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Glitterbomb Velux Replacement Blind

Glitterbomb Velux Replacement Blind

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About this blind

A fantastical, fabulous fabric full of glitz, glamour and glittery goodness, the Moonlit Shimmer is our answer to anyone saying the blinds industry isn’t sexy. Slapped into any skylight, this blind will add some seriously saucy style to any room, and works with almost any colour walls as a strong accent piece. Ideal for accentuating modern stylings, it can also be used to bring a burst of modernity to more classical decors. A good rule of thumb for working out where this blind works is to look at the room, and if it could be mistaken for a room in Shirley Bassey’s house then you’re good to go.

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The lowdown…

Color: White
Fabric Type: Polyester 100%
Great For: Bedroom
Blackout: Yes
Wipe Clean: Yes
Fire Retardant: No

Kids safe

All of our blinds are sold with built-in child safety mechanisms. We adhere to the guidelines set out by the British Blind and Shutter Association and take safety extremely seriously. All blinds come with the relevant child safety instructions and warnings. Please ensure you follow the provided instructions and warnings carefully. Please visit to find out more.

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