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Wooden Blinds with Tapes

Purely down to personal preference if you like them or not, these cotton tapes help to soften the look of the blind 

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Wooden Venetian Blinds with Tapes

Sometimes you just want a straight finish to your blinds, and by choosing a wooden blind without tapes will give you just that. Choose from our entire range of 50mm and 35mm wooden and faux wood blinds to come without tapes to see each wooden slat in all its glory. Tape or no tape we just want to give you the best blind you could ever possibly want. All of our wood and faux wood blinds are beautiful and showing them off as they are is fine by use, just remember to tell people where you got them from, they’re bound to ask.

These blinds will have internal cords to help raise and lower the slats, but these are colour coded to work perfectly with your new blind. Our tapes come in two sizes, 38mm for our 50mm slats and 25mm for our 35mm slats. Blind tapes are cotton pieces of fabric that form part of the internal mechanism of the blind. Just be careful because you cannot simply cut these tapes off if you change your mind.

Remember, we also sell these blinds without tapes, so you can order your wooden Venetian blinds without tapes , from us too. These blinds give a similar look, but have cords running down the blinds in place of the tapes that you see on the blinds shown above.



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