Pink Skylight Blinds

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Pink Skylight Blinds

Who said pink was just for girls? Pink transcends styles, era and geography. Pink is timeless and can be paired with anything due to its huge number of shades and tones. Pink is a colour of love, fun, excitement and childish abandon. From its palest tones to its deepest magenta, pink is familiar, comforting and soothing. Pink is a colour that is not afraid to be seen and will sit happily whenever you place it. Pink, green and white make for a beautiful combination, just like salmon, dill and a little crème fraiche. Orange, blue, grey and gold also all go well with pink and of course nothing goes better with pink than more pink. Pink on pink on pink in all different tones and you have yourself the best princess party you could ever wish for. Typically, we see skylights being used in bedrooms or in loft conversions and a pink blind in these areas could really make a statement. Suitable for Velux, Fakro, Rooflite and Dakstra windows we will see you covered no matter the window or brand. Not an official product but a perfect replica of the branded goods, you can save up to 50% off the real thing with these high-quality replacements. With blinds for all rooms you can find the perfect way to control the light no matter what your room or requirement and what’s more, these are all made to measure just for you! With free samples available on all products and a confident 4-year guarantee on all blinds, we will help make your home perfect.

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