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Red Roller Blinds

Is there a colour more intense than red? Hot, strong and stimulating or smooth, smouldering and seductive. Red is unapologetic and whether you love it or hate it, red will bring an emotional response.

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  1. Blackout Roller Blinds

    Blackout Roller Blinds will block all the light from passing through the fabric, making them ideal for bedroom windows

  2. Our Amor Rouge Roller blind in the kitchen window.
    Amor Rouge Roller Blind
    Your price £11.99 Your price £8.39
  3. Our Gibson Crimson Roller blind in a kitchen window.
    10% off
    Gibson Crimson Roller Blind
    10% off
    Your price £13.99 Your price £12.59
  4. Dimout Roller Blinds

    Dimout Roller Blinds are great for filtering the light and giving you privacy in your home

  5. Burst Rouge Roller Blind
    20% off
    Burst Rouge Roller Blind
    20% off
    Your price £9.49 Your price £5.31
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Red Roller Blinds

Ah the colour red, sexy, bright and just the right colour to make a bold statement in your window, or one to add warmth and style to your home. Coming in a range of shades and tones, all of our red rollers are ideal for adding a burst of colour to an otherwise subdued room. If you have already embraced colour into your home, why not choose a shade up, or down, from the dominant red already in your room and pair one of our red roller blinds with that.

All of the blinds we sell are made to measure and are bespoke for your windows needs, with our full range of roller blinds here. . With so many shades and styles available, including red floral designs and brighter bold prints, we have a range of reds to suit your homes décor. Being a made to measure product means you get the exact blind you want for your window, there is no cutting down or to size. Just follow our super simple measuring guide and off you go.



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