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Neutral Coloured Wooden Blinds

Neutral Coloured Wooden Blinds

With a range of both faux and real wood available, neutral doesn't have to mean boring. These wooden venetian blinds will show you how to give your home a beautiful and fresh look. Coming in a range of beige, cream and off whites, these are all perfect for adding a mellow but stylish look to any room in your home. Every home needs and element of neutral in them, how else would we keep all that colour under control?

Whether you are a colour fanatic who longs for the bold statements of the 70’s or a minimalist who aspires for monochromatic interiors, our neutral range will help keep your house balanced. Use these neutral blinds against a darker pastel wall, or use them to allow a bright and bold statement wall to take centre stage. No matter how you want to use them, these blinds all come with our 4-year guarantee and are made to measure just for you. Also, with the choose between 50mm or 35mm slats on selected blinds, you can give your window the perfect coverage.

Looking to pair these blinds in with your kitchen? We have a whole section devoted to Kitchen wooden blinds, or we have our full range of wooden blinds for you to browse from too. This range should help you match these wooden slats to your cupboard doors, kitchen table or just about anything else in the room that takes your fancy. These blinds are all made to measure just for your window giving you the perfect finish to your home.