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Dark Coloured Wooden Blinds

Dark Coloured Wooden Blinds

Dark golden brown, to greys, and through to black. We will help you to find the right level of darkness for your home. Our Darker toned wooden blinds are perfect for adding character and depth to a room, use these alongside mahogany tables, darker furniture and contrast them against lighter, pale walls to really get their full impact. With a range of real and faux woods available you'll be able to find a wooden blind for any room in your home.

Take control of the light entering your rooms with our wooden venetian blinds by tilting the slats to the required angle. Darker tones are back in with interior designers looking towards the dark greys and black to bring a moody, rich interior to your home. Unlike a moody teenager, a moody interior is exactly what you want to be on trend. Pair these with rich purples, emerald green, dark reds and blues for a dark, moody, atmospheric look that will stun everyone.

If you're not looking for something quite so dark, we have our full range of wooden blinds for you to browse from too. Whatever shade you're looking for, with Make My Blinds, we help make it possible. So go ahead, order your free samples, measure your window and place your order. We'll make it to the exact size you require and will ship the blind directly to your door. With just a few screws it'll be up and installed in no time.