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Vinyl Roller Blinds

PVC Roller Blinds

Our range of PVC roller blinds are ideal if you're placing them next to a shower or in a place where they will come into direct contact with water, so places like the bathroom or if you're really, really messy, the kitchen. But don't worry about these getting wet as the PVC material is fully water repellent and so can just be left to air dry. Being blackout too means that you'll have complete privacy in whichever room these get placed within. These blinds are made from PVC, so have a slight shine to them but being waterproof and moisture resistant means they will last for years to come. All you will need to do to keep them looking their best is give them a clean every now and then to prevent any damp building up on them and make sure you let them dry out fully before rolling back up and out of the way. With a range of colours to choose from too, these will help to brighten up your home and give you the blind you need at the same time.