You might have noticed but we have a real passion for blinds. And I mean it, a real passion. We love what we sell, love talking to you all of our customers on the phone or our live web chat and we love seeing customers’ homes once they have been transformed (Check out Instagram for a great selection of photos).

We get a great feeling of satisfaction when we see a job well done – especially when it’s one of our blinds helping to make your home look a little bit better than it did before. Blinds can be an often overlooked and ignored part of the room, which seems crazy to us as they can totally transform a room when something fresh and modern is installed. Especially with the range of colours and styles available, you can take control of the light in your home in so many ways - and some that really help brighten up your home. 

But sometimes we also feel a little bit sad. We feel sad that there are more windows out there that need their special blind and deserve to be treated and covered in a way that shows them off to their full potential. But the other thing that makes us sad is when we are talking to someone and they need our help to install, and it’s something we just can’t offer. 

We have some of the lowest priced blinds online, and that’s great, because compared to some blind companies – where they charge you for them to come out, charge you for the blind and then charge you again to install – it might not seem that way in the quote, but trust us, it’s the way the industry works. The way we work is that we make great quality blinds and ship them to you, allowing you to install them yourselves, resulting in you saving money by buying online with us.

What we strive for, and our company mission is to make sure our ordering process is as simple as possible for anyone measuring or installing a blind. We have a range of videos you can watch, we have instructions we send across and we have a full set of colour instructions (better than those funny IKEA ones) that come with each blind sold. So that’s guides on the product pages, guides in emails, guides with the samples, guides with the purchased blind and a separate measuring and install section on our website.

The way we can offer you such great blinds comes from 2 areas:

Our showroom doesn’t exist in real life, the only showroom we have is on our website. We don’t have a fleet of vans up and down the country (well…not just yet…) and we don’t come to your home with our brochures. This means we don't have the added overheads of vans, fuel, salesmen and women, and all the other costs associated with this. Which means we don't have to charge more to cover these costs. Fewer overheads = greater savings passed onto you. 

What we do have is brilliantly easy to use website, some super videos and a customer support team that can answer any question you have (Disclaimer: questions need to be blind related, pub quiz style general knowledge is still improving). But what this means is that we keep our overheads low and pass the savings back to you.

By not visiting you to install or measure you are not paying for the cost of our fuel, the cost of the vans, insurance, the power tools, the guys or girls who would otherwise be coming to install and measure up. So by allowing you to do the work, we help you save money when you buy online. Think of us as the Ikea of blinds – except they are already made…and cut to size…and working…with clear instructions…and videos…and free samples...Ok, less of an IKEA more of an amazing online blind superstore.

Really you would be surprised at how easy it is to install our blinds. We’ve got videos and install guides here, for each type of blind so that everyone can see and understand just how easy it is to install our blinds. So whatever issue you're up against, if it's trying to measure the depth of a window frame for our Perfect Fit blinds, the angle on a bay window, or finding your skylight window code - we have all the answers. Which is handy when you need a blind expert to talk to. 

So, any questions? If so just jump on our live chat system or give us a ring on 0800 368 8441,or tweet us, email us, post us a letter, send us a DM, connect with us on LinkedIn - or comment on a YouTube video - we’re here most of the time (8am – 8pm - 7 days a week) so chances are you’ll catch us somewhere online :)