love for furry friends. These blinds feature light grey shades that add a hint of modesty while the fun playful sausage dogs add a loving touch.

4. Amor Yellow Submarine Roller Blind

Our Amor Yellow Submarine Roller Blind is a great option for people who want to add a cheery atmosphere in bathrooms and kitchens. It’s made of blackout fabric with moisture resistant properties that offers total privacy and durability in wet spaces. Pair it with neutral style elements like the design above to make your window dressings the center of attention. You can also match it with green, blue and yellow hues to create a boho-chic aesthetic.

5. Amor Muted Teal with Haze Pure Double Roller Blind

A double roller blind features two layers of fabric — typically an opaque fabric and a translucent fabric — on stacked headrails. This blind style enables you to alternate between a blackout blind and a dimout blind so you have greater light and privacy control without the hassle of mounting and adjusting several different window dressings.

Our Amor Muted Teal with Haze Pure Double Roller Blind is one of our favourites. It features an airy blue fabric paired with a hazy white daylight roller blind that invokes visions of breezy days spent at the seashore.

5 Other Blind Styles for Bathrooms

While roller blinds are an extremely popular option for bathrooms thanks to their durability and style, there are other blind types that also perform well in wet and humid environments. These include faux wooden blinds, aluminium venetian blinds and roman blinds. They’re ideal for use not only in bathrooms, but also as kitchen blinds. Read on to learn more about each blind style and how you can use them in your home’s bathrooms and other tough spaces.

1. Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are designed to look like the real thing. They feature a wood grain pattern and come in a variety of finishes including cedar and oak as well as black and white for a more modern take. While real wood is notoriously bad in wet spaces — thanks to warping and bending caused by moisture — faux wood blinds don’t have this problem. That’s because faux wood blinds are made of PVC and other materials that don’t absorb water. That means they’ll look like new even after repeated splashing, humidity and dampness.

2. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are horizontal blinds, featuring sturdy slats made of aluminium that enable you to control light and privacy throughout the day. You can open and close the blinds completely to adjust the degree of privacy. You can also tilt the slats 180 degrees to keep people from peering into your bathroom windows or to control the light and temperature in the room.

Best of all, venetian blinds come in a huge range of colours from light and dark grey to vibrant reds and blues. They’re easy to match with your interior design theme whether your home features an ocean-inspired style or a modern art deco aesthetic.

3. Roman Blinds

Roman blinds, like roller blinds, are made of fabrics that are available in moisture resistant and waterproof threads. They are more elegant than roller blinds as the fabric gently drapes and folds over itself when the blind is raised. 

They’re a great option for bathrooms that tend to have less decor and style elements, helping to raise the profile of the space without a lot of effort. You can find roman blinds in blackout, dimout, and voile styles depending on how much privacy and light control you want in your home.

4. Skylight Blinds

If your bathroom has a Velux, Dakstra or Fakro skylight, a skylight blind can help protect your privacy if your neighbour’s home is taller than yours. In addition, skylight blinds enable you to control light in the bathroom — so you can get ready for a big event with natural lighting or prepare for a restful night sleep in a dimmer environment.

Skylight blinds are like Perfect Fit blinds — they feature a frame that snaps into place directly in between the glazing and the beading of the window. This ensures a bespoke fit that allows the blind to open and close seamlessly without interfering with the operation of the skylight.

5. Day & Night Blinds

Day & Night blinds are versatile blinds that feature alternating layers of opaque and transparent fabrics. You adjust the chain mechanism so that either layer of fabric is showing. That means you can use the opaque layer to keep nosy neighbors from peering into your bathroom windows while you shower and then use the voile layer to let light stream in when you’re brushing your hair or putting on makeup.

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