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Waterproof Wooden Blinds

Water water everywhere, but we have our Edition Faux Wood Venetian Blinds, so we don’t care!

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  1. Most Popular

    These blinds are the selected few who have made it into our Most Popular section, or as we call it 'The blind hall of fame'

  2. White Wooden Blinds With Tapes

    Our range of real wood and faux wooden blinds, paired with a selection of cotton tapes

  3. Faux Wooden Blinds With Tapes

    Not to be left out, our Faux Wooden blinds also come with cotton tapes to give them a stylish finish. With each slat paired to a complementary colour, these blinds will look amazing wherever you place them from inside and outside your home.

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Items 1-16 of 42

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Waterproof Wooden Blinds

We love you water, we really do but when you get a little out of control you are a nightmare. Especially when coming into contact with our lovely blinds. You wouldn’t think it, but all of these Faux wooden blinds are 100% waterproof and can come into direct contact with water. Perfect.

Water damage, warping, damp wood, you need never worry about these with these blinds. This means they are great for bathrooms that get hot and steamy, or perhaps your window is next to the shower. With these you can simply wipe them dry or leave them to dry naturally, but coming with our 4-year guarantee you've got nothing to worry about with these for years to come.

Install these blinds with safety in your bathroom or kitchen, without having to worry about them getting damaged. These blinds come in a range of whites, greys and real wooden tones to give you the freedom and flexibility to transform your windows to the way you want them. These blinds also come with, or without tapes, again giving you the flexibility you want to design the blinds how you want them. If you're looking for our full range of blinds, non waterproof included to match in for the rest of your home - please have a look at our full wooden blind range.



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