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Red Skylight Blinds

Red Skylight Blinds

Red is a bold move for blinds wherever you place them. Bright red can bring heat, fire and boldness to a room whereas a deeper burgundy, maroon or crimson gives that smouldering residual heat and an elegance of sophistication. Red is the colour of fire, love and passion. In China it is the colour of happiness, in Japan it is the colour of heroism and in the West, it is the colour of passion and desire. Red is a versatile colour but depending on the shade you may find that it doesn’t want to be outdone. Red’s perfect partner is turquoise to bring a little coolness to it’s fire, but it also works well with neutral colours, especially white and light grey. Gold is also a complementary colour for red to make that royal and regal feel in a room.

Typically, we see skylights being used in bedrooms or in loft conversions and a red blind in these areas could really make a statement. Suitable for Velux, Fakro, Rooflite and Dakstra windows we will see you covered no matter the window or brand. Not an official product but a perfect replica of the branded goods, you can save up to 50% off the real thing with these high-quality replacements. With blinds for all rooms you can find the perfect way to control the light no matter what your room or requirement and what’s more, these are all made to measure just for you! With free samples available on all products and a confident 4-year guarantee on all blinds, we will help make your home perfect. Maybe red just isn’t the right colour for you, if that’s the case we’ve got plenty of other colours available, and you can see our full range of skylight blinds here.

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