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Kerry Light Bark Rooflite/Dakstra Replacement Blind

Kerry Light Bark Rooflite/Dakstra Replacement Blind

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About this blind

Brown is often an underrated tone. Especially light brown, people are all like “Hey, you are such a beige wannabe, why don’t you get real colour pigment you freeloader” and this makes the Wheaten sad. It’s not as if it isn’t trying, it is just good at other things, like offering an earthy accent to sterile, plain white walls without adding so much colour to the palette that furniture becomes hard to match into it. So find that space in your home, and adopt a light brown today.

The fabric

Fitting guides

The lowdown…

Color: Brown
Fabric Type: Polyester 100%
Great For: Bedroom
Blackout: Yes
Wipe Clean: Yes
Fire Retardant: No

Kids safe

All of our blinds are sold with built-in child safety mechanisms. We adhere to the guidelines set out by the British Blind and Shutter Association and take safety extremely seriously. All blinds come with the relevant child safety instructions and warnings. Please ensure you follow the provided instructions and warnings carefully. Please visit to find out more.

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