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Wooden Blinds Without Tapes

Wooden Venetian Blinds Without Tapes

Classic and straightforward, the wooden venetian blind without tapes has a sleek effect that looks fantastic in contemporary interiors. Our entire range of wooden and faux wood blinds comes in 50mm or 35mm slats, and the tape-free option means you can see the full length of your chosen slat in its entirety. The effect of this is to visually widen your window, ideal for smaller rooms or an impressive effect. Tapes on a blind tend to conceal the internal rigging on a blind. However, the internal cords of blinds without tapes are colour coordinated to neatly match with your new blind. Instead of tapes running down the front of the blinds, there is a coordinating control cord to either the left or right. This is used to hold the slats level, angle them and move them up and down.

As one of our most popular blinds there's a broad range of colours to choose from. Pick between white woods, grey tones and our range of natural wooden blinds too – whatever your style, you can find the slat tone that will work for your window. Wood's non-porous surface has a diffuse effect on the light coming in through your window. When the blind is closed but the slats are tilted open, this will soften the lightfall in your room for an elegant take to your space. With real wooden slats you have the benefit of seeing the wood grain on each slat. As an organic material, this woodgrain is unique to each blind and each slat, for an understated breath of beauty in your home. With the faux woods the slats are all identical, for a coordinated look.

We also offer all of these blinds with matching cotton tapes, so if you're not certain they are the ones for you, be sure to check out our complete range of wooden blinds before committing. Blinds with tapes can help soften the look of your window, add extra texture and give you something to pair in with when choosing other soft furnishings for your room.