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Translucent Roller Blinds

Voile Roller Blinds

Voile blinds are one of our hidden gems, not only do they let the light keep flooding into your home, but they stop nosy neighbours or passers-by from looking into your window. With these it's time to reclaim your privacy and time to throw away any horrible net curtains you still have hanging around in your home. Voile blinds are the new and stylish way to cover your windows and keep your interior design and style on point. Built onto a roller blind mechanism, these can simply be lifted up and out of the way, or left to hang beautifully in your window. Unlike net curtains, these are a stylish and practical way to cover your windows and add privacy to your home that can be rolled up and out of the way when you need to clean your windows or want to let all of the light flood into your home. These are also known as sheer blinds or privacy blinds, the material these are made from is still the same as we have here. Regardless of how you use these blinds, they will look great in your window and help you to reclaim your privacy from the outside world.