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Vertical Blinds

Made to Measure Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the most versatile types of blinds on the market, as they are able to cover even the largest of windows. These blinds can be made up to 300cm wide and up to 500cm long so are great for a large window, or for installing across bifold doors. Vertical blinds come in a range of fabric types including blackout, dimout and waterproof fabrics, meaning there's a suitable style for any window in your home.

Our vertical blinds come with a range of control options so you can get the right option for you. Choose which side the control handle sits and how the vertical vanes part according to your room layout. Every blind is made to measure to suit your personal window, and all of our blinds come with our 4-year guarantee, for your peace of mind. With our range of bright and vibrant, or plain and neutral fabrics you’ll be able to add a burst of colour into any room in your home. All blinds come with our premium control mechanism and headrails, quality that is built into all of our blinds regardless of size.

Each of our vanes comes with white plastic chains at the bottom that connect the vanes together. This help them to open and close as a set. These can be installed into the top of the window recess or onto the face of a wall. We’ll even do the deductions for you to ensure the vanes don’t catch on the floor, just choose a ‘recess’ sizing when ordering and we will cut them a little shorter to give great coverage without drag.

Vertical blinds are one of the easiest types of blind to install. With the headrail containing all of the mechanisms and hooks required to hang the vanes from, you just need to install a few top fix brackets into the recess and clip the headrail into place. Following this, simply clip the vanes onto the headrail hooks to ensure they retract evenly when the control handle is pulled.

Fitting guide

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